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  1. Elec Armor / Rad Melee is holding as my all-time favorite.
  2. It should be noted that one of my hints inadvertently went unvetted, and has been changed so as not to label me pre-emptively as the villain I am.
  3. Please remember this is my virgin flight. I created conditions to spawn a fight. It requires attention to lore and collecting So you can be rewarded with a vigilant reckoning. Don't hype too hard, instead think of the future, When records of your deeds affect the gameplay nature.
  4. Those who enjoy the scenic route should have many of them available. Some may need to be sought out if you move too fast.
  5. FPARN! Edit: Also, @Jimmy tipped my can of beans and now it's starting to spill!
  6. Origin-specifc things? I am playing with integrating origin specific things into my projects. Currently seeing what can and can't be done. I do want to make more your character choices and details more significant. And before anyone revs up the Speculatron5000, origins will not lock out content or badges. I'm looking to add flavor 🙂
  7. *clicks plaque* Edit: This is just headcanon, not real canon. Edit edit: Need less coffee.
  8. Piecemeal

    Rad or Invuln

    Hi there, just weighing in with my 2 influence. I love Invuln. It was my first love, solidly built, and very much set-and-forget. Invincibility is the clutch power. Rad armor, however, super dynamic. I love the design of Gamma Boost. But it requires, to me, way more attention managing your health than most. A growing Rad armor can feel... fragile. A fully built one? Ridiculous fun.
  9. I believe it is time to tease you just a smidge. Here is something I've put together that teases just one of the things I've been working on. It should be noted that one of my hints inadvertently went unvetted, and the other was misleading. This has been changed so as not to label me preemptively as the villain I am.
  10. I have an avatar I'm just not allowed to show it yet. 😞
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