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  1. The impatience and entitlement are hilarious in this thread....no wonder I make so much on the AH.....
  2. So.... You were refunded you rmoney for that month you paid when you paid on announcement day... so you weren't out any money. The game was still live for 90 days...not one month... after the announcement. There are currently negotiations to make the server a legitimate/authorized server. If you are really concerned - all the data is out there for you to download for free and you can run your own server if you would like to as well....
  3. Are you serious or is this a troll post? Put 2 Recharge IOs in it and pay attention? Sorry you feel like having to pay attention to a power is beneath you or cumbersome. On Brutes: Shield is 6/13 when it comes to characters created On Tanks: Shield is 2/11 when it comes to primary of characters created On Brutes: At level 50 Shield Defense ranks: 4/13 On Tanks: At level 50 Shield Defense ranks 7/11 This is not some new mechanic it has been this way the entire time Shield has been a power set; since Issue 13 - December 2008 - so for 4 years on Live.
  4. Your suggestions were pretty good until you suggested forcing others to play the game the way you want them to play it. How about you play how you want to play and let others play the way they want to play.
  5. Any guesstimate on when the next release will be and if it will include the sniper changes, stealth changes, etc etc?
  6. Stop trying to create a situation where you think you are justified in using a developer power. You are not a developer no matter how much you tink you are...plain and simple. FYI calling people out for not spending as much time as you RPing or base building...as if those activities make you a more valuable player? Seriously... just stop. It has already been decided that it will remain a REAL dev power only as it was never intended for players. Nevermind... I am just going to ignore you because frankly your lack of reality and your extreme entitlement issues are just too much to stomach.
  7. It is game breaking in pvp..... which is/was the main concern among the devs. So while it may not be an "i win" button it was very much so an "Phew I won't be killed in pvp" button. I never once insinuated that anyone should not have travel powers... my first post actually stated the contrary since they stated it took 5 mins to get to a mission... told them to invest in a travel power. Since the slash command doesn't make travel any faster/easier (your words)... why all the hoopla on maintaining it.. if it is so under powered? Point is: It is a dev command - was never meant to be used by players. There are already numerous ways to decrease travel time significantly without busting out powers that were never meant to be used by players.
  8. Oh the hyperbole. I don't spend HOURS on travel...or even a "good portion" of my time. You make it sound like it takes 10 mins to get to a mission when on average it takes 30-60 seconds. The following already exist in game to help with travel: Tram Tunnel Oro Portal Mission TP Team Transporter Base Transport LFG Tab Base TPs - which can take a whopping 15-30 seconds to get to your base.. GASP and of course... travel powers. The DEV power is an exploit that is not meant for players as stated by the devs on these forums.
  9. 1. Name calling.. really? that's your initial response. grow up. 2. If you are going to use hyperbole as the basis for your statements - expect a dose of reality in reply. 3. The power IS a dev power - it was never intended for players. There are already multiple powers that do not allow people to cheat in pvp that transport you from zone to zone or to your base. 4. I used it once...
  10. There are many methods to navigate quickly from zone to zone. If it takes you 5 minutes to navigate a zone you may want to invest in an actual travel power. You are right... this is City of Heroes - not City of I Win Buttons. Heroes superspeed, super jump, fly etc... just saying.
  11. No thanks. All these complete re-design suggestions have gotten way out of control. Maybe stop trying to completely alter the game that many of us played for 8.5 years? Storm's powers have a reason behind them and if you can't see that or play the set because of that... maybe the set isn't for you.
  12. The community is full of people who have played from launch to sunset... that doesn't mean we have to agree with every suggestion made. Your suggestion would lead to many more issues than it would solve. If you cannot take others not agreeing with your wishes/desires/suggestions... then you may not want to make suggestions in the forums. No suggestion has ever received 100% support from the forum community. If you cannot take others telling you why they don't want your suggestion...that is on you. Do not try to make this out to be a "bad community" because we don't agree with you - that says WAY more about you than it does the actual community.
  13. I don't play scrappers, brutes, or tanks - Mainly Corruptors, Defenders, and Controllers. And still... gonna say No to this... it's not needed.
  14. Talk about a first world problem - ugh my game makes me push buttons and click things too much!!!!! This game is already super easy...so gonna have to say no to this suggestion.
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