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  1. Great analysis. I'd say if OP were looking to hit a high damage cap, something like a fire/kin corruptor would the the right choice. Though I wonder if something like a sonic/kin would be even better, since it combines -res with +damage.
  2. Solo, a defender gets a 30% damage buff so its base damage is actually closer to 0.85.
  3. Consider Pain domination as a defender primary, and pair it with Sonic secondary. If you truly want to play solo and never ever team up, there are only a few powers in Pain dom you need to take: Nullify Pain, Soothing Aura, World of Pain, and Anguishing cry. You get two self-heals, and nice self resist/damage/to-hit buff. Plus, Anguishing Cry synergizes well /sonic's resist debuf. In the late game, you open up with anguishing cry -> nuke. Sonic's nuke puts you in melee range anyway. Super Speed + Stealth can get you into the middle of the mob before they even know what hit them. And since you're taking so few primary powers, it frees you up to taking all sorts of secondary powers sooner. Of course, this concept would also work with a sonic/pain corruptor.
  4. I've run a Arch blaster up to 50 and now I'm leveling an nrg/ up to 50, and the differences in their nuke couldn't be more stark. Back on live, Rain of Arrows had a longer cast time, but no crash, which was thought to balance it considering other nukes crashed. Now that no nukes crash, Rain of Arrows' long cast time needs to be shortened...a lot, to bring it in line with the other nuke powers that don't crash.
  5. I'd reslot meltdown to just have two rech-redux 50+5s. The extra resist is over kill. Stock will give you a 25% boost, which will probably put you at the resist cap anyway, so any extra resist will just be a waste. I use meltdown just as a damage booster
  6. I played CO at launch, and tried it out a few times over the years, but really gave it another good try after CoX died. I have strong opinions about CO. At its core its a terrible game, and here's why: 1) Stories are utter garbage. It like the head writer was trying to write for a super hero parady game. Everytime you tried to accomplish anything, it constantly reminded you what a big joke this whole thing was. 2) Reward system encouraged inter-player strife. I'm not a fan of the need or greed system, nor am I a fan of "rare bosses" that spawn to drop some retarded loot, as it only encourages players to engage in negative confrontational behavior with each other. 3) Builds were all about tank/DPS/heal. Crowd Control and other exotic defense mechanisms were non-existent. 4) Open build system encouraged Franken Builds, which in a way are not unlike what we have with Sentinels in this game. It'd be like if 90% of the player base on homecoming ran around as Sentinels. Thankfully, that is not the case in homecoming. 5) The stat system was weird and obtuse, and basically rubbed in your face that this was a tank/dps/heal game. 6) It was like someone said to themselves "You know what would be cool? What if we made a super hero WoW clone?" This isn't knock on WoW. I personally don't like WoW, but I respect that other people do like it. I don't see how anyone can make game that out-WoWs WoW, and history has proven out that no one can out-WoW WoW. Take a watered-down WoW and put a super hero skin on it, which is essentially what CO is and....no one cares! 7) Bugged Alerts. To me the final straw, after giving CO another try, was getting into an Alert (which others whom I assume were also CoH refugees) and the mission was bugged! The mission we were on was broken, we tried all sorts of things to get around the bug, but we coudn't, so we had to abandon the Alert. That was the final straw for me and CO.
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