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  1. So now that i27 is live and I already made the alts in the OP, here is my new list! Energy Melee / Bio Scrapper: Crit for over 2300 with energy transfer on an even con boss. Need I say more? Dual Pistols / Ninja Blaster: The inner zombie apocalypse enthusiasts always wanted a gun + sword combo character. The bugs buffs to ninja training make me super excited. I’m also thinking of taking the teleport pool for this toon too! MA / Regen Brute: Not new and shiny I know, but it is a combo I always wanted to try on live. I had to leave the game before the powerset proliferations due to life circumstances. I was a brute main, but loved MA and Regen. I always said, “they will never give brutes either MA or regen.” Well, I’m finally getting around to making what I thought never would be. Bonus Alts: Electric / Bio Sentinel (I have a special plan for this one) and Dual Blades/ Energy stalker.
  2. What does the error actually say? If you haven’t already, try closing out of tequila completely, then reopening it. This will make it revalidate. Then log into the game to see if you are still having issues. If you are still having issues, someone smarter than me will have to chime in.
  3. I decided to give db/ea stalker another go. I had tested it quite a bit on test, but wasn’t super happy with it at the time. Probably didn’t help that I had been playing my db/ea scrapper a lot at the time. It’s been a little over a month since I have tried either. The recent thread asking about db on stalkers made me curious to try it out again. Now that I don’t have either version (stalker or scrapper) fresh in my mind I gave stalkers another try. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first time I tested it. I still like the scrapper version and will not be deleting it or cannibalizing it’s IO sets. However, I did enjoy the stalker version enough to commit to making one on live. With the new changes to SOs and enhancement upgrades coming in i27, my db/ea stalker will be one of 4 toons I plan to level up without any power leveling. So I will definitely get the full feel of it by level 50. Then I can reevaluate which I like better: db/ea stalker or db/ea scrapper.
  4. I agree that it is hard to draw the “really op” conclusion on bio armor. I am not surprised at all that it performs well at a base level. The layered mitigation really helps cover a lot of holes that other sets don’t have covered at their base level. However, fully built out and optimized there are several sets that are much tougher than bio armor in my opinion. Especially, if you are trying to maintain its offensive focus (ie rech bonuses and procs). This is even more true on non-tankers that don’t get the higher multipliers. Not saying bio won’t also be immortal, pretty much any tanker should be when built right. Just saying, an SO only build is quite different than a full set build. Still I think base level information is good to have, we just need to be careful extrapolating conclusions that aren’t based on the test parameters.
  5. On energy aura scrappers I take everything except for overload. If I were forced to skip another energy aura power it would be energy drain. However, I am able to fit it in on all of my builds and still has good uses. For energy melee, I’d skip either barrage or energy punch. I’ll probably be skipping barrage. Though now that they put the energy release bonuses on barrage you could still argue barrage. I always skip confront no matter the primary. Lastly, if you don’t care too much about AoE you could skip either power crash or whirling hands. I know many wouldn’t agree with this decision, but when I play energy melee I’m not looking to be doing a ton of AoE. So, I personally will be skipping either power crash or whirling hands most likely.
  6. I would prefer something more like unlocking extra inspiration slots. Less permanent, but still rewarding.
  7. @damnimgood @oldskoolis probably one of the best sources for sentinel information in this community. Any advice from them is worth considering and given their contributions to the sentinel community it is only right to show appreciation for their help. I am usually more than willing to put builds together and post them with the caveat that I never claim they are the best. I also like to put in a little explanation for my build choices. That said, it is always best to try to build on your own first. You learn a lot about making builds when you struggle through some on your own. This also helps you to appreciate the builds others post for you. I never used mids or even IOs on live. I didn’t even download mids until earlier this year and had no clue how to put a build together. But I struggled through it, asked for advice, asked for reviews, and got better at it. I am now comfortable making my own builds for the archetypes I play. I feel like your responses in this thread don’t show very much appreciation for the help you got. This will make people less willing to help you out with builds and advice. TL;DR: @oldskoolis a great source for advice on sentinels. You are more likely to get more help when you show what you’ve already put together on your own. You will get even more help and advice when you show sincere appreciation for the help you received. I’m honestly not trying to disparage you. Truly, I’m not. I’m just trying to help you out by showing how your responses in this thread are coming off compared to how the community generally gives and receives advice.
  8. I’ll probably make a EM/EA scrapper at some point. My first EM scrapper will be bio though for max destruction. That said, I always take sorcery on energy aura toons. I don’t need leadership to maintain softcaps, so having rune of protection adds a lot of durability. Once mids gets updated for i27 I will make a EM/EA build and post it though.
  9. Both ET and TF will crit. It just won’t crit for full damage. Both will still hit very hard though.
  10. This is a nice look at the powersets at a SO level. As always great work. I know it would be too difficult to do a IO review as builds are too diverse, but this is good test just to see powersets at a baseline. If IOs were thrown into the mix though I’m pretty sure SR would be #1. Though maybe not. Once IOs get thrown in a lot of sets get pretty bonkers. Also, it’s too bad tankers don’t get Regen or energy aura as options. Would have been cool to see how those rank up at a base level.
  11. I’m generally fine with incarnates as they are. Yes, they are powerful, but that is the whole point. So I disagree with making them less powerful or nerfing them in some way. I would like incarnate components or threads to be transferable on account instead of being bound to character. I agree with the above that it would actually encourage playing toons that are already fully incarnated. I would like to see more harder mobs in end game content. This could include more trials, but also task forces and strike forces. I wouldn’t mind new mob factions that are much more powerful as well to combat the power level of incarnates. I would also like more notoriety options for ALL content (not just trials and TFs). I would like up to +7 levels and +10 mob count. I would also like a bosses only notoriety option.
  12. I think it’s important to understand that just because feedback is posted does not mean that it will or even should be implemented. The devs did look at all feedback. They also posted responses showing that they at least considered feedback. I also didn’t like the dark melee changes. I stated my concerns and left it to the devs to decide if they agree. Someone times the devs will agree with feedback and sometimes they won’t. It does not however mean they are ignoring feedback. I also don’t understand why the discord testing group is getting hate. They put in a lot of effort in testing the changes and finding bugs. We should be grateful that groups like that exist honestly.
  13. You could go for a bio armor sentinel. Athletic regulation + sprint + ninja run is insane run speed.
  14. Swap ammo know changes the full amount of damage to given damage type instead of just a portion of it. Goodbye lethal damage.
  15. True enough. Though not sure how much work is involved in getting the stats put together and posted. If it was a matter of one or the other I’d rather see after i27. But if they can do both, then that would be super awesome.
  16. I think we ought to wait till at least a month or two after i27 hits live before the next batch of stats. I want to see how i27 affects people’s choices. Will energy melee come back with a vengeance? Will ninja training on blasters? I want to there to be enough time for i27 to affect the stats.
  17. Since a couple people mentioned bio armor I wanted to put in a plug about it. I agree that it is the best offensive secondary available to sentinels. However, you can easily lose out of its offensive prowess by chasing softcap defenses to multiple types. For example, chasing softcap to s/l defense is going to neuter your recharge and proc options. So I disagree that you can have all the softcaps and still be the top in damage. That said, if you build to bio armors strength, then it will be plenty survivable and it will be top damage. Most important types to softcap are energy/negative because you don’t have any resists for those. It’s honestly better to shoot for the resist cap or near it for s/l as bio leans toward resistance for those types. F/c will have a mix of defense from bio and resistance if you are pushing recharge with purple IO sets. My fire/bio sentinel is by far the best damaging sentinel I have. I am not disappointed damage wise even compared to some blasters I have. While it may not be my most survivable sentinel, it isn’t really lacking in survivability either. I have close to resist cap s/l, softcapped e/n defense, and a good mix of resist/defense for fire cold. My ablative carapace is up pretty much every fight, and rebuild dna is up fast as well. I also have perma hasten and damage procs. I just think it’s important to know that for bio you should to lean into its layered mitigation to be able to take advantage of its biggest strength, which is offensive power. If you neuter your recharge and procs chasing defenses to all types, then the offensive advantage starts disappearing compared to something like EA or SR, which can easily softcap and then chase recharge (on top of the recharge already granted by the set) and procs.
  18. That’s honestly how I have done it. I did the whole niche marketing thing for a little while and then decided I enjoy doing task forces and events more. So I usually just do task forces and liquidate my merits when I need some funds. This is enough to cover pretty much any build in a reasonable time frame. If I happen to want builds for multiple characters fast I may do a few days of marketing though.
  19. I actually posted that I said that I recall reading that the damage text of touch of fear was a bug and that I thought it didn’t do damage. So I asked someone to confirm that suspicion in effort to not have the wrong idea spread. I wasn’t able to confirm myself at the time, which is why I asked. Edit: Also, thanks for confirming.
  20. Haha sounds about right. This is literally the only game I’ve ever played in which I could be considered wealthy. Even for a lot of my time on homecoming I was pretty poor. Glad you are learning the market though. I’m sure you will surpass the likes of me in no time. I’m a small timer compared to many of the more prominent marketers.
  21. I agree with @Ura Heroand @Yomo Kimyatain that pricing strategy is huge for the market. Undercutting is a common and accepted strategy, but it’s not necessarily a clear cut discount to steal the sale methodology. The market is will always match the lowest sale with the highest bidder. However, the only information it gives is the last 5 sales. Say the last 5 show 2m each. It would be reasonable to think that you could list for 2m. So let’s say you list your IO for 2m. The next day you see the last 5 sales are between 2m and 2.3m, but yours didn’t sell. So you think “wtf”. What happened is that I listed that same IO for 1.9m. Because my sale price was less than your I get the sale even if the bidder were to bid enough to cover each of our sale prices. So, you don’t undercut expecting to get the 1.9m for it. You still actually expect to get 2m+ for it. However, it is common practice to bid slightly below the last 5 to move your inventory faster. You don’t want to undercut too much because savvy buyers are willing to wait and may end up filling your lower bid. This could result in overall prices dropping. There are times that you don’t want to undercut also. Sometimes the last 5 shown were actually bargain purchases and not really indicative of what normally occurs. For example, I will never list a LOTG + rech for under 5.8m regardless of what the last 5 say. Sometimes it may take a day or two to move, but they will eventually sale. So I don’t want to tank the price. Also, pay attention to the supply versus demand. If you are the only one selling or there is huge surplus of demand over supply you can be more aggressive in your pricing. It all comes down to playing with the market and getting an idea for the price trends. Understand that sometimes the the entire market will see a shift in prices. At other times a certain good will have a large price shift due to events/sales. For example, converters might momentarily tank shortly after the nightly Hami raids are completed as everyone liquidates there merits. Another example is the winter event last year tanking the winter O market. I’ve actually never been a fan of using the market in games. However, this one is interesting enough that I have done it. Lots to learn.
  22. I actually just wrote a small guide in the guides section about various money making methods in which I describe my influence journey. You were happy with your 5 million? I was happy with 120k for about an hours works back in the day 😁
  23. I’ll echo that currently I think street justice is the best boss killer for stalkers. However, once i27 goes live I am almost positive energy melee will take that crown.
  24. I thought I read in the past that the damage displayed for ToF was a bug a long time ago. Does it actually do damage if you go in and hit a mob with it? If so, then darn I should have actually tested to confirm what I read.
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