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  1. The original game design (as in alpha stages) was much, much more Origin heavy. Some of that old system lingered, as with the original blueside contacts. The older contacts have one of the five origins and gives you missions (mostly) related to that origin. This starts quite obviously in the original starting contacts, and muddles a bit as you get introduced to more contacts. Real story-arc contacts like the ones that are far more common today didn't really exist in the early game. It was a learning step for the studio, a method of doing things that they moved away from gradually until you really didn't see it anymore by the time redside hit where every actual contact is basically a, or part of a story arc and all the fluff missions were found in the newspaper/radio system instead.
  2. Technically speaking? The code exists, so probably not very. Making both choices comparable for balance and compelling options? That's an entirely different story. What could you replace Controller's T9 pet with that would be comparable and still fit the kit of a controller and the purpose of the T9 pets? Choices like this almost always end up being akin to "Yeah, you technically have a choice, but option X is objectively better in 90% of play." Is this a bad thing? Subjective. Some people will appreciate a choice even if one option is definitively worse. Is that something the team would be happy with? Based on their reaction to Sentinel's SR thing, doesn't seem like it. That said, I would personally pick mutual exclusivity over cloning the entire set if something like this was to be considered. It makes more sense, is probably less work and is more player friendly.
  3. I'm asking for confirmation but Gabriel may have been removed in i25 due to the DA arcs being added to Ouroboros and his function being largely irrelevant as a result.
  4. What a contact says will tell you why they aren't giving you missions. Check paragon wiki against what the contact says when you talk to them. It could be possible their missions are from a pool and you've already done them all. I believe all contacts have a unique message for outleveled vs all missions completed. And honestly almost all the old fluff missions are about the same as radio missions. So if you feel guilty about them not having those missions for you, you could just run a few radio missions. 😉
  5. In regards to fire, specifically, I'm rather against giving it yet another ranged AOE. That it was a PBAOE always seemed to be a balancing factor for compensation of the rest of the set. In the modern age of no crashes and IOs and incarnates that's less of a thing. I don't really have a lot of investment either way, personally, but people do tend to dislike their iconic powers changing on them and I get that. There is a loss of fine control when you have to target a mob to center it vs it being centered on yourself. That you need a target at all can be a drawback to some people as well.
  6. I can't speak to long term plans. I can say this is highly unlikely any time Soon™ unless someone takes it upon themselves to write a completely new function (or massively rewriting the current one) in a way that plays nice at scale.
  7. Mostly, yes. That was certainly the intended targets when Paragon did their own version of it. It does also put pressure on people who have the inclination to sit on hundreds of very low level characters with super common names. They either invest time in those alts via leveling them or logging into them regularly, or risk losing the names they aren't really (actively) using.
  8. Most normal contacts no longer require an introduction, in that you can just walk up to them and they will give you their missions. This is not exclusively true, but if you're trying to get a specific contact you might try just going to talk to them, assuming you haven't already.
  9. They could give them the ignore stealth flag instead, like Rikti drones have.
  10. Nope. You don't even have access to the newspaper/radio on the opposite side. You DO have the "right" one and can pick up missions from it however.
  11. Yeah if you don't actually set your active mission (making it a red waypoint) that will happen. Zoning tends to clear your set waypoint (any yellow marker).
  12. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Special_Events
  13. It picks a random level of the set's range for each conversion. It's a known issue for certain sets. No idea if\when it will be addressed.
  14. It was essentially a Crey styled VirtueVerse. A wiki of sorts for character concepts from the purview of the totally legit corporation with no ulterior motives whatsoever.
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