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  1. So why would I do lower level content if you are increasing the chance for a purple for 50 content exactly? I have no issue with the xp increase. I think the drop rates are fine, but would support a 50% increase (not double). Merits are fine as is and you can always get the double merits from the weekly. Regarding the sub 40 recipes... meh I don't use sets generally much before 50 so doesn't really affect me either way.
  2. yeah that's weird... would think it would disappear. I just did another test and monitored the ACTUAL numbers and it is WAI and taking defense bonus away 😞 😛
  3. I have Invisibility... and when I attack it still says I am getting the Defense bonus from the power. Was this changed? Is this a bug? Working as intended?
  4. Thanks for the event - had a lot of fun! (Crystal Methyd)
  5. So Maybe update Mids? This will allow you to see all available powers and enhancements to create your build.
  6. Have you updated your mids since the beginning of April? Artillery is for AoE Powers.
  7. And he said his build was not accomplishing what he wanted. People may not want to hear their build is bad, but if it is not working out....then the build is the first thing I would look at - especially if you are having trouble gaining certain set bonuses/aspects.
  8. Munitions: Body Armor has NO Defense only a mediocre resistance to S/L. If you are trying to up your DEFENSE then yes you should consider taking Combat Jumping (2.7%) Kick/Tough/Weave - Slot the 2 +3% Def procs in Tough and 3-4 slot Weave. You can also take Maneuvers which will increase your Defense for another 3-4%. So with all that you would have a base of 17.5-18% Defense to everything. 5% more with 6 slot Superior Blaster Wraith to ranged Def 2.5 with 6 slot Superior Defiant Barrage 3.75% Ranged Defense with Every 6 slot of Thunderstrike 4.07% Ranged Defense with 6 slotted Artillery Depending on your 4th power pick you can also add defense Another 2.7% from Hover which would put your base at 20-21% Ranged Defense with Combat Jumping, Hover, Weave, Maneuvers + the 2 3% IOs. Adding another 24-25% is not that difficult to get you to the Softcap of Ranged. If you take Scorpion Shield this will greatly increase your S/L/E Defense. There are already NUMEROUS ways to increase your characters' defense... which does not require the complete breaking of a power that has been in the game and working as intended.
  9. I would love a SS Scrapper but not with the way Rage is now.,,with the defense penalty. I have a SS tank - he doesn't have Rage because his focus is mainly to taunt/keep enemies occupied while shelling out average tank damage lol.
  10. Just from the way you are talking about defense etc... I have a feeling you are not built well... especially considering you went with Munitions. THIS could easily be your problem - a bad build - you may want to get others to look at your actual build and offer you advice to help make your blaster sturdier.
  11. I can guarantee you that it will not change to anything you have suggested. Afterburner was out 1.5 years before the game shutdown...and has always stated in-game and in Mids that it makes it so you only affect yourself. It is working as intended and there is no reason to change it. Regarding your blaster... why are you trying to do +4x1? Is that your benchmark on whether a toon is considered good?
  12. Huh? "Solo players are the largest group." Uhhh ok. "Those that put teams together are rarely interested in a challenge." Seriously? "Players who want to be as powerful as possible but want to be challenged. This is a tiny portion of the population." LOL seriously? No idea where your opinion comes from, but it differs from my experience completely. 1. With the amount of teaming that goes on in CoH I highly doubt your proclamation that solo players are the largest group. I would venture they are actually the minority. 2. Putting together a team is a challenge sometimes in and of itself...at least a good team. Players who regularly form teams/leagues are looking for a challenge. Running Mo, speed, and using challenge (using the -enhancements, enemies debuffed, etc) options is quite common and used to make the game more difficult. 3. I know WAY more people who min/max to be powerful and challenged than you apparently. Your assumptions seem WAY off base from the reality of the game. Maybe you should switch servers, make new friends, or something... because you seem to have found and play with pretty boring people.
  13. There is no need for any further incarnate abilities until we can get further content to justify said abilities.
  14. To me it has always basically meant... speed run. The things I see advertised are: Speed run Kill-All Kill-Most - this seems to be closest to your use of steamroll.
  15. Fire/Time Corruptor - Burnt Reynolds - Based off my favorite character I played on Live. Does great solo and on teams. Radiation/SS Tank - Dixon Peters - The only tank I have ever enjoyed playing. (Does not use Rage because... well it sucks right now). Martial Arts/Ninjitsu Scrapper - Inappropriate Touch - Just a lot of fun and very sturdy... Crit Crit Crit Crit. Elec/Elec Corruptor - Ohmbringer - This is my main and badge hunter. Fell in love with Elect Affinity. Fire/Ninjitsu Sentinel - Burnt Fried Rice - I always wanted a fire scrapper, but I loathe the fire sword look - so this is where this character comes in. I play him melee all the time. I have a couple other fav 50's (Bologna Sandwich?(Blaster) & Crush Hour (Controller), but they fall just shy of my top 5)
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