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  1. This hasn't happened to me before, but i'd be curious if anyone else has experienced this or has some idea as to how it would work. Sounds like too much work to really be any type of workable trick though.
  2. Are there any content updates happening during this 4 hour downtime?
  3. Vyx

    Re: Kat / EnA

    Thank you so much for posting this!
  4. I would kill for a new big scary boss raid!
  5. We NEED new content. KW needs to be finished. I used to play daily, but I am down to once a week simply due to the lack of content.
  6. Hah, one of the only 4 level 50 Katana/Energy brutes!
  7. Thank you for these clarifications!
  8. Well, good thing we only have to check four different places to get all of the game news since they don't actually put it all in one place.
  9. This is the first time they’ve ever officially even mentioned being in talks in the first place with NCSoft? So I have no idea what talks “stalling” would even mean for a rouge game server.
  10. Agreed, I really don’t understand the point of this post since it provides no information.
  11. You’re in negotiations with NCSoft? Oh god, this does not sound good.
  12. Vyx

    Costume Contest

    I won second place! Thank you so much Chaos United!
  13. I don't know what happened, but I haven't touched my COH files since I downloaded the game a month ago. Every patch has updated just fine since then. However, today when I went to launch the game I am suddenly receiving this error message: "Download error: hc-beta/bin.pigg Was unable to download fileDownload error: hc-beta/bin_fxinfo.pigg Was unable to download fileDownload error: hc-beta/bin_powers.pigg Was unable to download fileDownload error: hc-beta/sound.pigg Was unable to download fileDownload error: hc-beta/texture_gui.pigg Was unable to download fileDownload error: hc-beta/texture_library.pigg Was unable to download file" Like I said, I haven't moved any files around and these files are all still in my COH file. So can anyone please tell me what to do?
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