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  1. Generally shifting the base portal around, sometimes slightly above the floor, and making sure that it's away from any walls will help unstick your characters upon entry. Hope this helps!
  2. Per one of our pinned posts, you need Microsoft's Visual C++ 2015 Runtime to get the game running. You can install said runtime using this link.
  3. I believe this falls under similar issues as some other costume parts, though in the meantime there is a workaround: locking the colour theme across all different pieces, and then unlocking it to alter the others.
  4. There's a few costume pieces like that. Generally the workaround for them is to enable linked costume colours, which should allow such colours to be set indirectly in the meantime. Hope this helps!
  5. Good news regarding this in the latest beta patch notes:
  6. Welcome! And from our FAQ:
  7. Salvage is seeded like so: 10,000 for Common salvage 100,000 for Uncommon salvage 1,000,000 for Rare salvage 50,000 for Brainstorm Idea Hence the large amount of salvage on sale in the first place.
  8. Sorcery = Magic Origin Experimentation = Science Origin Force of Will = Mutation Origin Gadgetry = Technology Origin Utility Belt = Natural Origin
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