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  1. I recently installed Mids version and when creating builds i cannot access the ancillary/epic pool window. I can scroll down to see my inherent powers but cannot scroll down the pool powers. I can see Pool 1-4 and select those. Is there something simple that i am missing or is this a glitch?
  2. Hello, @Gen Electric here. Was on Triumph from May 2004 till the end, though i did spend more time on Virtue the last two years of the game. I ran with the Knights of Overkill in the early days but later on teamed quite often with Power of One and many others from the HUB global channel. I am playing on Torchbearer with the same global but only have a couple toons so far. Most of my time is spent playing on a private server with a bunch of old folks from the HUB global channel, but i do get on the homecoming servers from time to time. Looking forward to running into any old Triumpher's while navigating our city!
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