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  1. I would much rather them take there time and get it right. What I do like about next update is missions. I really hope they can get some more TF's in the game in the future.
  2. The 2 keys to LR solo is end drain protection or having ageless. He able to sap you even if you are flying and tanking him from above. You don't want to have to keep popping blues during the fight. Next is repairmen they can heal the towers back up quickly and take away 2-3 minutes that you just spent. Make sure you are not stuck in a long animation attack when they spawn and save AOE's for when they do spawn. Also save your lores/pets and get his agro first and spawn them away from him so that they will last longer.
  3. Thought I would add these here I am now complete with most TF's solo - Top is LRSF My Ms Liberty time is bad because I had to take some time away from the game a bit and stupid towers and repairmen are hard
  4. I was finally able to solo Miss Liberty on my TW/Bio brute. Ageless was the key for me, to keep my end up from his drain. Other than that I really did not have a big issue with his attacks, used inspirations to help. Big issue was repairmen, I was able to tank LR at the tower and when repairmen spawned I would take my attacks slow and save aoe's for repairmen. I would than spawn pets to DPS tower down. Now have to do LRSF solo.
  5. I may try again with ageless on my brute since I can survive fine except for the end drain and he killed any pets pretty fast even with barrier. Don't know if taunt will help to keep him away for a bit to let pets do some damage, but I know when tanking on a team with taunt sometimes it can take a bit to keep him from running
  6. I give up have tried all I can to solo this TF, have tried 2 different maxed out Characters. TW/Bio Brute and a Bots/traps. Using Lores and plenty of temp pets, buffs, ultimate inspirations etc. Can get a tower down but LR wastes pets fast even with barrier on them. I can survive him on my brute until his end drain just keeps flooring me poping blues hard to keep damage up and if 1 repairman is able to do his job its just too hard. One thing that was cool being fully buffed with pets took down GW and Sciroco in seconds.
  7. I will be making another attempt tonight at this on my Tw/bio brute. Last time I had trouble with the patrons. I now will be using T4 barrier to keep pets alive to help burn them down faster. Main issue was GW staking her hold and past her heal + regen
  8. Updated 1518 Max I can get till next event and anniversary
  9. I was on blue side had control of a Heavy in RV and left back to Atlas and than zoned back to RV really quick went and got the other Heavy and had 2 under my control.
  10. I had a sonic/electric defender back on live that was a burnt out hair metal rock star. His name was juke box heroe and he got his powers by turning his amp up to 11 in a thunderstorm.
  11. I am not a big PVP player but I see Ouro is disabled in PVP zones I would assume so you cant escape easy, but the LFG tool still works and you are able to que up and zone out quickly.
  12. Here are mine. Warburg -1206.9 105.3 -800.4 - Nuclear Winter - This once vibrant area is none the small reminder what happens when rockets launch. 1955.5 119.6 -327.3 - Herculean - From this vantage point you can observe the Herculean Mechs preparing for who knows what.
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