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  1. I am having this same problem with a map that I have been working with. I am using the same maps as Cult's Fire Farm (CFF) map and I cannot get even half of the mobs that is in his mission. I have played around with the various settings a lot but nothing seems to be upping the mob count. While the number of mobs per group and type are similar there are only a third to a quarter of the groups. I am still playing around with it but I don't seem to be making any progress and end up undoing and redoing change after change. I finally figured out the experience issues that was preven
  2. The game is lacking one major character type and that's Power Armor characters. I know that they can be designed by using the existing ATs and costumes but there is really not one power set under most ATs that really does them justice. Now with that in mind the Peacebringers and Warshades base form has a nice enough power array to be able to give it a go but they are geared to something else, and something that is very cool. While the various Arachnos Soldier build come even close but then really stray into two very different and very specialized paths. The Sentinel is nearly perfect and
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