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  1. Thank you @Frazier I posted some pictures, including in her Arachnos cape, in the other thread. The kids (adults!) and I will always miss her.
  2. Thank you. She had a lot of friends in the original City (mostly on Liberty, but we proliferated some when COV was separate still). We still keep in touch with many of them after the shutdown, even IRL. (I know, who plays *that* game?) She got on to chat a few times after the Homecoming servers came up with some of the others, and I'm glad she had the chance. In one sense, we traded the Lung Transplants for at least the breathing parts of Cystic Fibrosis, but the CF was always there under the hood. Breathing Is Fundamental - so often that was the main focus. The CF-related liver and dia
  3. @MTeague, that's one reason RoseV and I shared her story back on the original COH Forums. Thank you for being a Donor. The life you might save someday will be a stranger, but I can promise they will be beyond grateful for the extra time. Literally half of our 25-year marriage existed because of our two donors (and their families for agreeing to it). RoseV's first transplant literally came on her 34th birthday. I was never able to come up with a good birthday gift after that. I can't pay our donors back, but I can pay their gift forward by getting other people to sign up, and by talking abo
  4. Thank you, @Frazier, @Da1syDiesel and @Luminara (and also the rest of you who commented or read this thread or participated in RoseVortex's Sisterhood memorial). This is 24 hours after @RoseVortex's 2nd transplant in 2016. Walking the halls of the hospital after her 1st transplant in 2008, rocking the Arachnos Cape sent by the Paragon Devs (specifically WarWitch, but a bunch of them signed a poster and art book). This is her main Transplant #1 Hospital PT outfit in 2008, with the same Arachnos cape. Also the hero she created 'Hospital Marauder' - BS/
  5. @Kalkin here - been playing on Excelsior off and on since the Homecoming relaunch. Was part of the 'Sisterhood Friends' channel and shared the nickname "Kal" with @Kallor (he had it longer than I did). 🙂 My main back on Live Liberty was ArcherBot, a TA/A Defender....and a pile of alts. Now playing a scrapperish DP/MA blaster.....and a new pile of alts (one of whom is a new ArcherBot). Been away for the last couple of months (that darn Work/Life Game keeps taking up so much time), just logged in again today for the first time in a while and am catching up on the
  6. Sadly he passed away a few years ago. His memorial NPC is in Steel Canyon on the other side of the statue from Positron. By the phone booth. He's a combat NPC. I make it a habit to pull a few mobs to him everytime I run through that area, just so he gets to keep on saving the city. There are few other memorial NPCs that were placed around the City by the SCORE folks.
  7. I was guessing soon probably means "in the next week or so" in this case.
  8. He's a combat NPC. I make a point to pull some baddies to him everytime I go by, just so he can pound them.
  9. Tip: If you have Echo: <map> teleporters in your base, you can go to the tram station inside Echo: Galaxy City or Echo: Atlas Park and travel directly to Ouroboros. Once there, claim the badge on the top of the Ouroboros building and it will unlock Ouroboros for that character ("Entrusted With The Secret" badge awarded).
  10. Nice. Thank you. I *use* perl but I am not a coder. I can kitbash scripts together through The Power Of Google but this is a great starting point. It wouldn't be hard to leverage for a few other things too (random costume select, random flight pose select, even random emote select from a list). Appreciate it.
  11. If you still have that, I wouldn't mind seeing it.
  12. This conceptually is Sick. Evil. Wrong. Horribly, I just realized I *will* have to run Dr. Q at least one more time to get the badge....once I pick a badge toon. Thanks so much for making that show up in future nightmares! <shakes fist at Shinobu>
  13. This may help figure out what changed and when. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,2044.0.html
  14. PK, try this: "Add -ignorebaddrivers to the command line parameters in the Tequila options." It was for something similar in Paragon Chat I think.
  15. If the server move, with decreased lag and rubber-banding, is truly a Nemesis Plot.... ....then perhaps Homecoming *itself* is also part of the same Nemesis Plot.... ...and I welcome our new steam-powered overlords!!! Hail Nemmie!!!
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