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  1. In the solo mission at the end of Number 6's arc, Antimatter has a power that uses an incarnate icon with an Omega symbol on it. IIRC, it's a single target toggle that deals damage and heals the user when the target dies. No idea how representative of an Omega symbol incarnate that power was supposed to be.
  2. Clown Summoning (Mastermind) All clown pets have a chance to cause fear in their enemies. In addition, many clown attacks will taunt enemies, and when a clown taunts an enemy that's already taunted by you or another clown, that enemy takes bonus psychic damage as the hate consumes them. The more stacked taunt effects, the more psychic damage is dealt. Pie Toss- Ranged, Moderate Damage (Toxic/Smashing), -tohit, Foe Taunt A classic gag, the pie to the face chokes the enemy with a toxic cream filling and blinds them for a short duration. Mimes- Summon Mimes The Mimes arrive by stepping through doors that aren't there. They attack by throwing invisible objects and swinging invisible baseball bats. All their animations are over-the-top and exaggerated. Seltzer Spray- Narrow Cone, High Damage (Cold/Smashing), Knockback, Foe Taunt A blast from this pressurized bottle soaks enemies with cold water and sends them flying backwards. Paint Clown- Ranged, Upgrade Clown Henchman Gives your clowns terrifying facepaint, improving the nightmare fuel that sustains them and upgrading their attacks. Mimes gain a variety of (silent) taunts they can spam, harlequins get torches they can juggle, and Rodeo Clowns get a barrel they can jump into. Banana Peels- Ranged (Area of Effect), Moderate Damage (Smashing) Knockdown, Foe Taunt Tosses Banana Peels onto the ground in a targeted location. Enemies in that location when you first throw the peels have a high chance to be knocked down and take smashing damage when they fall. The peels persist in that location for a while after, continuing to trip enemies for the duration. Harlequins- Summon Harlequins A more acrobatic breed of clown, the harlequins juggle knives at first and more dangerous objects as they're upgraded. Getting their reluctant audience in on the act, they toss these objects at nearby foes giving them a chance to catch them. They "catch" them in the face. Harlequins' attacks taunt enemies far from them but placate enemies close to them. Clown Car- Summon Clown Car A tiny vehicle filled with an improbable number of clowns, this special pet has no attacks of its own, but releases clown after clown from within its unfathomable depths until its duration wears out or it gets destroyed. It plays a dreadfully irritating tune, taunting nearby enemies as it unleashes its unholy cargo. Rodeo Clown- Summon Rodeo Clown The alpha clown, the rodeo clown is half cowboy and a skilled melee combatant, able to ensnare enemies with his lasso to draw them close and tie them up. He's an expert at taunting enemies and is naturally very tough. Hell Toupee- Ranged, Upgrade Clown Henchman An upgrade to your clowns' hair completes their transformation into the eldritch horrors you always knew they were. Mimes trap enemies behind invisible walls, Harlequins start juggling chainsaws, and the Rodeo clown summons a bull to ride on.
  3. Or the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, for that matter. It seems like people will always hate the new thing until something else comes along, then the new thing becomes the old thing and there's something new to hate again.
  4. In a weird way, WoW is the whole reason I wound up playing CoH. I was a huge Warcraft fan, and I was really looking forward to the release of WoW, to the point where I made an upgrade to my PC just so I would be able to run it when it came out. (It was my first real gaming PC: my others before that were just incidentally for gaming) However, WoW was delayed from the release date they had announced from it, so I was sitting there having blown a ton of money on this new machine and not seeing any return. And I happened to hear about CoH and I was like "yeah, I'll play that for a bit. Just until WoW finally comes out." So as it turns out, I loved CoH. And at the same time I started getting more and more pessimistic about WoW. Less because of the gameplay but more because of how badly they were mangling the established Warcraft lore (as I noted, I was a big Warcraft fan). As the months went by and the game wasn't released, I became more and more invested in CoH: I joined a Supergroup and became IRL friends with the others and I got some of my IRL friends into the game as well. So when WoW finally launched, I found I had lost all enthusiasm for it. I didn't even feel like trying it anymore.
  5. Well I just got my /Dark up to 20 to test. You are correct, it does not stack. Which sucks. Giving /Dark the ability to get Drain Psyche levels of regen/recovery after repeated recastings would give it a cool niche, worse than DP in normal crowd-to-crowd gameplay but able to sustain itself into an AV fight in a way that DP can't. As it is it's just... bad.
  6. So I just got done with a pistols/mental blaster, loved the scrapper-esque Regen from Drain Psyche when going from group to group. But the Regen fails when I'd really want it: against a lone AV. For this reason I started eyeballing /dark for my next build. By my math, you should be able to hit the blaster Regen cap when built for recharge by stacking the buff over and over again. Am I missing something?
  7. I've got the whole fighting pool on my dual pistols/mental manipulation blapper. His survival depends on having drain psyche up 100% of the time, so having an attack that gives me a consistent bonus to global recharge is a no brainier. Of course I also slot it (and every other attack power) with the force feedback proc.
  8. So on certain concepts you want to use "slide" instead of sprint: guys wooshing around on ice or water. The problem is the awful pink glow really only works well for a narrow handful of concepts and there's not a good way to get rid of it. How hard would it be to get a version of this power without the pink glow?
  9. I recently made Adaptabot, a robot that uses reconfiguration nanites to change his hardware specifications based on the situation. He's a SS/Bioarmor brute, and I've got macros set up which both toggle on the relevant adaptation and do a costume change. The powerset itself is set to low fx, and the effects that remain are perfect for nanites swarming out over his body to make the changes. In addition, the offensive mode uses the classic "hulk smash" attack animations, while the others use the heroic animations, which helps it feel like he's really a different character. Besides the three combat form he also had an aerodynamic speed form which toggles on super speed, and a dark stealth form which toggles on invisibility.
  10. I got a tip mission that turned out to be an entire warehouse full of nothing but void hunters and cysts. Never seen it before, but it was pretty interesting. I wasn't playing as a Kheldian at the time so it didn't bother me, but imagine if I had been. *shudder*
  11. Just tried it. No, it doesn't work. Which is too bad. The villain arcs are rather substantially different. It's neat to do them both.
  12. So the Signature Story arcs give you 20 merits the first time you run them on any given character: for a short, fun adventure, that's great! A really effective way to earn merits while you level up on interesting content. However, you can only get the 20 merits the first time you run each arc (and then the 20 merit reward gets locked behind a 7 day timer shared by all signature arcs). This limits the amount of merits you can earn this way. But it occurs to me that the villain versions of the story arcs exist as well, and it seems possible one could run the same arc again "for the first time" by hitting up Null the Gull and doing the red versions. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?
  13. It's tempting to try and find 1-1 comparisons between CoH and CoV ATs but I think it's more like keys on a piano. If a scrapper is E and a tank is F a brute is E sharp.
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