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  1. yes you can pop clarion like a breakfree to break mezz, or pop it preemptively to not get mezzed and drop offensive toggles in the first place.
  2. Yeah I put the kb to kd in Repel last night and it sucks, as highlited above, the chance for KD is now minimal although the end cost in a crowd becomes manageable. I will definitely respec out of it once I figure out what I want instead. Probably another Sonic power (Siren's song? It very useful in teams)
  3. I opened some winter packs and hero packs and have a couple of Windfall boosts in my email. They boost drops and inf for an hour. I would like to send them to my farmer on a different account, but it I can't forward the email (forward is not lit up) and it says if I claim it it will go to that character and start the timer.
  4. Clarion Radial also acts as a power boots power and greatly increases secondary effects of some powers. My /time controller can significantly boost tram defense thanks to it
  5. I decided to get it at 44 last night anyway, I can respec out of it. Without a KB-KD it's a load of fun but somewhere between useless and situational. I was annoying myself with how it tossed does, so I'm guessing teammates would not be amused. I do want to try it with a KB-KD in something like an ITF ambush with Conserve power on, but it's probably not sustainable that way either. Maybe with the right Destiny that boosts recovery 600% but I don't like powers that are too situational. I'll likely grab a power from my secondary as I don't know that I want anything else from kin/, unless you guys can think of why I should be excited about Inertial Reduction? Between the prestige powers and jet packs I have never felt the need for an additional superjump-like power I'll likely look at Patron powers as a place to get more us out of my 40s slots.
  6. I do want it to be a spider. Oubliette, some good ideas there, thanks
  7. I'm at lvl40 with this build and getting pretty down on it. Pets are always laughing behind. I didn't realized pets died after 4 minutes, even if they take no damage, and one set recharges at 8:00 minutes base. I feel useless on teams, I'm not taking any damage, but also not dishing anything to a level that matters. Maybe double maneuvers, etc... helps the team, but I don't want my main contribution to have that I showed up. I'll need to take couple days break. Maybe PL to 50 and try the purples and superiors, but I doubt it's going to.ake much difference since it mostly brings me extra recharge.
  8. I made a crab spider, currently with the default armor and backpack, for my Itsy B Spider character. Male model. small (4ft?) and uses the beat run power to look more spider like when moving around. I don;t really like the default armor, too solider, not "insect" like enough, but I have not been able to come up with an alternative. Ideas?
  9. I think this should allow you to save Omega's build for import in Mid's Reborn. I know back in the day my crab had Mako's pool for Bile Sptay or whatver it's called for extra -res, so I will play with that instead. Click this DataLink to open the build!
  10. It would have been nice if you had exported the data blob too, makes it easier to import in Mid's for tweaking. Maybe I'll recreate it and post it.
  11. Oubliette, I don't get it it. The trick to modify files above only affect your own PC, other people will have to do the same on their side to get the same benefit
  12. Happened to us a couple of days ago, I did use the base TP to get to Steel (I was the leader) and a couple other teammates went with me. No idea what door it was. A couple people seemed upset at losing the 6 merits. We looked around after finishing the AV but couldn't find him.
  13. The thread was not as much about being able to use both as the fact the SP doesn't only affect the caster as my teammate was claiming. It's a relatively cheap and fast power to cast so I find myself using it along with FS without worrying too much whether everyone is already at Max boost or not. Teammates don't always seem to realize that by not engaging with the rest of the group they may be missing out, so they may at least get the mini buffs from later SPs.
  14. I don't know, did anyone say they didn't comprehend it?
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