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  1. Power creep and all - we may have to rework Invention Origin scaling now. 10-25 should base around an even level SO, 26-40 should b +3 SOs, 41-50 should be the current level 50 level. But I realize the mindboggling annoying task of factoring all the IOs, crafting badges and etc.
  2. Every time I see Fire Melee in any data charts I'm stunned how far down the list it is considering it's a damage only set with no secondary effect besides more damage. I'm not saying the numbers are wrong but that the set needs some rethinking.
  3. Basically this. You'll notice on the March 2020 player statistics is that players afk or actively farm on Spines/Fire or Rad/Fire Brutes and earn lots of money and IOs . They craft and convert. The thing that doesn't drop as often in farms (some, not lots) is Converters. So there's a steady market for them.
  4. Step 1: Sell Converters or Boosters for cash as you level up. If you're running x2 xp you're not earning influence. Yes, you can email INF from other characters but not everyone is that deep into their rosters yet. Step 2: Cherry pick specific IOs you need but don't see in your price range. The Steadfast resistance/+3 def is universally useful and is only 20 Reward Merits. I like buying this as a level 30 recipe so it can be +5 boosted later. The Merit cost is roughly equal for you'd get for selling boosters/converters so up to you if you want to buy with INF or merits. Step 3: Make sure your MidsReborn is build is done before you go In on 100-merit IOs. Search the auction house (/ah command) to make sure some IO you need isn't 10 million or less when you could sell 20-22 mill worth over converters and buy twice as many IOs instead. Attuned ATOs and Winter sets are already created on purchase so technically they're a bit cheaper than Purple or PVP IOs so if you really need.
  5. 1. If we nerf hasten I want defense (Combat jumping level) added back to it and a small amount of recharge debuff resistance. 2. Base-crafted Attack Rate increase is already great if you want a boost. 3. I'm more for a power boost inspiration (20, 33 and 50 percent for t1/2/3) and the effect doesn't stack.
  6. I requested Wrist Bow animations from the Knives of Artemis for Trick Arrow and from the Live devs and got met with the "Ugh, not worth the time to work out the animations" talk. And yes, we have volunteers here. We actually have Wrist shot animations (Blaster immob dart T1 power for example, Widow darts) but can imagine it would be a pain to basically create a new set of animation "connections" without the benefit of creating a new set. And this is from a person who wants Shoulder Launders for Trick Arrow badly so I can make an Iron Man-like power armor suit (Energy/Trick Arrow). We have missile swarms from EDF/praetorians, MM Big bot and Malta but again.. volunteer time to give us something we already have animations done for. I'd flip out if we got a Shoulder Launcher epic set for Tanks/Brutes (missile swarms, tear gas, immobilize aoe, glue bombs etc).
  7. I mained an elec/nrg blaster on live and kept it until the end. Rerolled as a SS/Elec brute on HC which is now the main. I OCD to alts so much I have more a forever grouping of toons. If I were to stick to one it would be the SS/Elec because it is nice to stare AVs in the face and (mostly) not flinch.
  8. What if there was only one way in and an enemy force overwhelmed the door and the next zone had an open mission you to beat to get in? You could even be droned but they’d be inside the gate. Besting a final challenge unlocked the drone codes.
  9. I understand not needing it when player power levels are where they are. I just hate that the Seed of Hamidon is a great-feeling open mission and it's rarely attempted on my server.
  10. Create Open Missions with rewards or mobs that drop salvage you need to create a buff that helps on harder content. Rather than seeing an NPC who gives you flavor text, you go to the Brickstown prison break and get a Tear Gas Grenade Launcher with a Special anti-CoT Tree Vines formula that kills them on contact. You make an open mission with Jurassik in Crey's that gives a buff that makes you mostly immune to toxic damage for 90 minutes of real time that you can do once a day before you do a hamidon raid or a Numina TF. Give players a reason to do open missions in hazard zones. Improve the Seed of Hamidon's rewards and make it so the Buoyancy team flight buff makes you immune to the terrorizes and stuns for hamidon raids. Gives a reason to do things that tie to other content!
  11. Siri. Make a Note. Start speed run Lady Gray TF the next time Doomguide2005 advertises a Numina.
  12. If you time your mission teleports for early in the TF so you have them again later for Boomtown and Steel then you can solo in under an hour. The more annoying parts for it are usually the hunt 30 clocks and patrols.
  13. 1. Shard TFs need a rework. I'd start by making it a 50+ zone and rethinking how you travel in it. There needs to be a reason to fly from place to place other than "Wow, this place looks neat!" A large flying monster or Rikti War Ship to fight... something out there. After 20 minutes of trying to find 50 of some mob that barely exists and will give no rewards to most players isn't great design. 2. Katie Hannon TF. A Great TF. But the second mission was changed to stop speed runners. It's the worst map to lead an NPC out and there are stacked anti-target, anti-teleport measures on her. Three of the last 5 times I've run it she's on her own jumped into the ceiling and stuck there forever. 3. Woodsman - better now with the HO/titan change but it still feels unfairly punished (Cavern trial gives more merits and you can solo it!) for being able to run fast. It also has numerous potential (they don't always happen) glitches such as mobs that can spawn at level 54 regardless of setting, ambrosia not dropping and Titans that drop at -2 to your level. It's still likely has the most striking maps of any content here.
  14. I've played characters unleveled from 9 on so two things happen: 1 The survival/offensive/defensive hourly buffs are still cheap (Yes, I see the irony in spending 100s of thousands in influence on SO upgrades and trying to save on the hourly buffs) 2 The early level origin power keeps it's bonus damage So yes, the upgrade button is awesome. I also throw the early-level prestige attuned Ios in for a a bit of recharge, damage and the proc to save some money on the upgrades but after 1 acc, 1 dmg, 1-2 rech in things like Hasten or Build up, maybe the Inherent Fitness slots... … not having to stop as a lowbee to level 10-12 times on a run of TFs with vets is amazing. To the Original thread: If you come to grips that by level 12 you have a functioning ST combo and survival set of tools (plus inspirations), a stalker should be hunting +2 and +3 boss mobs.
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