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  1. I did... and I don't like it. I don't think sets need to become gimmicky in order to buff them. MA was my main on live and now on HC - I have zero issues with the set as it is. My SG runs an all MA scrapper team for trials/tfs - all with different secondaries. I am not objecting to a buff... just not a fan of these types of gimmicks which dictate when you should use certain powers in order to buff other powers.
  2. No thank you - I have no issues with the way MA is now. Adding a pseudo dual blades system is not anything people have asked for in MA. I don't like to be told that to get the most out of a power I have to do a different specific power before it - THAT is one of the reasons people don't play dual blades. IF anything were to be done to MA (which I don't think it needs) I would prefer a looser combo/stack building system where you have builders and finishers.
  3. I personally wouldn't mind the ability to have more than 4 power pools. I don't think there is any need to retool them, but would like to be able to take 5-6 different power pools on a few toons.
  4. That's all fine and dandy.... just stop saying things can be done easily when in truth they cannot. I honestly have no issues with suggestions, but belittling the time and effort it would take is just hyperbolic.
  5. Gotta love when people say the devs can do things "easily...." If you are a programmer - please send them needed code that is so easy to implement.... If you're not a programmer...then how do you know it is so "easy" to do?
  6. I like knowing when I created a toon...interesting to see how long it takes me to get them to 50. and other milestones.
  7. To the OP: If you considered the replies here hostile I am not sure what to say to you. People addressed your issue with the limited information you gave and provided other methods to obtain recipes/IOs. Your posts come across very negative and frankly you are the one being hostile and accusatory. As far as your (mis)perception on the gaming community of CoH - you will find that 99.9% of people who play this game genuinely try to help others - we may not hold your hand or play into your victimization, but we will tell you what is what and offer advice/alternatives to help you. Use the forums...don't use the forums... your choice.
  8. MA/Nin - It's only scrapper I have enjoyed playing and I love the crits 🙂
  9. I never friend anyone.. I just global friend people.
  10. Again... people who come here just to argue... this is why I block people.. another added. Reading comprehension is your friend. The OP didn't mention anything about any other secondary.. they stated they could not get a good build for less than 600 mill.. build provided with no purps..atos..winter..etc... seriously. Stay on topic. Ugh. This is why I rarely post any more.
  11. Thanks for paying attention...reading..comprehending..and not just using the forums to be contrarian.
  12. They said they couldnt do it with Ninjitsu without ATOs..winter..etc.... so..... I showed you could.
  13. Again.. not the build I am using or would use.. just did it super quick to show that with cheap sets you can get that. With ATO you can get more melee obviously. But I made a quick cheap build... hence why the DW - cheaper etc... point being.. you can soft cap without purples, atos, or winter sets. So no I do not think storm kick needs the defense bonus as was requested. End of discussion... point made. Too many people come here to argue and use semantics..... I am gonna actually play the game now 🙂
  14. Riiight. I mean seeding of recipes would give people who play the market a brand new playground to make billions upon billions which would result in a lot of enhancements and no recipes.... LOL.
  15. This is a modification of my build. No ATOs..no purples...no winter sets... and DEFINITELY not a 600 mill build. You can even take out the LoTG +rech to save more money if you want and go with Ageless Destiny if that suits you. I have done hundreds of builds for people of all budgets... as low as 100 mill and high as 1.5 bill..... This is not my actual build that I play, BUT it is very much playable and as you can see... it reaches the soft cap on all positions. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1452;668;1336;HEX;| |78DA65945B6F125110C7CFC202E5DA524A29525A282DE55210D477A3564D146A13A| |2AFB8C229DD4A80B0DBC43EFA1534B126EA9B567DF10BE95768EBEDC52B0E3B7FA8| |091B363F98F9CF993967E6507DB4E9FB70F3F165A104AEB535C3A8D71A7DADD793F| |DA9EABEA9997AB723868F8BDED8C855AFCAB694C5AAD63775AD5DBFD2378DE8D8B7| |297764C790C52DBDB3A79BC6BEF06D77BBED62456A3DBDD3F2583F6A3D299B7EEBE| |B0DBDB56B92637AA46ACABEB1ABF782D77B7AA378B5DB3CA85735C394FD83052A21| |4DEF3397C03370881D425915BE1633BB0BEACCDC1EF890E9C812152BD62EC28A65F| |38498EB73E00CF3D00529E551EE73FC6A13D4C007CC7483B95E27AEABC24979ECC8| |631FE5F1306702A09FE922AD035A07B43E6803D0E6A09DA79A5CAC555DA776CB36F| |515FCC64C9D30CF7F819DD6772BC3A0817027B9CE14ADE3E5BD29DE8F36D67F62AE| |90CFCF39147F7EA8778B00E8A6B5A61137FD04714F992F282E88F30AA22FB3E8CB2| |CFA92445F52E84B0A7DF1D0BA218E5543B779AF7315B08ABD6F81779836CA17E618| |111ED023EC648970E5B6489977BF70011C3AE2AA78499A28AA8CFEE2CACFFD06FF3| |017FF8203E692E035BC54650C2713FBC1B6F277A64AEBC6913B8E2E2E619296D0CD| |57A45946EE654C54029394C024253049494C5A52322314BB82935F41C70AE858907| |C6BC8BD86DC694C471AB99F932683F8CC11C765DF3243E4CB73BC23FF9A6D1B6F40| |6837A02DBC03DF336B94A6882E14F35CEB915F8812EA2925D8565EE5091A71511DD| |F62FA0CBBB7AC8EEFE62037E12D4D58CA13968B13964B1396CA84655B1DDF73A158| |16F78C1876DCAAE4D8435E05DE02EFE5F4CCA62AF7308D77C15B8AF50FA0263117C| |7CC93FFD7C9F03A9FCF6C36E590CFD3895BE54CF039FD9C27A0967FF3FCDD74| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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