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  1. Ok I gotta say this to the Siphon Speed comment above: 1. Siphon Speed is unresisted for part of it's -movement speed. I've slowed the LTs in BAF trials to a crawl and they're supposed to be immune. 2. It gives +recharge to you (and stacks). 3. It makes Hover amazing. I understand hating the misses though. It's a big a let down as missing with K O blow or Assassin Strike. As for 5 percent happening so often - how difficult would be it be to try changing the chance to miss from 95.00 to 96.00 for a beta test? I don't code so I'm clueless to the depths of issues it could cause across all rolls the game makes. I'm wondering if a 4 percent chance to miss using the RNG ends up being an actual 5 percent-ish over time.
  2. Assuming your 25 rolls in CoH vs 15 rolls in PnP systems meaning 5 percent chance to miss is too high: Make it so you automatically miss rolling 98.01 percent or higher Make it so rolling 95.01-98.00 is a Half damage glancing blow.
  3. Would you want a "Glance"? Where a really high accuracy attack vs target still hits for partial damage? /animefacescratchanimation
  4. Did you charge more than three fiddy?
  5. Halloween started in 2019 on Oct.1 and ended On Oct. 31ish (I believe the morning of Nov. 1). Halloween 2020 started on a Tuesday (Oct. 6 and lasted through Nov. 3 - so 4 weeks) Nov. 29 (per The Warpact's post) in 2019 would have it start the weekend after Thanksgiving but Dec. 31st was a Tuesday last year so the event ending on a server reset makes sense at least. This year Dec. 1 is a Tuesday and Dec. 31 is a Thursday. If they go 4 weeks this year it could be Dec. 8 to Jan. 5. If you're worrying about missing a few days there we did have the Mender Derek event over the Summer.
  6. Pack giveaways are something of a f2p tactic to get players to log in. This is a completely free game. We don't need to do that here. As much as I'd like a free pack players would start creating accounts just to get free packs. At best - maybe give everyone a free Frost bite (1 hour offensive buff thing) in their Account email so only that account can use it when they log in any time during December. We still need a Summer event or Anniversary event here.
  7. I haven't played a resist-only set on a Scrapper or Stalker (to 50) due to the resist cap and this hurts me as I play every electric set on every AT at least once to 50. Energy/Rad is my choice for a brute though. I might consider Energy/Dark on a scrapper (has some def and -acc) as it can stack a stun aura with the punches. My Dark/Elec tank has both the FF proc and KB to KD in Thunder Clap and it's a good stun-lock build. Both Dark and Fire have self rezzes if I ET myself to death lol. Getting a new set ported to a new AT resets my spreadsheets for sets I've already played inside an AT as it wasn't available before. I have so far as Scrappers/STalkers - Elec/shield, Stj/Nrg, Claws/Bio and Psi/Nin. An Nrg/Nrg stalker should be fantastic - some resists, def cap, +HP, a click heal with regen/end redux and the only aT that gets a Stun aura out of /nrg armor (Disrupt). I just have to decide if I want to do it again after stj/nrg (which is also amazing).
  8. One issue with showing debuffs on target in an MMO is the insane Icon spam that fills your screen for some large targets
  9. Which would make me want Air control and jumping lol
  10. I actually like this idea even if you have to call it Hyperagility or Tactical Training
  11. I’m 1 part sad, 2 parts happy for the reversion. I wish Gymnastics jumped higher and Ninjitsu ran faster on blasters but hopefully there’s a rework that makes those of us used to Scrap/Sent movement from live as is happier (suggestion - let these two have speed cap increases so they’d still need other travel powers but would get more from them) EDIT: The No stacking thing depresses me to the point I basically stopped testing. So reverting is the best thing for now.
  12. Is it a known issue that Travel sets won't work in blaster Shinobi yet?
  13. So I guess I'd ask this: If we get Ninja Run in on the inherent sprints can we have Beast Run put in one as well?
  14. This is exactly what happens. But currently Ninja Run makes you run, jump slower and jump less high than what Shinobi already gives you. PH has said he doesn't like that it does that and is working for a way to have the Ninja run animation but not run slower.
  15. I meant a change like would have Lightning Reflexes and something nuts like +20 speed run per target hit with Power Sink.
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