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  1. A guy on Facebook suggested a great idea that I immediately loved. An all new alien archetype to play in the game. Something opposing to the Kheldians. The kheldians are kind of a mix between tanks and blasters. Maybe this new class could be a mix of controller and scrapper? And maybe have a duality similar to Peacebringers and Warshades, only with this archetype, one is a villain and one is a hero. I think this would be an incredibly exciting opportunity to introduce a unique new character to the game. What do you think? What would you do differently? Why?
  2. I haven't observed this happening again since my original posting. But I will keep a special eye on it. I was playing a Plant/Kin troller on an ITF (if I remember correctly)
  3. Testing a few missions at level 39 on the Beta server, I've noticed an odd bug where Fulcrum Shift misses on the targeted enemy and then failing to splash onto the surrounding enemies.
  4. The ban on streaming that you mentioned relates specifically and only to game footage. It has no relation at all to Mids as a program, or subsequent footage of the Mids program. I wouldn't even apply to a video about how to install and set up the game. It would only apply to actual footage of the game itself, after the date the ban was placed into effect.
  5. There is no footage of the game at all. Nothing to do with any streaming bans. I went ahead and edited the post to have "INFO" on it, and changed the topic tag to "Tutorial". Thanks for that suggestion! 🙂
  6. Hey everyone! I sat down with Metalios and got the go ahead to make the official Mids Reborn Tutorial video series. So, if you need help understanding mids, or maybe want to see if there's some use you didn't already know, go ahead and check out the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPa8wBhHUHYVHm2tVKIfV64p2ChvqusBZ If you need help, or just wanna chat, I am usually around in the game on the Excelsior shard. My game global is @Vayek
  7. I would also love to see support corruptors/defenders/controllers/masterminds be able to give themselves buffs in a similar way the new Electrical Affinity set works. You have to target a pet or team mate, and the AoE of a buff powers also can affect yourself (can give yourself thermal or ice shields, speed boost, etc). I feel like our support classes have been selfless for far too long.
  8. I would LOVE to see toggle suppression be added to Warshades and Peacebringers. This way, the human toggles will stay toggled "on" but suppressed, instead of just being turned off completely by the form change. The exact same can be said for stone tanks/brutes when they use Granite Armor and the rest of their toggles drop. As someone who main plays a Warshade, this would be HUGE quality of life improvement.
  9. So, because you were told "no, don't do that", your version of a hissy fit is to demand your charitable donations be returned from a non-profit organization? That's a real mature and classy gesture for sure... You can't always get what you want, or have your way with everything. Welcome to the real adult world filled with small disappointments.
  10. I genuinely believe the most fitting name for the badge should be "Homecoming". This badge commemorates a year of thousands of people experiencing a wide range of emotions as each of them has finally come home. Hell, there's even a great song to theme this event with!
  11. I, and many others I know, purpsefully sell everything we sell for a single buck to drive down the market and keep people from driving up the prices on the market like it was back on live. If you want/need money, go farm. I've made as much as a billion infamy in about an hour and half just farming.
  12. My fundamental problem here is that the vast majority of us players (myself included) are just thrilled to even be able to play the game we love again. And it frustrates people like me to see people like you spit all over what we love. To see you come on here and talk about how the game is defective in this or that way. How it is below your standards, blah blah. If you dislike things that much, it isn't that difficult to start a new server like those jokers have over on the we have cake server. They have really screwed it up (in my honest opinion), but have made it the way they like it. But then we have the small handful of folks here on this thread (and others), where nothing is ever quite good enough for them. They want this changed, that nerfed, this other thing remade. At some point, your meddling causes more harmful effects to other players (like me) than any of the stuff you complained about would have ever done. This is why we get angry and frustrated by posts like this.
  13. Definitive proof that Titan weapons is too strong for a melee powerset since melee sets must always be the weakest damage in the game! *he said with a deeply sarcastic and belittling voice* https://thehardtimes.net/harddrive/man-wins-yet-another-round-of-laser-tag-using-only-melee-attacks/
  14. It's just PVE. Your entire argument here is 100% predicated on the notion "You hit that enemy harder than I did. I can't let that stand!" Get over it already. Titan Weapons is well balanced with its limitations vrs strengths. How about just stop complaining for the sake of complaining and just enjoy the game? If you don't like something, don't play it.
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