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  1. oooh, if you could get this going, that would be hella awesome. Thanks in advance. And yeah, i'm totally fine with it being an 'entire play session' similar to how xp and inf/prestige/tickets are tracked. Sometimes I just want to slap around a pylon and see if my new slotting has better or worse results, you know?
  2. One thing I've noticed is that on a rad/fire brute, my irradiated ground and burn both have chances to proc things like Degenerative, and therefore should proc doublehits. However, I would assume that doublehits from radial would probably pale in comparison to a flat damage increase to core for those DoTs. +75% damage over the life of a power could translate into more direct DPS than a few occasional hits of doublehit for low single/double-digit damage. of course, this depends on the powers, your AT, how close you are to damage cap, etc all down the line. I'd use Hopeling's google sheet to get a ballpark idea as to which would be better, then work outward from there.
  3. Heya, I'm the dude from Reddit. So I did some tests with my Rad/Fire brute, and to be honest, i have no clue what's going on here, other than it's extremely easy to stack and then keep up 5 stacks of Assault Core Embodiment. Most AoEs (except for Irradiated Ground) seem to proc according to targets hit, not attacks landed. Which is pretty damn huge to begin with. But then as I continued testing, more weirdness arose. Specifically, check out about 2:30 for electric fences, and about 3:30 for ball lightning. 30 seconds before decay? That's crazy. So is it secretly stacking time, but not damage buffs? Some weird interaction somewhere with other procs or something? Let me know if you want me to do other testing, or if you want to see it first hand. I'm on Torchbearer.
  4. 1. Okay, good to know. Thanks! 2. OKay, i'll try to figure out something. One other place I notice a lot of problems is in pretty much every single one of the Sentinel sets. References to missing powers, not much explanation on exactly how Opportunity works (no numbers/detailed info, no mention that folks should grab both 'starter' attacks, no explanation on differences between offensive/defensive, etc etc etc)... Sentinels seem pretty dang awesome but I feel like I need to spend a day or two testing in AE missions, pylons, and/or RWZ shooting targets just to properly gather info that *should* be right there written on the tin. 3. Will do. Would bugs be appropriate, or this forum (Beta) here? 4. Some things might take quite a long time to gather data on (example: "How much -defense does the Sentinel's initial Opportunity debuff apply, if any?") and I wasn't quite sure if y'all had a program that made things easier, or if I was stuck setting up macros or whatever in Notepad++.
  5. Just a few quick questions, if that's okay. 1. When testing, do you want us to focus only on the 'new changes' you're implementing, or is any sort of testing okay to do? 2. A lot of in-game tooltips, info blocks, detailed info blocks, etc seem to have incorrect or missing info. Where is the best place to find the 'correct' info? Is there a DB, wiki, list, or similar I can take a look at? (example: lots of powers have no info under detailed info) 3. While testing (on test or 'live'), let's say I find something wildly off or broken. What's the best way for me to document and then alert the team of my findings? (Post here, secret PM to a GM, etc) 4. Is there a specific combat log parser we are all using to verify findings, or am I stuck manually combing through combat logs and such? (There used to be herostats, and I think another combat log parser) With the right resources, goals, and information, it will make it a lot easier for us to get you bug reports, findings, and similar. Thanks in advance.
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