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  1. True, however the population is smaller on TSpy and I prefer teaming over soloing. When I do play on TSpy, I haven't been able to find a team. I'm happy with what HC has given us. I was only asking to see if there were any plans for these powersets. Thank you
  2. I've played a little on the cogx server, mainly to try powersets that HC does not have. I'm probably beating a dead horse but, is there any chance we will be seeing Wind Control for Doms and Trollers and/or Holy Light for Defenders? I liked both powersets on the cogx server but most of my friends are on HC. Thanks in advance for reading, Tech
  3. I would love to see an evolutionary MM where each Tier of pet was from a different era: Protoplasm Pets (all melee but one causes -Def, one -Res, one -Dam), Caveman (Scrapper) and Futuristic Man (Blaster or Troller with leadership) Also Staff Assault for Doms, Water Control, Whips, Wind Control. It would be nice to see Khallisti Warf finished, which could take care of adding new content. If the game went sub or microtrans, make it affordable.
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