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  1. I never got back to mine, but it's still around, i never deleted it either
  2. Yes that it definitely a nice synergy. Elec Melee always feels a bit slow to develop for me, but I'm enjoying the combo. I think mine is in the mid-teens, i don't tend to slot IOs till the 20s which is when the combo will start picking up speed...
  3. that looks pretty good, the slotting order is not quite what I would usually go for, survivability over damage for sure!
  4. I'm not finding aby threads on this combo, I was thinking about trying it out for a thematic reason (electron cloud concept) Any advice or build?
  5. Lol I like it. There is a side "ear vent" kinda piece that works well for monkey types too, can't remember what it's called and no game access atm.
  6. Looking for a macro that lets me pull out Phantom Army and say something at the same time. OK if I still need to click for hte target to drop PA on help?
  7. As much as I love the concept of an all mental (more than all range) fortunata, I keep coming back to sottocamp's build above
  8. I think IO sets just allow you to do so much more
  9. I often run repell continuously, especially solo. Knockdown only of course, it's not as bad on end as I remembered from Live
  10. < Hmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong, or I don't understand the numbers in Mid's The only click powers that don't require active targeting are Spine Burst and Burn on my build Mids says Burn does 265 damage every 12.77s, Spine Burst does 120 every 7.2s Is the damage reported per target? so Burn would be 5x265 = 1325 every 12.7 or 104/s vs Spine Burst = 10x120/7.2 or 166/s? I'll try spine burts on auto so see how it goes As long as I have 10 targets then maybe it makes sense, and I am at aggro cap most of the time:
  11. >Also, if you're afk, you're not getting value from Burn Can you explain? if you put Burn on auto it is definitely a good contributor to you afk damage. It also is the only power affected by your recharge rate when AFK, and since you can't put Hasten on afk too, you have to rely on recharge bonuses. So I'm guessing I could ATO, WO and Purple my build to eek out some +dmg and decent +rechg. It's likely not worth the investment but an interesting exercise. What I did not think at looking at it whether you are better off putting Build Up or Fire Embrace on au
  12. my cheapie build is different but very similar in numbers 12s Burn
  13. I started running afk AE farming while I play my regular characters on a different computer. I have expensive tastes and altitis both, so the farmer helps me afford fully purpled builds for all my alts. My regular farmer started on a pretty cheap build (no purples, winters or ATOs) and is capped for res and def. Afk is perfectly fine but on the slowish side, I have Burn on auto, about 12s recharge, can't remember is I have price in it to be honest. So, is there a great build for afk and/or follow? My farmer is spine/fire but I don't mind starting a whole new
  14. Also I think the "ally" cop on the map is supposed to help bring enemies to you faster by drawing aggro all over the map. It seems to only work some times, but it helps cleaning rather than wait fo mobs to wander to the center.
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