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  1. Can't say I've noticed much on them either. The impact, bullet tracers, and or any muzzle effect seem to remain the same, I think.
  2. Can't really agree with any of these points, as stated above, there are a multitude of abilities, toggles of the sort that are auto-hit. Enemies having all these other powers makes them different, I think them following a specific archetype would be boring. There's inspirations, set bonuses and incarnates for status effect protection (sets really only limiting the duration of said status, with others like PvP sets granting KB protection.) ^
  3. Only way I managed to do it is by making sure the costume colors are linked, change it to my desired color, then unlink them.
  4. I never had too much trouble with PPs. If you focus them down with control or just pure damage before they can MoG then they're not really a problem.
  5. Thank you to all the people that made i27 possible. Best breathtaking community ever.
  6. Balmung is ground zero for the dirty thingsTM too. A friend of mine who also is an RPer received the strangest tells when he AFKed once in there and then another on his female miqo'te. It was wild.
  7. It's a Nemesis plot. I knew she was a fake!
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