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  1. I would rather try and disappoint than not try at all. The Coming Storm may or may not be coming, but as long as I'm around, I'm working towards it.
  2. We cannot confirm or deny these things as a possible future maybe with an elevated chance of likely. There might need to be more powers work done on them first, perhaps. A truly villainous dev, I would have been, if these enemies were hostile in their current state. Don't even get me started on first revision Decaying Eidolons, which some would hit a blaster for 1500 damage at level 30. AMBITION. IT'S A ROCKY ROAD UP THAT MOUNTAIN.
  3. I completely failed your Turing Test. I love puppies! Honest!
  4. In Praetoria, Piecemeal could have an alter-ego I've just been dying to pitch, but until then, she's just a nobody following Daniel Watson around, trying to survive the wastelands. Edit: IF Daniel Watson exists either, that is.
  5. As of this moment I feel round 1 has enough to work with. I will begin the delve into your suggestions and I will be back Soon(tm) with updates!
  6. Over the course of this week, I will be combing this thread to collect the best ideas that align with the plots-you-don't-know-about-and-future-stuff, closing this thread, opening a new thread with the theorycraft updates, and beginning the discussion anew under the new directions we're taking.
  7. In regard to the whole "How do I address you?" question: I'm going to be as delicate and straight-forward with this as I can. And keep in mind, I'm an ally, so I'll always try my best to respect your position and what you tell me you are. But for me? I'm just me. I actually don't mind what pronouns you choose for me. I can happily exist in whatever identity you need me to be. I don't see the world through a pronoun-focused lens, and I don't expect people to subscribe to whatever I consider myself to be mentally or physically. I've always naively seen the world in the be
  8. You may refer to me as Janet. #thegoodplace
  9. You read my mind - I had already slated to concept out a Forgemaster unit!
  10. The Meta Contact was perma-pinned to the top of the missions window and it was widely panned as obtrusive. It was removed, but there really should be a better system outside Ouroboros.
  11. The Signature Story arcs may be hard to find, but remember that they also exist, and Odysseus and the Warriors played a part in SSA2, meaning that they are involved in current plot as of shutdown.
  12. I do think this idea with Alexander has legs. I will certainly use him for something, but I'm still hesitant to make ANOTHER civil war. We just had one with the Vahzilok and the Freakshow, so I need a vehicle to carry me forward with the Warriors that can maybe siphon people off the Warrior ranks into another group.
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