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  1. SO...... just to throw something out there.. Turns out that the individual shards can potentially set different chat distances ..... so .. in theory.. we could have the local distance changed on just Everlasting.... That could potentially be a cool option to address this issue.
  2. Thank you all for your opinions on the subject. To address some of the points made: I was informed by a developer that in their view adding a new channel with a short range would be the preferable option over altering local chat. Hence that being the suggestion put forth. Personally I would prefer it if local was 50 ft game wide like it is in pocket D currently.. *Points to their pictures above* the 100 ft distance is a range at which I would just type into broadcast or send a tell if I were trying to get someone's attention who was that far away. .. 50 is more of a "Hey over there!
  3. <saving a post spot here incase I need to add something for w/e reason>
  4. Hello everyone and thank you ahead of time to anyone taking the time to read this idea or share their thoughts on the subject. I'll just get right to it: Local chat is kind of a pita for RP..... it's often joked about as being "yelling distance" and not really "local distance" due to the fact the radius is 100 in game feet. For anyone not familiar with this I've posted photo's for reference below. Basically what I would like to suggest is adding another chat channel to the game so that it is possible to have a conversation without feeling like you're screaming across a room when you speak
  5. So.., I can't help but notice a lot of the ppl that complained about the appearance of "too much stuff on their screens" and then posted screen shots clearly had their particle physics way up there as well as several other graphic settings.. There's something to be said for doing what is readily available on player side to adjust settings to meet your needs. I often play with very adjusted performance-ish lvl graphics b/c the overt activity on screen can be a bit of a sensory overload issue for me when leading raids or itrails etc.... almost always play with no volume b/c of this as well..
  6. For regular content just poping the ones that drop as you kill things is typically more than enough to make a giant impact on the survivability of a character... So in effect what i've done is focused on things that can't be easily attained otherwise.. like hit points and dmg for example.... and taken care of defense stats elsewhere sense staying alive is overtly simplistic... This allows me to do more dmg b/c i can focus my power's slotting on an optimal damage dealing rotation. I want to be clear that this is just one way to build... it's not for everyone as it's more click intensive and
  7. That seems accurate, outside of pvp and speed runs most people tend to avoid going all out on dmg proc'n in favor of getting as many set bonuses as is possible from what observed.
  8. Sure thing. Happy to demonstrate. For the record, a character that is optimized for team play doesn't inherently need "looked after" If someone knows how to use WASD & F1-F5 that alone will be enough to mitigate 90% of the dmg in pve. Self soft caping is a crutch which people have become entirely to dependent on imho.
  9. Really amusing to see ppl claim doing less dmg than is possible is optimal. Y'all should check out dictionary.com sometime. If ppl don't see the error in the logic then i suppose there's no point in me discussing it further.
  10. Even being generous about the situation self def cap isn't optimal unless the player is working under several self imposed constraints. external buffs exist.. if someone chooses to not use them that's obviously within their rights to do, but it doesn't make their build more better and there for isn't optimal going by the numbers.
  11. you're using a different definition than the dictionary uses for optimal if you think there's multiple optimal ways to do something. I'm sorry if your upset to learn your def cap builds aren't optimal but that's math, not an opinion. And again please stop making assertions about me or speaking to me in gendered terms... i didn't tell anyone what they should do, only pointed out the facts about the math, there's no need to be rude.
  12. I feel like you don't know what the word optimal means asking me something obvious like weather or not i think fire fire is the optimal blaster.. or are just being a troll at this point....two things can't be optimal.. so if one is.. the other isn't. Self soft capped builds aren't optimal for game play in general unless you plan to play under a lot of self imposed constraints like not using insperations or external buffs.. and even then it's not always the optimal thing to do. I was talking about speed runs b/c it is a clear example of being able to define what is and isn't optimal in
  13. Again, that's objectively not correct. Optimal team builds won't be self soft capped. If you wanna say they work just fine sure... and it is quite clearly a popular way to build... but they're not optimal, and there fore ARE sub optimal.. something being a popular idea does not make it the correct thing to do mathematically.
  14. My point is that people should be realistic about math. Being over the soft cap is superfluous for a squishy AT, and that's what's gonna end up happening in a team setting if there's any buffs at all being applied to an already softcap'd build. I don't personally have any strong feelings one way or the other about other people choosing to make sub optimal builds.
  15. Depends on the constraints of the competitions. If going for the world record for a specific TF for example you would build the optimized team for that specific TF.. as an example the record holding team before the record reset for ITF ran 7 fire/fire blasters and 1 kin.... Due to the large number of "trash mobs" that need to be cleared out the -res and buffs from a fire/cold corr would be less valuable than the added dmg of an additional blaster..... The team that had the record for MLTF on the other hand ran 6 fire/fire's and a fire/sonic & fire/cold corrs... that TF has more big A
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