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  1. So I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck out of an Energy/Elec Blaster whose theme is using fulgurkinesis to harness particles into ionic energy blasts. Mu Mastery or Elec Mastery would be his Epic Pool power, and he has Medicine for helping team-mates or himself in a pinch. I'd like some advice for making a build that can REALLY kick some ass. I'm presently looking to put together enhancements for the MIDs build I've got attached below, but I'd like to hear a second opinion. Care to weigh in, anyone? Neon-Rider-ver-2.mxd
  2. I'm having a problem with the Mission Architect system - namely, the game stops responding when I try to make profiles for my custom NPCs. Every time I finish such a profile - in the same format as the hero I.D. cards - the game stops responding, and I get the "program has stopped responding" prompt that means I have to close or wait for the program to respond. And no matter how long I wait, I always have to close the game in the end. When I log back in, I find that my work was saved. But I shouldn't have to go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a new AE NPC. I need so
  3. I think it's a little more complicated than that. Something to do with code-wrangling? Seriously, though, I'd like to have more of the newer maps in the AE, though I recognize that it's a little harder than you'd think because of the way the game is coded.
  4. If we're doing requests for costume pieces, here are some of mine: The oni masks and sedge hats that Tsoo have for their ninja minions. The oracle dresses, somehow. The Sky Raider and Goldbricker rocket packs for backpacks. The Excalibur weapon skin for broadswords. We've got it on Titan Weapons, after all. Eyes that glow on their own, without needing a glow aura. We've got something similar for organic armor, but I was wondering if we could get that face set without the organic elements that stretch over the face. "Incarnate" auras, like the ones surrou
  5. Vanguard Headquarters, the War Room, 1700 Hours: Lady Grey stroked her chin between slender thumb and forefinger, the slight furrowing of her brow the only indication that she was troubled by the images being projected onto the far wall. At times like this, she was reminded of how used Vanguard had become to dealing with the Rikti threat...which, in turn, made it all the more likely for the organization to be caught off guard by things like this. Which, frankly, was unacceptable - once this affair was settled, she'd have to double down on drills that trained base personell on monitoring
  6. As a rather prolific AE writer back on live, one of my more frequent frustrations was that I constantly had to rotate out arcs that I made - losing all their reviews and whatnot in the process - in order to have room to post new adventures. Is there a way to submit arcs for dev review more frequently, or requisition more AE slots? Because I would love the chance to introduce a trilogy I made without having to use up all three of my "published AE" slots!
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