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  1. I think if the devs are dead set on changing the FF Pocket D entrance, I think it would be better replaced with something like Steel Canyon.
  2. Mostly joking about that; been on some sub-2 hour Dr. Qs so it's not nearly as bad as it was on live without our current QOL changes.
  3. I'm all in on more 50+ story arcs in the Shard. My only request is that they aren't nearly as long as the Dr. Quaterfield Task Force.
  4. I love that base! Such a good set piece for RP.
  5. First, I pleaded to the heavens to help me ascend to the higher state of graphical fidelity until I suddenly felt my body changing! A moment later, I could feel the power. I had ascended!
  6. I’d rather revert to the changes to Fly in Build 1 or 2 that the vast majority of people were in favor of and approved.
  7. The vast majority of people seemed fine with the changes as of Build 1 so I guess the vocal minority won in the end.
  8. This is how they were displayed on Everlasting back in September.
  9. Correct, I believe they stated instead of one large issue dump like on live they would prefer to put out smaller and multiple patches to make up new issues.
  10. Yeah, if you were talking about the Stance Selection changes to the prestige powers, that was actually added in the Page 1 update in November.
  11. I don’t believe anyone said the New Afterburner was the same functionality as the current Afterburner. It’s Evasive Maneuvers that is the same functionality as current Afterburner. New Afterburner is a bonus.
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