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  1. That can entirely be fixed by more people testing things on the Beta server.
  2. To be fair, the CoH community is not some monolithic group. I am continuously amazed that people still think that is the case because you see it a lot with people claiming such about the role-playing “community”.
  3. At this point we are playing a pirated game that shut down eight years ago. Any sort of gating existing costume pieces or whatever we have access to now is a nonstarter. It’s a horrible idea because as has been mentioned numerous times already, you can impose whatever self limitations you want on accessing stuff and there is nothing wrong with that. Now if new items are created down the road we will obviously be able to test that and provide constructive feedback at that time if there is any sort of grind involved in obtaining those things.
  4. I don't know man, I just read the TC wanting the GM's previously talked about name policy to go into effect. You're the one that took it as self-serving and wanting to steal names. I need a citation for that if you're going to be using that as an attack on the idea of the thread.
  5. In my experience, Everlasting specifically has a good community of not only the roleplayers I've had the fortune of interacting with but also the raid leaders that really know their stuff when it comes to endgame content. Leaps and bounds better than what I remember from Virtue.
  6. Yeah there literally was not any actual arranging of trading for names. It was being joked about but if joking about it is not allowed then so be it.
  7. Get rid of PLing and you will see more people leave than if you leave it alone.
  8. Can't speak for the other shards, but people in PvP zones on Everlasting seem to be much more forgiving on badgers than they ever were on Virtue. I've been there when RV has had ten plus people that were more than happy to either ignore me while badging or offer to help swap pillboxes. As for making it tougher to take down the AVs...I remember having to do it before we had all these crazy IO'd builds and certainly before Incarnates. It will be alright, I promise.
  9. Really? Because it seems we're getting new base teleport powers on top of being able to use all the existing ones.
  10. Seems to me we have way more options to use here compared to back on live. I have no issue with any of these changes.
  11. I meant actual numbers of people, not fractions. I doubt you've had an entire third of the HC playerbase agree with you.
  12. How many people would you say that is out of the entire HC playerbase?
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