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  1. They'd just break out since the guards are terrible.
  2. Exceptional stuff so far CP, eager to see these changes implemented. I only have one tanker at the moment but I have been managing to enjoy him nonetheless, course with all this it might give them the resolve they need.
  3. I noticed when I tried it puts an ugly line at the top of the screen.
  4. Now we just need a squad of cowboys singing Old Town Road.
  5. Most of the time it's the sounds for me. The demons constantly screaming destroys my ears, Beam Rifle, it's good but it sounds like someone is scratching with something sharp on a piece of glass to make that ear-murdering sound.
  6. I know damn well that horse is a nemesis plot.
  7. Definitely would like to see new content & the other incarnate slots finished, along with The Coming Storm story arc so it can be done in Kallisti.
  8. Bane Spiders are basically great at single-target damage, pretty much like Stalkers. Crab Spiders relish in AoE and are more team-oriented, the VEATs in general can apply very good leadership buffs that help out the entire team. I don't play Widows/Fortunatas so that'll be up to others to clarify.
  9. Yeah. You have to form a league, then the league leader queues the group in that tab then you just have to wait for the pop up and then you head off (and maybe wait for the traditional 1 AFKer).
  10. What shard do you play on? Incarnate Trials are run on Everlasting pretty frequently by Veracor & Uh Oh. Usually somewhere in the evening in EST.
  11. Invuln/SS still going strong I see.
  12. I definitely would like to see a road map. Regardless of how long it takes, it's good to see progress.
  13. Yeah, you can turn it off. Just type in the command again or press H and manually set it from the dropdown menu next to my status.
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