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  1. Suggestions for making a power worse than it would currently be is indeed a nerf. The OP would like, I'm assuming, to see more threads about suggestions for improving under-performing powers/sets. I'd like to see more of that also.
  2. I'm all in on new hairstyles. In addition, would it be possible to port over NPC hairstyles like Emperor Cole/Dr. Graves, Foreshadow or even the Nightmare EB from the zombie invasions?
  3. Oh but don’t suggest making crappy powers better. We have to bring good ones down to their level.
  4. Just because you don’t like the answers doesn’t mean they aren’t adding to the conversation.
  5. Here’s a crazy idea, so hopefully most of you are on board. We could just leave Hasten as it is.
  6. I guess I’ll simplify my position then, it’s a bad suggestion. For all of the reasons expressed in the last 15 pages of this thread. Again, to reiterate something I posted earlier: If everything in a game is perfectly balanced, then what's the point in even having choices?
  7. This is what still gets me about why this thread is still a thing. The original suggestion was changed into something that basically keeps Hasten the same but with a lot of extra steps.
  8. I'll have to check that out later. Is it half as entertaining as this one?
  9. Which is funny because I thought the point of this thread was too many people take Hasten? If that's still going to be the case, why not just make it inherent like the Fitness pool?
  10. If bringing the bottom up is the end goal, why not actually look at buffing under-performing sets like I suggested pages ago? That's going to do a ton more than a needless change to Hasten that I'd wager 99% of the player base would be against.
  11. Some characters do need to actually slot for recharge, regardless if they have Hasten or not. Not a good argument.
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