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  1. Saw this post when researching Sonic/Sonic Defender. Very cool ideas from @oedipus_tex and team! Adding a few cents to help the conversation: SONIC ATTACK - EXTRA EFFECTS (ToHit and Recharge) If something is super loud and right in my earballs, then I lose accuracy and/or coordination. I mean, who else turns down the radio to make a difficult turn in a car? C'mon... Sprinkle in some -ToHit effects to help with the Defense and Psionic Def/Res holes Ex. Shout has a "Bitter Freeze Ray" kind of animation pain... add a -7.5% ToHit debuff to balance the power's
  2. Yeah bro, moved most toons to Excelsior for the pulse. Tried to start ITF on Reunion, got 0 responses, so Los solo'd it on +4x8 to the tenth power, or whatever ridiculous setting folks mush on about (why not just go 0x8 and SMESH at high speed??? Much funner). Turns out he can stealth snipe the Nictus Essences to death without drawing aggro. Super cheap and highly entertaining. Shard transfers are great. The whole return of CoH through Homecoming is great. I hope folks remember that this game was in the ashes for a long time, and even watching @I-Dirty's stoner ge
  3. OP, I have a Stone/Spines/Soul that is hilariously survivable. Also run a Mez Farm using Minerals (I am not efficient). I think it's called Not Quite Psionic. Anyway, @PLVRIZR is awesome and his tanking is pretty legendary, so I do what he says most of the time.
  4. That build looks really fun! I like Confuse for having a pet boss or Immunes Surgeon, as well as the set bonuses. Looks like you are a mez blapper - Saw a Grav/MA who did something similar (spawn Singularity, then wormhole everything into Singy and drop PBAoEs while they fell about the place)
  5. Hey man, I think we teamed together on a TF today. I was Pieta (EM/SR Scrapper). Your toon runs great!
  6. Build looks good! There was a Mind Dom thread earlier that questioned the pairing of Mind and Martial. I figured the TAoEs would basically be PBAoEs as needed, kind of like you said about Total Domination and Mass Confusion. Are there any specific mobs types that give you issues?
  7. OP, Agreed with the previous posters. Earth or Fire primary are fun, and Storm on a Controller is much easier to play with the -KB in either primary. Also consider a Cryovolcano - Earth/Cold. I have one and it is very team friendly. The controls are sky high and the defense buffs keep the Blaster and Dominator humming along nicely.
  8. OP, May I suggest Gravity/Storm for your enjoyment? GRAVITY Plenty of ST DPS Plenty of Immobilize Plenty of -Fly Singularity - greatly improved and AMAZING with KB-to-KD proc Wormhole stuff into the Singularity STORM Even more DPS!!! KD/KU from Tornado and Freezing Rain Hurricane - for herding stuff into the scrapper and singularity deathpile Snow Storm for flooring recharge and speed (no escape) If you want to team, I have Laughing Gull (Grav/Storm) so let me know if you need a test drive.
  9. Happy to show you if you're in the neighborhood. I'm @Cenozoic and usually on Excelsior or Reunion - happy to server jump if you're around.
  10. Cenozoic

    AV Killer?

    Of course. Hit me up in-game tonight.
  11. Cenozoic

    AV Killer?

    Follow-up for the team: Accuracy was indeed the key to the equation. I needed streakbreaker active at all times, and ONLY using powers with 95% Hit Chance allowed me to keep the 4 test AVs perma-held. I took some pictures and make some notes. Toon: Mind/Psionic/Mace Dominator Perma-hold note: For the purpose of this test, I considered holding an AV for 5 minutes as permahold with the powers below. I used the following active powers (no temps): Hover (+6% ToHit from Kismet) Tactics (5-slotted with Adjusted Targeting) Telekinesis (+6 m
  12. Fire/Devices is a pretty wicked hover blaster. I enjoy mine thoroughly. A similar pairing with soft controls would be Fire/TA. Also fun! Ice/Devices is an old PvP winner, and it is super fun at range as well. Ice/TA is ... NAAAASTY if you're into playing a mez blaster.
  13. Cenozoic

    AV Killer?

    Hey dude, All is well. Dug up an older Mids build that had the tweaks I was looking for, like which Incarnate powers helped best and recharge-to-hold balance. I had a bunch of old calculations when I was trying to perma-hold Avatar of Hamidon. While it did not work, the calculations helped. Keep in mind I have been theorycrafting this toon since shutdown, so there were years of data to review. I also started on a Mind/Earth to see what an ideal hold stacker could do. That toon is in progress, and very fun to play, similar to a Mind/Energy. After that, I ta
  14. Mind/Earth Ever since Drain Psyche got nerfed, /Earth has been fun to play. Smashiness of Energy with the hold to stack with Dominate and TK.
  15. OP, I rolled Earth/Cold to incarnate recently … turns teams into steamroll session. Very little solo damage, but good lord that thing is fun to team. Use Quicksand … stacks with everything and ready each mob. Proc out Volcanic Gasses … amazing pulse frequency! This toon is just nasty. Benumbed AVs, Defense Buffs, Snow Storm, Sleet, Quakes… so good.
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