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  1. Additional information: The mouse is only properly bound to COH when a mouse button click is held down. Binding +mouselook to shift+lbutton works as you'd expect, but binding it to any key will let the mouse leave the window. Likewise binding ++mouselook to either mouse button will work as expected ONLY if you hold the button down (defeating the purpose of a toggle, admittedly), but as soon as you let go the mouse will move freely outside the bounds of the game window. Only the primary mouse buttons (L R & M) prevent the mouse from moving. 4 & 5 do not. Further, if the mouse does not leave the game window it snaps back to where you started the mouselook without issue. Paraphrasing: entering mouselook or camrotate doesn't properly bind the mouse to the COH window unless the left, right or middle mouse buttons are also being pressed.
  2. Additional info that may be pertinent for testing/reproduction: Resolution UI scale (looks like 100% but better to be sure!) Windowed mode or full screen Oh and what your native (desktop) resolution is.
  3. There are known issues with the AE servers. They're working on permanent fixes. The system is more stable for now but I'm not sure if it's 100% fixed, so there may be additional downtime. Thanks for the reports!
  4. Could you give a few example missions where this is an issue? That would help with testing a lot.
  5. I'd say not necessarily significantly different, if precedent is considered: Helper uses a very similar yellow to the yellow conned enemies. To a far lesser degree Help Me is somewhat close to the purple con color. There are other systems in place that help players differentiate players and NPCs. This is probably possible but is also probably far outside of the scope of the existing system they used to implement it. (In other words, would probably require a lot more work to implement)
  6. Not sure I'd call 50% resistance laughable, but I will say the damage resistance portion of the ability should be made into an AOE like it was for Kinetics/Increase Density. That's a fair argument, and I don't mean to dismiss it. The issue I have with it is the heal delay is variable. At point blank range it's basically its cast time but at the power's default max range it's somewhere around 2.6 seconds, which is about a second slower than other single target heals. Perhaps the power's animation should be changed to throw a much faster projectile earlier in the cast time, or more favorably it should be reworked to remove the projectile entirely since it adds variability in healing unless the projectile is too fast to really see... which defeats the point of having one. This applies to Antidote as well. I know a lot of players aren't particularly happy with the animation set for Poison in general and it seems like for its reactionary abilities having them be variable makes them significantly more unreliable, especially for the heal.
  7. I'm not against improving poison if it's under performing, but I'd just like to call out a few things: With resist to slow (often useful), cold and toxic (more situational) in place of CM's +perception (fairly situational outside of PvP). I don't think it's accurate to say injection eclipses antidote. It's slightly more versatile being able to apply a fairly minor debuff on a single enemy, but has close to twice the cast time, half the duration, three times the recharge and costs more than twice the endurance (or exactly twice for MMs), without slow, cold or toxic resistances. Alkaloid has the second fastest cast time of any non-personal heal in the game AFAIK (transfusion being the faster one), it just has travel time unlike other single target heals. It's heal amount is somewhat reduced from other single target heals because it also provides toxic resistance.
  8. Using single target heals (cauterize, soothe, heal other) on Defender as a baseline and comparing other heals to it, I've noted the following discrepancies between heals among sets on each AT as listed by the detailed power info screens. In short: Mastermind appears to have two sets of baselines, needs to be made consistent; also Dark Miasma/Twilight Grasp healing potency is too high on non-defenders (or is too weak on Defenders?). All at level 50: Mastermind: (Healing values are not consistent: radiation and empathy are higher than thermal and pain domination and other powers seem based on either values as the baseline. NOTABLY: villain origin power sets appear lower than hero origin power sets, original port balance issue? Suggesting pain/thermal intended values? Assuming nerfs not desired at this point, so taking empathy values as baseline) Thermal: Warmth - 94.24 (too low? Should be 107.09 if empathy values are baseline) Cauterize - 184.19 (too low? Should be 209.9 if empathy values are baseline) Radiation: Radiant Aura - 107.09 Pain Domination: Nullify Pain - 94.24 (too low? Should be 107.09 if empathy values are baseline) Soothe - 184.19 (too low? Should be 209.9 if empathy values are baseline) Share Pain - 376.96 (too low? Should be 428.36 if empathy values are baseline) Empathy: Healing Aura - 107.09 Heal Other - 209.9 Absorb Pain - 535.45 Kinetics: Transfusion - 191.05 Dark Miasma: Twilight Grasp - 209.9 (same potency as corr/cont, should be 191.05) Nature Affinity: Regrowth - 80.32 + 5x 16.06 (160.62) Poison: Alkaloid - 162.78 (too low? Should be 185.26 if empathy values are baseline) Storm Summoning 02 Boost - 141.36 Time Manipulation Temporal Mending - 70.68 + 5x 18.85 (164.93) / 107.09 + 5x 28.27 (248.44) (too low? should be 187.40/281.11 if empathy values are baseline) Corruptor/Controller: Thermal: Warmth - 117.8 Cauterize - 230.89 Radiation: Radiant Aura - 117.8 Pain Domination: Nullify Pain - 117.8 Soothe - 230.89 Share Pain - 471.19 Empathy: Healing Aura - 117.80 Heal Other - 230.89 Absorb Pain - 588.99 Kinetics: Transfusion - 209.9 Dark Miasma: Twilight Grasp - 238.81 (same potency as defender, should be 209.9) Nature Affinity: Regrowth - 88.35 + 5x 17.67 (176.7) Poison: Alkaloid - 203.79 Storm Summoning 02 Boost - 155.49 Time Manipulation Temporal Mending - 88.35 + 5x 23.56 (206.15) / 132.52 + 5x 35.34 (309.22) Defender: Thermal: Warmth - 133.86 Cauterize - 262.37 Radiation: Radiant Aura - 133.86 Pain Domination: Nullify Pain - 133.86 Soothe - 262.37 Share Pain - 535.45 Empathy: Healing Aura - 133.86 Heal Other -262.37 Absorb Pain - 669.31 Kinetics: Transfusion - 238.81 Dark Miasma: Twilight Grasp - 238.81 Nature Affinity: Regrowth - 100.4 + 5x 20.08 (200.8) Poison: Alkaloid - 231.58 Storm Summoning 02 Boost - 176.7 Time Manipulation Temporal Mending - 100.4 + 5x 26.67 (234.25) / 150.59 + 5x 40.16 (351.39)
  9. I think, and could very well be wrong, the limiting factor is actually the UI. I've heard that certain elements of the UI are.... unfriendly... to being changed. Not sure if the title selection element is one of them. There could have been theming reasons behind the original choice, too. Like as not there were. Though if selecting your title is all about choice, I'm not sure the wisdom behind arbitrarily limiting that choice. Perhaps to make Origins seem a little more important? Who can say. I like the idea of opening up title selection a bit, regardless.
  10. Support tickets aren't viewed by the developer team unless a GM or admin specifically directs them to a high priority issue. If you submit a bug report via the support system GMs will check to see if there's a thread about it on the forums or if its otherwise a known issue (or an issue at all), and close the ticket. This forum is the best place for bug reports to go for now.
  11. FYI We saw a response on the discord for this issue. No action was suggested but it may grant insight to challenges of changing it:
  12. No, except by enabling you to use them more frequently. It DOES consume 15% endurance when its effect ends, though. To answer the original question: Hasten is significantly overbudgeted for an auto power and its effects would be reduced to, likely around 15-25% from 70%. That or a hefty endurance reduction penalty (or other negative) would be applied to balance the power, either of which could dramatically reduce its appeal. Without the breakpoint of 'permahasten' there might also be a bit of a shift in how much recharge recharge-focused builds go for.
  13. More info: It seems that the individual check fires for all sales at once rather than sequentially as more influence is obtained from pulling sales off the AH. Any individual sales that would put you over the influence cap from what you have at the time of pressing "Get All Inf" will properly prompt the warning and are not be pulled from the AH. Reproduction steps: Be near the influence cap Sell any number of items for amounts that will not individually put you over the influence cap, but will in total put you over the influence cap Click Get All Inf Inf will cap and excess will be voided.
  14. Threads aren't completely useless, as you can buy super inspirations with them. That said, this functionality doesn't currently exist to my knowledge, and this is not the first time I've seen it brought up. Though, given there's no possible harm done to a character for getting incarnate XP or threads they don't intend to use, I don't imagine adding a toggle of some sort would be high on the priority list. Any empyrean merits you earn, however, can be transferred.
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