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  1. NRG definitely doesn’t have the soft control that Elec does. Elec is really nicely balanced, one of the best balanced blaster secondaries out there I think. That said, bonfire from Fire Mastery with the Sudden Acceleration KB2KD can probably provide the soft control that’s needed, and it’s decent damage too on top. Both are great choices, as is temporal. Temporal is the safest set I think among the three with good mitigation tools, Elec the balanced option, and NRG probably the ‘f**k it!’ extreme option. There probably isn’t a ‘best’, just a best for whichever player is using it.
  2. Yeah I definitely get what you mean, but I suppose I just see soft control across every single powerset in the game. It’s sort of a constant in CoH, so hard to really take into account when analysing what makes an AT unique. My way of thinking is that, for example, tanks are armour set and melee damage set, trollers are a control set and a support set, defenders support and ranged damage, etc. But blasters are ranged damage and melee damage. It’s all just semantics at the end of the day though, isn’t it?
  3. NRG is just an, in my opinion, unrivalled box of tricks from a self-buffing point of view. Energize is the best sustain power for me. Boosts Regen a lot, gives a self heal, and huge end redux. You have the usual damage buff, and boost range too. So you combine that with the incredible damage of fire, and it’s just a Rolls Royce of a build. Great in teams and eats through everything, including AVs, solo.
  4. I would describe Blasters as Pure Damage. They’re literally given nothing else and in that sense the AT is wholly unique.
  5. When it comes to rage I’ve never really been bothered by the -Def or -End. However, the -Dam winds me right up! That’s the element of Rage I’d love to see changed. You’re meant to have super strength but for ten seconds every minute you can’t even bruise a minion? Come on... that’s not really on theme.
  6. Fire/Temp is a fine choice. I’ve probably got a build somewhere but almost all blasters generally benefit from Recharge and Ranged Defence. Know plenty go for Scorpion Shield too for S/L/E defence, but I find a resist shield + ranged serves you better. Can also recommend Fire/Elec, but for me Fire/NRG outshines everything.
  7. Sentinel worth a mention as their version of screech is a high damage attack AND stun as opposed to just the latter. -Res from Sonic blasts also stack on -res from opportunity.
  8. I’m happy to lead, particularly when playing my tank, because think tanks tend to ‘lead’ a team in gameplay regardless. I just send out a message on LFG: “Just about to do some radios missions. Anyone at a loose end is welcome to join me. All welcome” That kind of thing. People always join then I just ask anyone if there is any content they want to specifically do, and tend to go from there. Only thing that gets a little annoying is all the typing. Not during gameplay itself but filling again when people leave. That can get frustrating, but obviously if you do TFs
  9. Brutes are just more selfish Tanks who trade responsibility for carnage. Some like the responsibility, some like the carnage, so all is good surely? I play Blasters, Corruptors, and Defenders, primarily as I like range. Only thing I’d say from a squishy(er) player’s point of view is that whichever one you choose - Brute or Tank - please do it well. I want a tank to take responsibility and taunt (with actual taunt, not an aura) and not run off and try to bring carnage, and I want Brutes to bring the carnage and not try to be a responsible tank and lead us (tauntless) into si
  10. In end-game, though, say you have a high recharge perma-hasten build as many, or even most, blasters do now, your big ranged attacks work just as well in melee as they do from range. My Fire/NRG for example has Blaze or Blazing bolt, or both, up every 4 seconds, so never far away from firing off a big attack. That said, I do also have Smashing Haymaker in the build because, you know, sometimes it’s just nice to punch something in the face 😂
  11. I have a Sonic/Regen Sentinel that has solo’d AVs (not all of them, but some) so certainly wouldn’t say Sonic Blast was a moot set. It’s not the best, obviously, but it can work.
  12. This post reminded me of my first ever day on CoH. I was off work ill so thought I’d give it a go. Must have been around 2007. Made myself a fire/fire blaster and off I went. Solo’d for a few levels at first as I didn’t have the confidence to interact with other humans yet given I was an MMO virgin. Before long, I found myself in The Hollows and got invited to a team. It was the Atta mission. Now, up until then I’d been on my own, so never confronted by more than three foes at a time. Suddenly I was looking at a sea of trolls and - you guessed it - in I went lobbing firebal
  13. This is true, of course, but you have to at least have a go, right? Think in general the solo element here is a tough one to reconcile, as MMOs are not designed to be played alone.
  14. Think what you are fighting when solo makes a big difference too. When soloing an AV, for example, you will likely strip them of half their attacks or more if you stay at range. Even with my most robust blasters, there have been times I have tried to go toe-to-toe with an AV and taken too big a hit in melee to last the fight. For me, melee attacks on blasters are very situational. Great, but situational.
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