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  2. While I don't have a huge amount with some, on some characters, Carnies tend to suck badly with their constant phasing and every minion, lieutenant and boss draining endurance on death. Sappers are annoying on some occasions, and Freakshow and their Super Stunners tend to be the most annoying.
  3. I just mail the influence to my global handle and it stays pretty safe. But then I keep thinking of ideas for alts and I usually end up going through with those ideas somewhere down the road, which means building them, and losing money! But I get by.
  4. Definitely gonna want to try out those new story arcs.
  5. Guy pretty much made himself look stupid, just another moron who gets off on being an ass to people. Unfortunately, people like him will always be around, and would rather only listen to themselves and no one else. Just keep that head of yours up.
  6. This art is crazy good.
  7. I wonder if Lord Nemesis is gonna ride that Nemesis Horse of his, just riding around with a pumpkin head and his staff, just a thought.
  8. traders: haha there's no way we'll be caught, ez pz homecoming team: am i a joke to you? Sucks that following the rules are too much for some people, so easy to acquire some things but they just get desperate or don't bother to do their research.
  9. Amazing work Jon, seriously. The pixel art is neat.
  10. Ibarra

    Valet badge question

    You have to make sure none of the Freakshow destroy the cars in the part when you have to protect Wentworth from Sky Raiders & the Freaks themselves (so basically the end portion of the taskforce)
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