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  1. Here's a few of my backgrounds in rotation.
  2. I was being sarcastic, I should know better - however in terms of what people frequently express love for, this one surprised me. 😛 There's already a wailer GM, or at least in AV, I can't at the moment think about going further, other than using Professor Farnsworth's Enlarging Ray to make the thing several stories tall. I thought the story basically painted the AV as the King demon perpetrating the deal. Been a while, going to have to research this.
  3. I'm slightly baffled by the love for Wailers. People love them???
  4. It begins! I have been SUMMONED! I hate to say I haven't dabbled in this yet. I think I have enough know-how in each of the systems involved, but there's underlying things everywhere that get me yelled at on the reg for not knowing about. I'll add to my wishlist of rainy day projects though!
  5. Not quite. But they won't be leaving the event, I'm hoping to just rekajigger their participation.
  6. I'm sorry it's so temperamental (even though I have no responsibility for it), but we are considering internally how to best improve and modify this event.
  7. When the story opens up on the Freaklok, you may notice I've already worked in a post death buff mechanic for them.
  8. It's most definitely not what you're thinking. I chose a less-seen map in this instance, and realized there's a lot of great parts to it that nobody sees, so I changed how it flows, capped some holes and windows, and made it flow differently. I also made this map unique from its parent, so the parent asset is unchanged and still in rotation. 😄 Also can't tell if sarcasm!
  9. I *personally* think fighting the AoE meta is a road not worth taking. The playerbase has always defined what makes this game fun. I do *not* want to take away anyone's fun. I have a bunch of ideas on the whiteboard. I don't speak for everyone, so I really can't answer any of your questions with any real definitive statement. I can talk about my design ideas, though. When I began concepting things and learning mission design, I had the thought of "How do I subvert the meta of running headlong into everything carelessly, and get the players to just pause to think about what's in front of them, if for only a second?" This thought basically was molded into "Well, it wouldn't be fun all the time and would upset the status quo, but it would be fun to have obstacles spaced out that reminds the player to stop and look around." I might do this by removing a door in a map that you've grown used to, or spreading out a spawn for strategic placement, or by having ambushes in unexpected places. But I also want to have new enemy types with new kinds of utility. In that regard. we have the time and the tech to do things the live team could not within their release timeframes. But we all have our own obstacles as well. TL;DR: I'm here to enhance your gameplay through diversity.
  10. Believe me, I want this too! I have several ideas on the virtual and socially distant whiteboard.
  11. A lot of GMs have been getting tells of appreciation because I included a scenic photo bench on top of the Great Pumpkin 😅
  12. If feedback through the GMs is any indicator, the Atlas Globe Pumpkin Bench is the hero this city needed. I'll be her.
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