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  1. I was on blue side had control of a Heavy in RV and left back to Atlas and than zoned back to RV really quick went and got the other Heavy and had 2 under my control.
  2. I had a sonic/electric defender back on live that was a burnt out hair metal rock star. His name was juke box heroe and he got his powers by turning his amp up to 11 in a thunderstorm.
  3. I am not a big PVP player but I see Ouro is disabled in PVP zones I would assume so you cant escape easy, but the LFG tool still works and you are able to que up and zone out quickly.
  4. Here are mine. Warburg -1206.9 105.3 -800.4 - Nuclear Winter - This once vibrant area is none the small reminder what happens when rockets launch. 1955.5 119.6 -327.3 - Herculean - From this vantage point you can observe the Herculean Mechs preparing for who knows what.
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