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  1. Try a different connection if you can. I have the issue with Atlas Park, Atlas Park Bank Robbery, Imperial City, and the Investigate Anderson Construction mission from Shauna Stockwell. When using my main internet connection, but if I borrow the hotspot(Not optimal at all) it load those zones. Keeps me from even attempting to do any team stuff. :(
  2. That would be the issue. You can't zone until your client finishes loading and uncompressing the zone data. Even a small budget SSD is a vast improvement on that. If that's so, then maybe it's a time-out problem? Maybe there's a configuration file to adjust? I had some time-out errors before. There actually is, or use to be a timeout limit or retry attempts slash/launch commands, it was mainly for people on dial up back in the day. It's the one I've been trying to find via wayback machine on the old forums. The pre-2007/8 CoH forums would likely have it somewhere in the tech support section, but I keep running into the wayback machine not having those pages saved.
  3. On my end Atlas and Imperial City are no go zones. Any character I try to zone or login there boots me back to login after the loading screen hangs about halfway. For me, it seems to be connection based. My main connection is a tethered cellphone, but when I got a chance to borrow the hotspot for a bit, it loaded those two zones without issue on that connection. It's really weird, but somewhat livable issue as so far I can get around the rest of the zones without issue.
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