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  1. Uhhh https://forums.homecomingservers.com/status/ the numbers are there. If you think HC has not lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of players in the last year - that is just silly blind devotion. Any ways - I am done with the forums for another year. Reply if you want, but I am out until next March - when the "negotiations" will still be "ongoing."
  2. Oh I know... "the negotiations" which has proven to be as productive as a broken record. With the current rate of player attrition if NCSoft ever had any desire to monetize the community - I am sure much like the player base that is waning. One look at peak numbers will show you that at a time when other games are prospering - HC has steadily lost a huge portion of their players. This isn't me bashing HC - its me being a realist. The negotiations are going nowhere while the players are going away. HC is still an illegal server - they don't have permission from NCSoft to run any more than the o
  3. Twitch does not police their content unless a report is made (or their AI detects a DMCA) - there are well over a dozen content creators on Twitch who have streamed CoH for over a year. NCSoft would have to make a claim against these streamers, but they haven't.
  4. And yet - NCSoft has done nothing in 1.5 years of people streaming from other servers. Thousands of videos on YouTube, Caffeine, and Twitch - with no bans or suspensions would indicate that NCSoft truly has no issue with them. I follow over a dozen Twitch streamers who post/stream 5+ days a week for over a year.
  5. Feels like an indefinite ban on streaming at this point since there has been no notable progress made in the negotiations in the past year. Sigh.
  6. I'm aware. But if a program sets off my anti-virus - I have reservations about running it. Also - the other servers do not have my fav AT (Sentinel).
  7. Millions of people do it every day 🙂 CoH is not big on Twitch, but the ones who do stream it (other servers) - have a small dedicated community of viewers who watch. I played from launch to sunset and then for 1.5 years on HC. I tend to stream a lot now and since I cannot stream HC - haven't really played in about 6 months because it can't be streamed. It's unfortunate since the IP negotiations have gone nowhere and a lot of the streamers I know who played HC have abandoned it as well since the ban.
  8. One year later after the stream ban and still can't stream. I went from playing daily to logging in once a month so I don't lose my SG. Sigh. The servers that you can stream from...all cause my anti-virus to go crazy so not getting into them. Oh well - guess I will check back again in a year when nothing has changed regarding the IP. It's sad because I know quite a few streamers who have abandoned HC/CoH because of this, but it is what it is I guess.
  9. Burnt Toast wasn't the name 🙂 And no one has the name currently.
  10. Thanks I did that. logged in just now to see if it had "reset" so it would allow me, but still won't.
  11. Was hoping for a serious reply.... but thanks.
  12. I deleted a character because I no longer play it, but I wanted to use the name again. I have deleted characters before and re-used their names, but now I am getting the message that it is not a suitable name??? Uhhh it's my global name and I have had the character name since HC launched. Is this some weird glitch?
  13. I learned a long time ago not to let strangers on the internet affect me... that will help you in the long run. If they are not violating the rules and just being a jerk - ignore them. If they violate the rules... report and ignore. Tada.
  14. Thankfully HC has stated they will not do this in the past. I swear all the requests for "I win" in this forum have gotten to the point of stupidity. I miss the days when people actually played the game instead of asking for easy mode/insta-wins. This is my last post in this forum... its to the point where the whining for an easy mode...to an already easy game... has made me hate the CoX community on here. I can only imagine what the devs at Paragon would think about this community now - trying to shred apart a game they worked so hard on. Reply if you want... just don't expect me to reply bac
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