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  1. I did think about Dark, I just have so many of them, same as Time
  2. I'm at 30 with Grav/Traps, I have a good build, I have all IOs (attuned), but it feels like Traps is a solo set. The activation time of most powers is so long the team is 1/2 way through destroying the group, and the acid mortar, etc.. are not mobile. Wormhole synergizes well with bringing a group to your non-movable traps, but it's not very useful in teams, and can annoy teams. Even solo play is kinda slow if you rely on traps. So I thin it doesn't fit my playstyle, I'm more of a Fire/Storm or Plant/Storm kind of guy What synergizes well with Grav but is a more dynamic playstyle? the classic answer is /Time although I have quite a few of /Time characters (I think no Controller yet?) I find that Grav is kinda busy, so /EA is probably not the best choice since it's busy itself /rad and /FF might work thematically, I haven't played /FF since Live and don't remember much?
  3. While I don't understand the math I sorta knew the other non-procs were tuned for the right recharge Is all the proc math based on base rechg, regardless of how much recharge bonus, etc... you have, or does it also need to be adjusted for that? Overall I don't "have to" use attuned enhancements but I take my time levelling and it helps to build set bonuses as I go. This would be a good example not to.
  4. I'm too dumb to even understand what that means, but i've learned to trust RedLynnr when it comes to numbers I'm too dumb to understand I didn't realize that the level of a proc ever mattered in its effectiveness. I have been using solely attuned IOs .🙂
  5. I like that! Does Destiny apply to your minions? I'm guessing so. Rebirth +HP, Barrier and Clarion seem all good choices?
  6. (in Thugs/Time at least) Is slowed response worth 4 shieldbreakers? it's not like you're going after positional power anyway right? so it might be an optional slot to move around (2 if you a willing to give up that little bit of S/L resist from the 3rd shield breaker) Love what you did, here is my take on it, I wanted to be able to stealth so I worked Superspeed in and I wanted combat jump earlier for better battle l positioning. You can get another 7.5% percent recharge from basilisks in Time Stop if you give up the damage proc and a little more A/L res. Maybe it's worth it?
  7. why Curtail Speed in time Crawl? To slot it early? the max level is 30, it you use one of the enhancements that scales to 50% you get another 5% acc/end red if you delay slotting it or respec around 30 (wich I usually do)
  8. So is it true that " S/L defense will cover something like 90% of the enemy attacks in the game"? I though there was a lot more energy/psi/fire once you got in the 40s If an attack has both a lethal and energy component, does defense for S/L protect you from the full attack (both components?) I just may not have been giving S/L defense as much credit as a I should. My Bots/EA is softcapped for Range and Defense instead, so maybe I'm overdoing it?
  9. actually my bad on the Call Thugs IOs, you had another pair of Mark of Supremacy so you had your early 10% rechg and Experdient reinforcements added another 6.25 so you had that early/low examplar recharge
  10. I was going to suggest moving the last slot from Chronoshift to Slower Response with a Shield Breaker proc, but Chronoshift is no longer perma (4s short) unless you use Agility incarnate Maybe not worth the tradeoff
  11. How about moving the 6th slot from Gang War and the one from Kismet into Slowed Response (the other power that requires acc) and slotting some procs: I don;t fully understand proc cahnce to trigger, so maybe there is a reason you don;t want to put them inthat particualr power, but I find that the achille's proc is usually tasty in AoEs EDIT: move the Scaling Resit Damage to Maneuvers in the spot you freed up with Kismet to get it earlier while you're at it
  12. I was going to ask a question along those lines. I know we're already at permahasten but the Command of the Mastermind ATO provides another 10% recharge, and it can be slotted at 10 when levelling up and provides early/low examplar recharge. So this was going to be my suggestion based on your build: and I was going to ask whether I should worry about the acc/dam in Gang War or if I should find a better use for the slot but I honestly haven;t come up with a better use for it I also question the need for Kismet in Maneuvers, the build has already decent to-hit and accuracy, and my understanding is that the bonus does not benefit minions, so why do you need all that accuracy for? Distortion Field and Time's Juncture don;t benefit from Acc as far as I know, so that only leaves Time Crawl since you have no attacks. Does Power Boost still boost Farsight for it whole duration or only for the PB duration? Clarion Radial has a PB-like behavior so it could be used instead of PB. Not sure what's I'd do with freeing slots in 41-50 but it feels like if the build is survivable till lvl41, there might be other choices rather than focus on S/L survivability in the end of the build (not that it hurts any)
  13. you mean move the CTA defense aura to thugs (maybe replace Damage/Endurance since both are well over ED) and put the shield breaker in its place?
  14. caveat: I'm new to MMs, fighting doesn't benefit pets, so I can see taking it if you plan to draw aggro to you, whether with Provoke or some other means. My current Bots/EA has softcapped ranged and AoE, I just got provoke to give it a try for that purpose. EDIT: I meant to add, keeping aggro with provoke is a lot of work! I'm not in love with the practicality of the concept so far,, I do like jumping in and taking alpha for the bots
  15. any build for the lazy? I've spent many many hours working on my Bots/EA build and not quite ready to invest the time in a build from scratch
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