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  1. I didn’t have a single build that had capped recharge and I highly doubt it was the norm. The recharge I had for rune of protection on all of my characters with always within a few seconds of 180s. This is at about perma hasten levels of recharge and is fairly common for higher end builds. That gave 50% uptime for rune and left plenty of gaps in coverage. I will also say again that rune was used for more than just mez protection. There were people such as myself that used it mainly proactively and for resistance every bit as much as mez, if not more in some cases. I hate that the who
  2. I just got done testing the new changes. Spirit Ward/Inflame: I never really cared about spirit ward or inflame. These changes don’t make them interesting enough for me to consider taking sorcery for them. I’ll let others who use those powers more give more detailed feedback on them. Mystic Flight: buffs to it don’t hurt anything. If I’m being honest though I don’t go into sorcery for the travel power. I just take it because I already decided to go into the pool. Still buffing mystic flight makes the pool more attractive to some I’m sure. Arcane Bolt: I was i
  3. Agreed. I personally don’t choose fiery aura for mitigation. I choose it for damage. It has better damage tools than any other set including bio and shield. It just pays more for those tools. But that’s cool just as you said. Fire is the best at what it does, and what it does isn’t very nice!
  4. A market + converter tutorial would be good to add to the game.
  5. SS/Fire brute was my very first 50 back in the day. That along with my EM/WP brute were my mains back in the day. I have yet to recreate my ss/fire brute on homecoming as I have enjoyed having great offense and great defense with other combinations. I don’t think fiery aura will ever eclipse something like invuln or shield in terms of survivability. However, fire offers the best boost to offense of all armors. So, today I have decided to recreate my first 50. Unlike most of my builds I make I am not trying to softcap M or s/l in addition to the resist. I am also not trying
  6. I have about 2b influence. I usually fluctuate between 1-2b. If I don’t have a lot of alts planned, then the influence accumulates. Then I end up power leveling 5-7 alts into their mid 30s so that gets my farmer some cash. I also usually convert 100-200 enhancements around this time to earn a buffer. I also have a base with lots of purples/ATOs/winters/procs so I don’t have to buy everything. By the time I’m done with that batch of alts I’ll be closer to 1b. I like to keep 1b on hand in case I’m feeling particularly lazy and don’t feel like marketing. I haven’t actually logged into
  7. I usually just keep it at its native slot and put in the Achilles heel -res proc.
  8. Because there are people, such as myself, that do use it for the resistance every bit as much as the mez, even on squishies. This solution would be even worse than what they are doing in my opinion. The fact that it has both attributes is a huge reason why I have picked RoP thus far.
  9. Gotcha. Glad I didn’t lash out then haha. Not that I should have even if you were trying to call me out. I actually have found that I enjoy using RoP on my regen melees than on my blasters for instance. Thus my focus on the power in that instance is on the resistance uptime. I actually found that out through experimenting with the pool powers and trying to break from the standard leaping/fighting/speed/leadership meta.
  10. I’m glad that unleash potential works for you and that you feel it is a valuable pick. I am not sure what you are insinuating with the bolded part of your comment. Are you saying that you feel I am coming purely from a tank perspective and that I don’t experiment with builds or power picks?
  11. I don’t particularly want to go down a rabbit hole on this particular argument. I understand that the devs said they don’t want to things to bypass entire game mechanics. But IOs, incarnate powers, and p2w powers already do this to a much greater degree than rune of protection. Many powers have synergy such that 1+1=3. That’s part of the fun of the game. However, I have to really scratch my head at the argument that things shouldn’t bypass game mechanics when amplifiers exist. If I wanted to I could just skip clarion, melee hybrid, and RoP and just go full damage and buy amplifiers.
  12. I personally feel the duration for those is just too short to be worth the pick. That may work if they are mainly used reactively as a break free. But if it is being used proactively or used for longer term mez protection I think the current nerf is better. My personal opinion on the matter was that it was perfect how it was. On most builds it had about 50% uptime give or take a few percentage points. That is with about perma hasten level recharge, which I feel is more realistic for most builds than being at recharge cap constantly. It was up often enough to be worth the pick and ha
  13. I don’t think the goal should be to make it purely a reactive click. That is only one way that it was used. I’m fine with people disagree with that stance, but there are people who used it primarily proactively instead of reactively.
  14. You know thinking about it again, I don’t want to dissuade you from doing this one as a brute also. Your original plan was to make both brutes and there is honestly nothing bad about doing EM/Bio as a brute as well. Fury will still pump a lot of damage into ET and TF. Bios regen will compensate for energy transfers -hp. When built right, brutes can get 80-90% smashing lethal resist making use of their higher caps. If your original desire was to go brute, then I recant my previous recommendation and would say make both a brute. Then make a scrapper later in addition to the b
  15. If you aren’t set on both being brutes then I’d suggest the following: Spines/Rad brute - they can take advantage of higher resistance caps. I personally feel EM pairs better with bio so that’s why I am sticking spines with rad. EM/Bio scrapper - maximum single target destruction. Even though they can’t get full crits on ET and TF they still hit harder than brutes. Plus if scrapper crits on ET they get a heal! Scrappers get more mileage out of offensive adaptation as well.
  16. Thank you for providing the actual reasoning behind the rune of protection nerf. I appreciate the answer even though I wholly disagree with the answer. I also want to echo the question: why even include this nerf in a testing/feedback phase? Based on your answers, it very much seems you had no intention on going back on the decision as you are of the opinion that rune was overpowered. It is completely fine to nerf something and have no intention of going back on the decision based on feedback. It’s your game. However, it would have just been better to include it separat
  17. I’ve never watched people play video games. Never really had any interest in doing so. I did however discover Critical Role a couple months ago and have been watching that. Despite being into fantasy and sci-fi my whole life I never explored Dungeons & Dragons. This show however is amazing and makes me really interested in the age old RPG. Best way I can describe it like watching an audio book.
  18. The first season of SG-1 is pretty rough, but it became one of my all time favorite shows. I’m not really sure I can pinpoint when it exactly it went from meh to mildly interesting to good to great to “it’s 1am and I have work in the morning, but one more episode shouldn’t hurt”. The show grew on me as did the characters. I think both Atlantis and Universe had better starts. I think a big part of that is that they had already found their groove and had established characters/plot elements to give them strength.
  19. You could go further than just low value added and say negative value picks as there are a few that are just delayed suicide buttons.
  20. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Just quoted for emphasis.
  21. I would suggest using savage melee or war mace as the primary and either bio armor or energy aura as the secondary. Savage melee has good single target and great AoE damage (proc out savage leap). It is fast and provides some nice recharge bonus/end discount as you maintain stacks of blood lust. War mace is just a very strong performer all round. Bio armor is not the toughest set, but it has nice layered mitigation that when built to its strengths works really well. Just don’t try to softcap all types as that will neuter your damage potential. Speaking of damage potential,
  22. EM performs better than before. It is a fact. Not liking the combo mechanic is understandable though. Not everyone will like every change. Tankers are not even close to being irrelevant. They received some fairly significant offensive buffs that have really closed the gap between them and brutes in AoE damage. Brutes still have the edge in single target, but tankers can be built tougher much easier allowing them to focus on things like recharge and procs. Honestly, tankers have never been better in my opinion than they are now. Same with energy melee.
  23. What I would like most is a horde survival mode. Have an instanced horde survival mode with various special maps. Start of with low number of low power enemies. Increase difficulty of the attacking horde with each wave. Conceivably end with lots of AVs throwing out high damage and large debuffs. Given that that is unlikely to happen I’d be happy with more task forces and trials.
  24. No problem. It’s fun seeing the crazy numbers you can get on tankers. I actually had never played them on live and have always had a damage oriented focus even on the tankers I have made this far. But I then I starting thinking about pushing the survivability on my tankers to really make them earn their name. Plus, I liked my concept for the inv/dark melee tanker being the personification of dark insatiable magic incased in the hard steel of a blade. After I finished the costume in the character creator I knew I was going to like the inv/dm.
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