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  1. The game has moved into it's second month of April being online! ❤️
  2. I've never turned off earning vet levels because the tiny increase was never worth it or that needed, and I don't even farm. I only feel bad for those who missed out on all them vet levels 😉
  3. Vyx

    Anniversary Badges

    Oh, duh! Silly me.. 🤪
  4. Vyx

    Anniversary Badges

    1600 if there's a new year 16 badge too :)
  5. Vyx

    Anniversary Badges

    Does anyone know how much they cost when they were for sale?
  6. If we're making TW do less damage, can we at least make it to where your weapon doesn't get put away every time you try to use a clickable secondary power? 😩 Its so clunky with secondaries like rad.
  7. There is a huge CoH lore component that is all about fantasy style characters. Just look at Cimerora. So I would disagree on that point. On another note, Titan Weapons is fairly slow and does not work too well with several secondaries. This kinda makes it only played with a few like bio. So that specific set combo is broken, but I wouldn't say TW alone is. Just my experience from the builds I've made.
  8. The new chain power borders look amazing! I love these types of quality of life updates! ❤️
  9. You're metaphors are so off it's actually funny. Making inf in Homecoming is far easier than in live- that is a fact. I have many level 50's who were able to pay their own way to level 50 in enhancements without farming just by playing content and using their merits on things like converters to turn 500k enhancements into 3mil ones with just a couple converters. Sorry if you are so against playing content and are unable to make any money in a game that drops so much.
  10. If you can't make anything off of a few mil at level 8, and feel you need to farm, then you aren't playing correctly. Because the content of just playing the game regularly is PLENTY. As illustrated by my example of a short tf that will get you plenty for all your low level needs. Quit twisting what I've said from the beginning.
  11. I didn't say selling at simply a lower price. I said crashing the price by selling at a much lower price is very clear manipulation that undercuts the price of everyone else- which is why the prices keep dropping so quickly.
  12. Jesus, is there a block feature on these forums? Please stop quoting me. it's like trying to talk to a wall. I NEVER said you had to run TF's repeatedly to earn money in the game. I literally said it takes just one Post 1 tf to get millions and then you're set to make money.
  13. I would have to agree with this, though there is also the option to save things for yourself in your mailbox and auction house as well if needed.
  14. Ok, I don't know why you're being so rude. 1) Undercutting the market for your own personal short term profits, screwing over the rest of the public trying to sell their stuff for a fair price is not supply and demand- it is blatant market manipulation. That's why the prices go up- supply and demand. Then eventually someone manipulates the market by unloading a ton for barely anything and crashes the price for their own short little profit. 2) DOING A TASK FORCE AND PLAYING THE CONTENT OF A GAME IS NOT FARMING. It's an example of how you DON'T have to farm to make millions in this g
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