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  1. Thanks so much for organizing these fun events Peanut!! Looking forward to the next one!
  2. Thank you so much for the help with this.... after reading the other thread you posted I realize I had completely forgotten about the way/fact debuffs effect threat calculations and think this is a big factor in my confusion... personally I am not a fan of the added 10% bc now tanks are definitely Supreme overlords of who gets what agro when... but that is definitely a biased opinion from someone who favors brutes.... and I guess tanks deserve a little something. looks like I’m making a new tank for when I really want that agro... thanks again for all the info.
  3. So admittedly I’m not 1000% certain on this, but I’m fairly sure that when they first allowed side swapping.... and as long as I can remember on live...you could hold the agro of say an AV that was being attacked by a tank and a brute on the brute if the brute used taunt and the tank did not.(even with toggles and punchvoke triggers) Am I just remembering this completely wrong? I get that if they are taunting AND attacking then there’s just no hope of changing the agro, but I was really convinced that if a tank was just attacking without taunting then a taunting and attacking brute should pull agro.(by the old #s)
  4. I want to be able to take agro while tank has toggle on and is attacking/triggering punchvoke... if they have just toggle on there seems to be no issue taking agro from them, but attacking plus toggle from a tank is currently preventing me from being able to strip agro as a brute ... from the testing I’ve done thus far that is.
  5. I would really appreciate any specifics you can give on the math behind how this works... my goal is to be able to hold agro when desired.... like if the tank wants me to hold agro b/c my brute is handling the damage better or whathave you.... I understand tanks are going to have a higher ceiling on how much threat they can generate, but if there’s something I can do to make it where I can agro strip a tank who is not taunting but still attacking that would be wonderful to know about as that is my goal... gl with the meeting, reply of course at your convince.... and tyvm for the help.
  6. Sooo This is a thing were no one really knows exactly how it works? Would it just be easier to set up a brute and a tank on the test server and trial and error test sense there’s apparently no way to just do the math not knowing the full formula?
  7. Do you (or anyone else reading for that matter ) know where I could look up the exact math ? That would really help me. I am hoping there is a way set up my SS/regen to be able to agro strip when both I and the tank I’m attempting to strip want that to happen...I was unable to do this in game earlier and if there’s a way to affect the mag of my taunt on my brute or something that would be good to know about... at this point I’m very confused... if I need to reroll as a tank that’s a totally doable thing for me I just don’t want to start farming until I have these agro specifics figured out. This was this morning at 1-5 am est.
  8. Starting to think I don’t have a proper understanding of taunt mag..is there a place the numbers for magnitude of taunt are layed out at? and just to be clear: it is NOT intentional that tank punchvoke hold agro over brute taunt+punchvoke? Because thats the problem I experienced that I thought was a bug... with the tank NOT taunting I still couldn’t agro strip on my SS/regen brute. If this is unintentional I’ll definitely experiment and try to get specifics to report. ps thank you for the replies... I know this isn’t an important issue to most people, but it means a lot to me that I have a working understanding of how agro (particularly agro striping) works.
  9. I completely agree as a 50 brute I shouldn’t have trouble holding agro over a lowbie tank... yet that is exactly what’s happening, even with me over using taunt to test it out after realizing there was a difference. your opinion about my preference being ridiculous is noted, however as the person who would be playing, my preference to be able to hold agro is /really/ important to me ...so much so that I’m definitely going to reroll my main as a tank even though I have a full purpled out all T4 lvl 50 brute version of that character already.... so I want to make sure I understand the intentions of these changes as that’s going to be a lot of work to re-grind to vet 50.
  10. Clearly YOU have never needed to pull agro off a tank as a brute, but for ME it’s a pretty regular occurrence that I’m teamed with a tank(AT) that needs someone else to manage agro for them because they’re still leveling or learning. And is there a /reason/ you are saying tanks should be able to out agro brutes? Because it never was that way before and it was working just fine when both ATs were teamed together. I keep hearing people say it /should/ be this way but like as an opinion .....why should it be that way? More specifically why should it be /changed/ to be this way ? Im just trying to understand these changes and if they’re permanent because it means I have to reroll my main character as a tank AT now and figure out what to do instead of regen sense tanks don’t have regen..
  11. Heh 😅I totally didn’t realize my friends forum account was still logged in on my chrome browser.... went back and deleted that.... sorta posted there as a knee jerk reaction....thanks for pointing that out.. So if I’m miss understanding something that’d be great .... but I don’t agree with the idea that brutes just shouldn’t have as high an agro management potential as tanks... they always did in the past and it was fine ... I don’t see a reason to change that.... it’s nice to have the option to let either person be “lead tank” when on a team with a tank and a brute... having it set up where you are forced to let the tank AT hold agro when on a team with both brute and tank seems really counter intuitive to me... what if the tank is a lowbie who is SKd... seems like I shouldn’t have a hard time pulling agro off them on my 50 IOd brute who is set up to handle the damage. I never had trouble keeping agro before and now if there’s a tank around npcs just ignore my brute... doesn’t seem to mater if I taunt first or more or do extra dmg and taunt... just get totally ignored for agro ... especially with AVs.. I played on red side mainly back before AT proliferation and I really want to be able to lead tank unconditionally on my brute without having to succeed that position to /any/ tank that joins a team. Am I totally miss understanding something ? It seems to me this 10% change to tank scaleing of taunt is completely unnecessary... what good does it do to let tanks deny agro to brutes? It’s not doing anything good for brutes that i can see... seems like all down side with no upside.
  12. I just had a really annoying time in game trying to hold agro off a tank on my brute... my brute is very much set up to out tank most tanks and after some research I’ve come to learn this is an intentional change due to this patch making their taunt 10% higher scale... perhaps I am missing something but to me this seems like a very bad idea from a game play perspective... the effect you end up with in game play is that a brute can NOT pull an npc off of a tank... even if both they and the tank want that to happen.. I also see no upside for the tanks; it doesn’t affect them who is being swung at so being able to hold agro over a brute even when they taunt your target has no upside as a tank... also mainly it’s just really upsetting to have this change make a brute I spent billions and months on setting up to tank all the sudden not be able to control agro the way I have been able to sense issue 7. Would greatly appreciate any insight as to why this was done/if it may be changed back... my main character revolves around the idea of tanking and I am really upset at the idea of having to reroll my main b/c tanks got better taunting. Thanks for any reply’s .
  13. I appreciate your input but you are clearly miss understanding what/how big a deal it is to me that I can’t hold agro on this character... I have been tanking sense I 7 on this brute ... it is extremely upsetting not to be able to pull agro off of a tank... I WANT to be attacked as a brute for fury... if I can’t hold agro on my character who’s meant to tank well then it totally ruins the fun... this really seems like a change that screws over people who played mostly red side back in the day and prefer to tank with a brute... I know that’s not a majority of people but for me my main character just became unplayable essentially.
  14. Thank you so much for finding that for me... I thought I was loosing my mind... guess I’m gonna go roll a tank. ☹️
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