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  1. As the topic says, The level 35-39 (Vindicator) Mission "They Call Me The Doctor" ('Doctor's Ally' Badge Mish) does not properly check off/show a gold star when completed in Flashback mode. Badge is awarded, and merits are rewarded, it simply does not check off that it has been previously completed. Had a player report on it, and verified and reproduced it myself, definitely a bug.
  2. What he's saying, I believe, is that getting rid of the "fix" (the power system revamp) that caused rage's defense debuff to apply properly when stacking, is not an option, since it is now "baked in" to how the powers system functions, and has been for the past 5-6 years. As far as what happens from there with Rage, is of course up for iterating and testing.
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