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  1. Maharaj - Perform the Rites of Death
  2. This morning in Brickstown I discovered and can reliably reproduce that the flavor spawns of Council in Brickstown that come with brainwashed recruits and and a guy yelling to "Reach Your Full Potential!" do not properly engage with pets. Phantom Army and Trip Mine, for instance, will not engage these enemies. These are not neutral (Yellow reticle) spawns, these are a mixed group of unattackable civvies and naturally hostile Council enemies. Once engaged, PA will stand around and do nothing. Trip mine lights up a smoke and watches some TV. It engages properly on other spawns. To test: Find a spawn Summon PA or Trip Mine Sit back and watch nothing happen from your pets. MM pets are untested but probably not affected.
  3. Currently activates sound effects for every target hit on every toHit check - makes for a trainwreck of noise on a quick repeat loop.
  4. I know this has been reported before, but not for a bit - Graphics Settings cause this power to misbehave by causing a photosensitive flickering effect. This can be a larger graphical issue when someone using larger VFX powers (Nature Affinity) activates something while in the Fade causing a giant flickering forest. This glitch causes me to actively avoid the power and/or change my graphic settings to endure it. This is ameliorated by dropping Shadow graphics settings down, namely Advanced Shadows -> Distance to (Close) seems the best fix.
  5. I have an issue with Affinity, personally, being sort of a bland and generic name that I associated with Controller secondaries moreso than Defender primaries. Electrical Induction would be my only suggestion, which also acronyms it to EI (Unique) instead of EA (Electric Armor, Energy Armor, and a cash-grabbing company 😄 )
  6. Also, does anyone else remember when Peregrine had a "Transport Zone" where you could just bull-charge East from Portal Corps into the wild blue yonder and when you hit the boundary wall, you'd go right to Talos? Super handy as a lowbie who lost their team or a lazy bridge that had to go back to Luminary to level up before Castle moved in.
  7. I still can't believe people don't know Natterlings fuse into Bull Natterlings like Hercules Titans do to become Zeus titans.
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