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  1. Well no, I think you’ve missed my point too. First of all, I love Sentinels and have very little love for Melee-based ATs. I have a fire/fire/fire sentinel myself, and I built it like you have. Get in the melee, inferno, burn, fire sword circle, fireball. It’s a fun AoE toon. But it’s not really doing much a fire scrapper or brute isn’t doing there and doing better. I’d never discourage anyone from Sents. Love them more than any other AT, so go for it. For me though, while fiery aura helps damage, it doesn’t make a Sent into a damage build, because it’s not a damage AT.
  2. But then the age-old question: If you’re happy to spend most of your time in melee in search of damage, why not just role a fire scrapper or brute?
  3. I meant the lack of atmosphere in a team compared to live was a Discord thing. SG teams a little different as most people know each other, but in general teaming there is very little (typing) talking compared to Live. Think that’s a shame really.
  4. It’s quite hard to advise really, as an ‘oddball’ build is, by design, a little misshapen. NRG/Dark: I’d say both are mid-range power sets individually and probably don’t have any special synergy. NRG blast I actually really like, although there is a ‘knockback tax’ if you want knockdown too. Also very little real proc potential with NRG blast. Dark Armour is largely your standard resist set. It’s good at it, might draw you into melee more than other sets. If that’s not your playstyle, it’s worth considering. Nothing to fear in melee as a Sentinel though. Dark/NRG
  5. This, for me, is a big problem. It wasn’t like it on Live and I wonder if it’s more a Discord thing, if people are now just used to talking their way through games on a headset. I remember using Team Speak back in the day, but typing was the rule, now it’s the exception. I find it really frustrating as Discord is hard for me. I have a stutter and play through the night mostly, when others in my house are asleep, and I don’t want to wake them up talking. I don’t mind leading at all btw. Actually quite enjoy it. But, as you say, trying to build a ‘team’ in terms of
  6. It can be hard to play Sentinels after blasters, admittedly, as the damage struggles to compare. They generally solo great though, so I’d not discourage you from the AT itself. I’ve quite recently solo’d a fire/invul all the way to 50, starting in Preatoria, and he was soloing x4s by the late-20s. AR just doesn’t showcase the AT well at all though 😞
  7. I love Praetoria arcs, so I’d slog it too. Mind, double xp boosters definitely take the edge off the slog in general these days. Also think that an AR Sentinel will be a slog no matter what you do!
  8. NRG definitely doesn’t have the soft control that Elec does. Elec is really nicely balanced, one of the best balanced blaster secondaries out there I think. That said, bonfire from Fire Mastery with the Sudden Acceleration KB2KD can probably provide the soft control that’s needed, and it’s decent damage too on top. Both are great choices, as is temporal. Temporal is the safest set I think among the three with good mitigation tools, Elec the balanced option, and NRG probably the ‘f**k it!’ extreme option. There probably isn’t a ‘best’, just a best for whichever player is using it.
  9. Yeah I definitely get what you mean, but I suppose I just see soft control across every single powerset in the game. It’s sort of a constant in CoH, so hard to really take into account when analysing what makes an AT unique. My way of thinking is that, for example, tanks are armour set and melee damage set, trollers are a control set and a support set, defenders support and ranged damage, etc. But blasters are ranged damage and melee damage. It’s all just semantics at the end of the day though, isn’t it?
  10. NRG is just an, in my opinion, unrivalled box of tricks from a self-buffing point of view. Energize is the best sustain power for me. Boosts Regen a lot, gives a self heal, and huge end redux. You have the usual damage buff, and boost range too. So you combine that with the incredible damage of fire, and it’s just a Rolls Royce of a build. Great in teams and eats through everything, including AVs, solo.
  11. I would describe Blasters as Pure Damage. They’re literally given nothing else and in that sense the AT is wholly unique.
  12. When it comes to rage I’ve never really been bothered by the -Def or -End. However, the -Dam winds me right up! That’s the element of Rage I’d love to see changed. You’re meant to have super strength but for ten seconds every minute you can’t even bruise a minion? Come on... that’s not really on theme.
  13. Fire/Temp is a fine choice. I’ve probably got a build somewhere but almost all blasters generally benefit from Recharge and Ranged Defence. Know plenty go for Scorpion Shield too for S/L/E defence, but I find a resist shield + ranged serves you better. Can also recommend Fire/Elec, but for me Fire/NRG outshines everything.
  14. Sentinel worth a mention as their version of screech is a high damage attack AND stun as opposed to just the latter. -Res from Sonic blasts also stack on -res from opportunity.
  15. I’m happy to lead, particularly when playing my tank, because think tanks tend to ‘lead’ a team in gameplay regardless. I just send out a message on LFG: “Just about to do some radios missions. Anyone at a loose end is welcome to join me. All welcome” That kind of thing. People always join then I just ask anyone if there is any content they want to specifically do, and tend to go from there. Only thing that gets a little annoying is all the typing. Not during gameplay itself but filling again when people leave. That can get frustrating, but obviously if you do TFs
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