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  1. I have an "All Whipchain" toon planned in a 2nd build for my Demons/Electric Affinity. Everything pretty much looks like a firechain. (Off to mids!)
  2. Homecoming has been remarkably stable for over 2 years. I think you have some sick days stored up for this.
  3. One Lusca Tentacle = 1 reward merit All Lusca Tentacles killed inside of 10 minutes = Bonus 6 reward merits Lusca = 6 reward merits Total: 20 reward merits Compensate by having Lusca spawn slightly less often making it more of an event. Badge given for doing all in 15 minutes: Why Is That Silly Ink Attack Not Typed?! Badge
  4. So, Praetorian police hand blaster gloves? You want the honeycomb effect while they fire? Do you want that with a side of maple bacon berry blast sauce?
  5. Yes, my character had super speed but I was able to go from 30 to 35 this morning and pick 31-34 power and slots normally but at 35 wasn't able to pick a power. It counted me as leveled up when I left the mission I was in without seeing a trainer. I plan on respecing out of SS into Hover/Fly/EvMa but hopefully they catch this.
  6. The fact that infiltration is old Shinobi for sents and scraps and that it wont stack (Note: it detoggles if you try to turn both on at the same time) with other Stealth powers like Hide and Shinobi. So Martial Doms and Blasters that use Agility alpha.
  7. (checks in to see if Patch has hit live...) Great, now I'm going to be thinking all day of the respecs I need to do until I can get home to do them.
  8. I'd love a Seed of Hamidon to be hovering around the Abyss or Hive, and give 6 RM for defeating as the first step of raids. Free group flight would be neat for those things. But, yes, there needs to be a slightly better reason for going to First Ward to fight it. Maybe Adamastor's rewards (10 RM/5 Threads) and making the group flight power (Buoyancy) get an extra 30 minutes so it's ready for Hamidon raids.
  9. How would you factor the ability to rez yourself if Unrelenting is on when you are defeated in this equation? (If it works like that, I've never used it personally)
  10. Considering the travel changes that will hit around this time? Unbound.
  11. /Sweats in Stalker Lightning Rod and Shield Charge
  12. Yes! Peacebringer's AoE stun is the same animation (and it's only mag 2!) as combustion, short circuit and Illusion's AoE Hold.
  13. Made a Nin Scrapper and it's detoggling with Infilration. So not just the blaster version is doing it.
  14. Noticed this. It's the same with or without Speed Phase on. There's a weird :WARP forward is if the game had no idea how to animate for .25 seconds and you just appear where it thinks you should be 50 feet later. It's Jarring.
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