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  1. I read somewhere in the beta board that they were actually going to undo that and just hadn't ever gotten around to it yet... which makes sense as having multiple options is probably more of a pain in code maintenance.
  2. Used a spine/elec stalker on test for a while, works really well. As a scrapper your single target will probably be painful, but you'll get two damage auras so there's that. With elec I recommend getting to s/l softcap and then proccing out the attacks with what you would have spent on end redux, as you don't need to slot for it at all with Energize + Power Sink.
  3. I recently pylon tested a bunch of proc stalker builds for sets that have more than one aoe (I won't play one with a single or no aoe...). Spines surprised me by coming in at around number 4. This is while being probably one of the top two aoe stalkers. I have since made one on live.
  4. Yep, icy bastion for sure. Almost all the crashing t9s are a guaranteed skip for me, except for electric armor's. Electric's gives the only toxic resistance in the otherwise-covered set. It also emits a mag two hold when it falls, which can be added to with the lockdown proc thanks to ppm changes for a mag four. This means it can hold bosses when it crashes, giving you a little time to do something other than die 🙂
  5. It was done this way because when ice was given to stalkers they already had hibernate available in the Leviathan patron pool. Which is fantastic, because now you can have both plus the goodness that is waterspout 🙂
  6. Oh, lol, forgot completely about taunt... Shows how useful it is I guess.
  7. I mean, it's a bit much as it is, regardless of AS. You'd have to lose one more power though to placate, so you'd probably lose Titan sweep for that and either rend armor or follow through for the AS. Those are the main two single target powers helping Tw, so losing one for AS might mean less improvement than for some other sets.
  8. Stalker Spine/Elec procced w/Waterspout and same incarnates. Probably the last stalker I will test as I don't care for the sets with just one AoE in them. (AS Impale BarbSwipe Ripper) 2:38 370 2:32 380 (here changed attack chain to just AS Implale Ripper w Barb swipe when something wasn't recharged) 2:17 408 2:22 398 2:09 425 2:11 421 2:22 398 Very surprised by that.. It's actually a really good showing, and is top 2 or 3 for AoE as well as having two ranged attacks. So if I rank the ones I've done by their average dps (accounting for only the times where I had the attack chain hammered out) we get: DB at 491 Stj at 460 BS at 434 Spine at 410 Ice(Fire) at 409 Ice(Ice) at 400 Ele at 382 Staff at 374 With the caveat that the two Ice sets are not apples-to-apples since they don't have the same secondary as the others. The staff average seems low; I feel like I was doing something wrong there.
  9. For AoE damage, a triform is better because of double mire rolling into Nova. This gap is not as significant as it used to be though thanks to changes to the nuke. For single target damage, a human only is better, unless that single target is surrounded by mobs that will survive for a while, in which case the double mire is again key. For keeping pets alive, human is better if you rely on inky and gravitic together, but in the most difficult content they are going to die no matter what you do. For survival, human can be better for maybe .1% of the game where there would be a difference.
  10. Sorry, 4 posts in a row, but I'm having fun. Redid my DB/Elec scrapper (somewhere earlier in the thread was 350 dps) with the same incarnate setup as the stalkers above, procced out. 2:30 383 2:38 370 2:10 423 2:28 387 2:08 427 2:19 404 That's a sizable but not enormous damage increase over the old school "chase the recharge" db build. Chain is Nimble > Ablating > Sweeping (Empower) > Ablating > Power Slice.
  11. Stalker Staff/Elec, procced w/Waterspout and same incarnates 2:33 378 2:31 382 2:40 367 2:46 359 2:30 383 Stalk Stj/Elec procced w/Waterspout and same incarnates 1:54 464 2:01 445 1:57 456 2:14 414 1:52 470 1:38 519 1:58 453 Seems like Stj and DB are neck and neck when using a proc build, maybe with a slight nod to DB.
  12. One more, Stalker DB/Elec procced instead of chasing combos or recharge, same incarnates as above, w/Waterspout 2:12 418 2:25 392 2:06 432 2:29 (tons of kb) 385 1:42 504 (from this point on, changed approach which made it more efficient) 1:59 450 1:35 531 1:57 456 1:39 515 I am now also convinced the build up proc is completely broken. First, you have to use the power it's slotted in once in the zone (or per login, not sure) before it will start triggering, but after that it will continue to trigger without needing any refreshes. Second, it fires at a ridiculously good rate for db, and almost never for ice or electric. I got I think a max of four firings per run on the ice melee characters, and way more than that consistently on the db character. At a couple points on the db it fired every time I went through my attack chain. Now, db attacks execute faster than ice and electric attacks, and that could account for some of it if the thing is a percent chance per attack like it states, but even then it seems off.
  13. Stalker BS/Elec, T4 Musc/Ageless/Degen/Pyronic/Assault (not toggled); w/Moonbeam 2:08 427 1:52 470 2:08 427 2:15 412 Stalker Ice/Fire, same incarnates; w/Waterspout 2:18 406 2:16 410 2:15 412 Stalker Elec/Elec, same incarnates; w/Waterspout 2:22 394 2:38 370 Might need to try the Elec/Elec with Moonbeam instead of Waterspout; not happy with that dps. The Ice/Fire is not as sturdy as the Ice/Ice from before, but it's sturdy enough to take on a group of 54 Rikti while a pylon attacked me. The dps increase from adding burn is pretty small though, so I'm not sure it's worth it.
  14. Tanks and brutes have a 90% resist caps, not 75%. They also have higher hp and Max hp (tanks the most), which also means regen gives more hp back for the same percentage. And, in the case of tanks, their protection is in the primary set instead of secondary. This means the base numbers on those powers are slightly higher. Scrapper v stalker damage, stalkers outstrip scrappers in single target except in cases where power sets aren't available to stalkers (Titan weapons), or powers in the sets that help with dps may have been replace to add stalker specific powers or make them not hurt hide. For example, you won't find a damage aura in stalker secondaries. For AoE, there's usually an aoe attack missing from the set to make room for assassin's strike and placate on stalkers. This is not true on every set, such as elec melee.
  15. Testing an Ice/Ice stalker mentioned above. Slowest time of 2:30, fastest of 2:11. Generally about 2:20. So that's averaging around 400 dps. This doesn't lend itself to procs all that well, as I can't leverage force feedback +rech, multiple -res procs or decimation build up outside of patron powers. I've procced out Freezing Touch and Frost, but that's it. That dps seems really good to me, given the low proc opportunity and no offensive boost from the secondary. But it also has solid AoE, the layered survival of Ice Armor (my favorite armor), Ice Patch, and could get by without Ageless thanks to Energy Absorption. I'm really like this combo. I'm tempted to try an Ice/Fire stalker, to try combining Ice Patch with Burn, but it might be too squishy against things with knock protection.
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