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  1. Nevermind I stumbled acrossed it. Thanks for that piece of the puzzle though.
  2. I was wondering that. Where do I go to reset my game account password then?
  3. I haven't played for a while and recently installed the Rebirth player in a separate folder incase that is relevant to the issue. But when I try to log into Home Coming it gives me a "The account name or password that you have entered is incorrect ..." message. I went to change my password using the forgot password feature and obviously I am logged in to the site fine. But it still gives me that message and I can't log in. Is there somewhere else I can do. Is the password not connected here to the game?
  4. Honestly PVP mostly ends up just as a generic combat system. The question is if you have elaborate crimes for bad guys to commit with good guys trying to stop them ... it would be very difficult to get them to connect. You could create an instance perhaps where people join kind of like the Arenas. But generally speaking it would be awkard to get people to connect over all. It might be fine for a side thing. Also the problem with a lot of modern "sandbox games" which is what it would end up being like ... is there is not a lot of content. After a short time it feels like chores more than a ga
  5. I have a one character started as rogue and went villain. It is harder to put a team together or I would more often. Especially since I gl through so many alts and end up going through the same content over and over again. There needs to be a seemless easy way to jump over to the others side. Really it doesn’t matter, the missions feel the same mostly. It is only relevant in PVP. If the devs can figure a way to pull off an easy transition, say a temporary power that will let you teleport to the other side that would be great. When the game was officially live there were enough playe
  6. I made a character that is more fun that I thought it was going to be called Captain Marvels. Marvels being plural. Basically during combat it turns into every incarnation of a character that used the name Captain Marvel. The original Billy Batson, I have Mary Marvel (A bit of a cheat but I wanted to balance the Marvel comics version), I have the original Marvel Comics version of Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell. I have the Danvers version of Captain/Ms Marvel, I have the original female Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau, I even have a very obscure version that of a character that was able to split his
  7. I wish my fellow nerds and geeks would learn to type. It seems they have acronyms already to go 6 hours after something just came out.
  8. The main reason I use double XP because the content gets repetitive. It seems to me in the earlier days of COH there were more directions you can go. The current version you find yourselves with the same mission arcs over and over. I way back when they had Perez park missions. There use to be Boomtown missions. They really should find away to open the other mission arcs from the olden times to add more variety of direction you can go. After so many alts I just to move ahead and by pass missions I did a lot already with just about every other character I made. If there is a way to open up
  9. I started a Youtube channel, City of Heroes centric atm with no current plans to go in other directions. I started a series of videos creative use of macros in game. Currently I have a video on a set of macros super handy for melee characters, especially characters that use super speed in combat. A fly and land toggle set of macros with a visual flair. And a transformation set of macros that a character can transform Incredible Hulk style. I have several more coming out soon. Take a look. The earlier ones were a bit cruder but they improved over time with some tweaks. The next video or two
  10. Honestly no idea. I was playing City of Heroes first ... I then gave World of Warcraft a shot and it was just such a step down I didn't go anywhere with it. It felt sooooo much slower paced, and the whole let''s walking 20 minutes so you can play .... is stupid.
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