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  1. Alright, final set of testing for the DP/Ene/Psi, for real this time. Switched to Degen Core at some point, haven't noticed any difference really vs Radial. Respecced back into Dual Wield, but kept Suppressive and Assault, no Ageless and Hybrid not toggled: 273 277 (Sustain is much better) Just for kicks, without using Enflame: 281 274 Other kicks, Hybrid and Ageless on: 329 Then, on a whim, replaced Suppressive with Piercing Rounds (so essentially my original build but plus Assault), and changed the chain to using Piercing Rounds instead of Dual Wield except when Opportunity was up (no Ageless/Hybrid again): 299 290 281 313 So that's the best so far... Could be the resistance debuff from Piercing Rounds proc. Could also be the fact I moved Decimation back to Dominate instead of in Suppressive, though I had it in their originally when I was using Dual Wield instead of Piercing.
  2. I respecced out of Dual Wield and Piercing Rounds and into Pistols and Suppressive Fire, and added Assault. The sustain definitely feels worse by a lot. I got two runs without Ageless, but I was close to bottom on endurance. w/o Ageless: 270 300 w/ Ageless: 309 281 270 Hitting right around the 300 mark with DP feels pretty good though. However, I think I'll stick with the first version of the build on live.
  3. Thanks, the version of mids I have is showing any recharge as reducing the damage of the procs, so I wasn't sure about Ageless. I don't actually need it, though it would be nice to ensure things are recharged instead of having a couple lags due to FF proc not firing. I actually haven't slotted end redux except a little by chance in Executioner's Shot. Between the end discount of Energize and the Defensive Opportunity i haven't needed it. I knew this would hinge on Mind Probe and Dominate, so I needed two attacks to go with that and chose Executioner and Dual Wield over Suppressive Fire for the FF procs in both, Achilles in Executioner and Opportunity from Dual Wield. If I had room for one more procced out power, I could rotate Suppressive in and only use Dual Wield for triggering Opportunity, which would squeeze just a bit more damage out at the expense of some FF firings. I might swap out an AoE for Suppressive on test and try it, but on live I think I'd prefer to have the AoEs.
  4. So I wanted to see what all the commotion was about with the PPM stuff and decided to make a DP/Ene proc sentinel on test. (All T4) Alpha: Musculature core Interface: Degen radial Hybrid: Assault core (not toggled) Judgement: Pyronic core (no Destiny or Lore, wasn't sure if Ageless would mess up the PPM stuff like Spiritual does, so just didn't use anything) DPS: 263/282/266 I also had a couple runs where I royally screwed stuff up and got around 240 dps. This is my first sentinel, and my first dual pistols... and my first /energy aura. I was hoping it would get a little closer to 300 dps, but I'm comfortable with what I got. I've got a full ranged attack chain with that and softcapped defenses with some resists and, of course, Energize. Attack "chain" isn't really a chain because it depends on what's recharged, which depends on if force feedback has been firing or not, but goes in priority order like so: Enflame>Dominate>Mind Probe>Executioner's Shot>Dual Wield. If magically none of those was recharged and I didn't need to use Energize or something I would toss in Piercing Rounds, but I only did that on one run. Might do some more tests with Piercing Rounds instead of Dual Pistols (until opportunity lights up).
  5. Go find null the full in pocket D and ask it to turn that off. It's a seagull sitting on a truck near the villain entrance.
  6. Microcosm

    Dual Blades

    Dual blades is actually pretty strong dps. In terms of stalker or scrapper or brute, stalker will do better single target damage because of AS, and the other two better AoE. Between scrapper and brute, the scrapper is much better because of the constant +damage of blinding feint is more impactful on scrappers. For your other questions, it depends very much on what you want to invest. If you want to go super route, you'll need Sr or Elec for the +rech, and elec will be the stronger if you can softcap s/l as well. If you want to go lower investment, Sr is still good as are pretty much most of the sets you listed. I might skip dark just because of how end heavy it is. What combos to take is up to you, but at the very highest end you don't use the combos for single target damage, so keep that in mind.
  7. Warshade. Different but also super powerful with investment. Otherwise, ya, I have to find specific combos that work really well in other ATs. Or, if you want a very different change of pace such that you won't compare it to your PB, try a MM.
  8. Honestly I rather like it. You can take sets that are easier to level but don't have as high a top end (example /nin, which is one of my favorites), or you can push through with a set like electric and get finally rewarded with a super durable set that also increases your damage output via its aura and +rech.
  9. What Hopeling said. It's a very good set once you invest in it (imo one of the top), but the trade-off is it can be hard to level.
  10. I have it slotted in Sky Splitter, which I very rarely use because it's animation is long and the best chain for staff doesn't include SS. I also almost never see this proc fire, so I've been reading this thread thinking "what the heck!?" I think you are on to something; using the attack it's slotted in may allow other attacks to proc it for a time.
  11. "Trained Boxing" just means you already have Boxing from the pool. Having it increases the damage, and so does having Kick. To find out what the damage actually does, honestly I'd recommend making a character with your given class quickly on the Test server and trying it out. Nothing in the in-game info says the actual damage because of its special synergy so it's hard to tell. It probably isn't worthwhile on a Scrapper that already has good attacks, but who knows. Edit: In terms of "vs Shadow Maul", I highly doubt Cross Punch can crit, so you might want to check that as well...
  12. Not sure why you would have more enemies than normal, but you can lower your difficulty settings to -1 if you want. You're going to like having more enemies than normal when you get Bright Nova because you'll be able to AoE them from relative safety in the air and gain more xp for your time. So just make sure you pick up Nova, at least while leveling.
  13. So I did a bunch of testing with my general pve builds for DB/Elec and DB/Rad Scrappers on test server. I have a very slight gap in my chain because I originally thought I would use Agility for the +def and +end mod (on the elec at least), but I switched to Musc for this test and haven't tried to make up the recharge elsewhere yet. So T4 Musc Core, T4 Ageless Core, T4 Assault Core (just passive, not toggled), T4 Degen Radial and they both averaged out about 350 dps without Assault (don't want to try to figure that out in the build atm). I think the /Rad could pull very slightly ahead of that if I changed a couple things. That's not too different from my DB/Elec on live. I had a suspicion that /Rad would creep ahead of /Elec because of Meltdown and Radiation Therapy, but it seems the damage aura in /Elec just almost makes up for it. What's great is these combos do excellent AoE and are both suuuper survivable. I think I'll stick with the /Elec on live server and switch to Musc Radial to boost Power Sink.
  14. Just FYI if it helps, you can change your status in mids/pines to "attacked" which will remove the extra defense from hidden status without removing the base defense. I like the idea of what you've done here 🙂
  15. Nice going! I haven't gotten all the way through it yet, but one small correction to make on Inner Light: it's 100.8% damage for ten seconds, then the next 20 seconds are 28.8%. So you get a big damage spike for 10 seconds and a lingering damage buff for 20 more. The tohit also works this way.
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