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  1. If the new release 27 breaks too many characters, I will stop playing the game. I hated having to "redo" characters after an update in Live, I spent enough time figuring out IOs and spending the time on the market to outfit them that I don't think I have the energy to do it again.
  2. A's right DreadShinobi, I saved your build in case I ever do Demon/Kin although I already have a demons MM. I do like how you have to be a tube with the pets and micromanage them on this set. A's mentioned by both of you, Heel for Siphon power, concentrate them on one target for transfusion, etc... This is a hovering character by concept (faery-ish) which helps with survivability and placement. I went from lvl9 to 22 last night, so I guess I like it OK. I haven't started using set IOs yet and I have watch my blue bar, but it's fun so far I will not take Repel I think, my Kin defender has it and loves it, here I'd be messing with the beasts' targets, and early on endurance is an issue. I need to read about Fortify Pack some more and experiment with it, I'm not "getting it" and it doesn't seem to do much, maybe because it's not slotted. As I often do I didn't take a travel power at low level to try as many set powers as possible. I find the swarm of bees disappointing but I may look for opportunities for procs and debuffs. Playing in Mids I was trying to come up with a way to skip the fighting pool but I can't really find it so far.
  3. so I can compare contrast and steal ideas 🙂 I just started the new toon and never payed Beasts before so getting a sense for the set What's good, what's skippable?
  4. I'm not sure it gives up much, the stats on the snipe build looks like they are marginally better, although it doesn't take Titan Sweep, I took Titan Sweep on the way to 22, which is where my character is at today, and I think that extra attack really helps at lower levels/examplar. and before you can slot for bonuses. I wonder if there is a way to get Titan Sweep early in a no-snipe build. With +54% accuracy, is the Kismet +6% toHit worth it?
  5. Still WiP, but I think I will use the moderately huge model, and several of the chest pattern for "tattoos" have potential, but not full yakuza-style Not 100% sold on the gold bracers either.
  6. oh I like that. I'll tweak to suit, but great place to start
  7. Just rolled a TW/Nin Scrapper, so I'll check out those builds and monitor it in case there are more words of wisdom to share.
  8. Looking for ideas for Ronin the Barbarian. He's a katana/nin scrapper but I will be rerolling him as TW/Nin Looking for Conan meets Japan/Samurai costume, but everything I have come up with so far falls a little flat...
  9. I'm also partial to Aelektra's costume. She's a remake of an old toon on Live.
  10. and I found inspiration for Sith Apprentice and Darth Tempest in a galaxy far far away:
  11. Meet my latest villain Master Thief: He's a /Dev blaster so unfortunately Field Operative is on most of the time and hides the costume
  12. Thanks Doom, it matches my experience that melee missed a lot because of the S/L defense. Io can see how hover might make that less necessary, and I looks like AoE has a lot less S/L. In my build Tough is a mule mostly, because even with it S/L resist is still low, so I guess I'm OK with relying mostly on defense.
  13. Because I'm not always good at avoiding melee I do think that the s&l defense helps, they seem to miss a lot (it does hurt when they hit though). As usual mezz prrotection is our Achilles' heel, specially when it comes with AoE, so I will likely take Clarion. I think my Archery/TA is still my favorite blaster but we'll see when this one gets to 50.
  14. I am on a trip and no access to mind's so I can't really comment without looking at the stats from the set bonuses. For comparison there are a few builds posted here:
  15. That was my assumption also. And a lot of melee has an S/L component also so I figured it helped my non-hovering character. AoE not so much, can't have it all 🙂 im at lvl32 with my build and so far not endurance problems whatsoever, so I think my build is likely overkill in that regard but we'll see as I like on the +Rchg. I'm having a ton of fun playing this guy.
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