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  1. The plague has been reworked. It punishes less and the medical research lab is much better at counteracting it. The fire is being adjusted again. Cortex's ambush spawn was not properly behaving, but this didn't show up as often in beta testing. It's being adjusted.
  2. Good point. Added some additional dialog in the mission opening to connect the dots:
  3. I have some changes coming along, need to test them locally first. And I will happily re-write the failure part - that was added late in the development when I was told "Groundhog Day" repeat task on failure was not the way we wanted to go anymore as a design philosophy. I was fighting burnout at that point, and the writing suffered as I chiseled it in. I'll rewrite the dereliction and choke bits, gladly. I didn't intend for the tone it delivered. Come to think of it, have you ever stared at something long enough, or repeated a word enough times that it loses all meaning? I had been staring at these codeblocks for the better part of a year, largely alone. So everyone take a deep breath, we'll get through this, and the future content will blossom for it 🙂 --- Without going into specifics, the way the Viral Cocktail affects you will change (for the better), the disease-cancelling lab station buffs as well (For the better). Several fight mechanics on both red and blue are getting tweaked. One of the things I'm going to need going forward is arranging teams across a wide variety of builds during testing. Unenhanced, sort of enhanced, DO's, SO's, some IOs, IO'd out the yinyang, solo vs teams. I think the most ardent testers were of a certain build type, and difficulty feedback was more anecdotal than anything. And with those certain types of builds, and player experience, I think very, very few people failed Pathogen's mission as a result. Most people told me "I saw this glowie I couldn't click on so I made a mental note of where it was" or "I thumbtacked my map when I saw it" As for the long flight back from the hospital, fly to the north tram and take it to the south tram to reduce the amount of time to get back.
  4. I've got a bunch of changes coming, to continue to hone this experience for all players. Thank you all for your patience.
  5. I was once told it wasn't possible - but I reported this once in 2006 as I swore it happened to me. I've never had it happen since, and I chalked it up to my own error. I figured I wasn't paying good attention to the details. I'm not saying the same of the OP, just sharing my own experience.
  6. Immature Protectors are currently guarding Hopkins in Doc Buzzsaw's arc, level range 30-39. They won't be only there forever, though!
  7. You know, fair point. I don't play MMs and never got any feedback in testing from one. I'll look into this.
  8. I'm listening to your feedback, and will reiterate that these arcs are the exception, not the rule. Your first work is rarely the best work - but I would rather it stood as difficult content than change it right now. More normalized arcs with new mechanics are in the pipeline for the future that aren't as out-of-control as this one. I had a lot of nuances to learn.
  9. To be fair... the subplot about Cortex getting Wicker Man'd by bees is entirely a bonus story. 😛
  10. @Chuckers Hey there! I looked through the files because I didn't recall writing anything akin to the nature of your experience. This is the closing dialog from the vigilante ending if you fail Pathogen's mission: (Bolded to help show that I tried to wordplay around this sentiment you're experiencing) This is the closing dialog from the vigilante ending if you intentionally break quarantine: The closest thing I could find to your experience comes from the Hazmat Commander, who is a stiff who sees the world is black and white. If you fail, he says: And if you break quarantine on purpose, he says: I even did a whole directory search on the working files and didn't find the word coward anywhere. I'm sorry that was your takeaway from the mission/arc, but it wasn't designed to be failed! If you can get away from the first ambush after Pathogen and leave them alive, they'll womble after you slowly, so take a look for those glowies ahead of time and beeline to them. It's not that bad!
  11. I wanted to address some of the travel comments in this arc and wanted to throw my justifications in the ring. (Just this one time guys... I promise!) The investigation of Pierce was an exercise in letting the player feel like a detective. Content within notwithstanding, the idea was to get a player to slow down and absorb some context of the world they play in. I took the opportunity to write in several little side stories that make you think more about the world you're playing in, which, as far as I am concerned, has some of the richest lore I've ever played through. I missed the mark several times in beta with the hunts, underestimating the player hatred for them, but was sure to write in plot justifications (Watkins' go-to's in the Bureau were busy or reassigned, causing him to tactically pivot to street sweeping with their mohawks.) As for the travel time with Pierce's investigation, I was happy to write in some more content that was incidental but enriching - Julius was the most wrong of the four avenues, but you have tiny little conditional dialog choices if you've arrested Atta or completed the Cavern trial. I also tried to shed some light on Watkins' involvement in helping Julius get rehabilitated from Superadine, giving more dimension to both characters. The troll hunt was a natural extension of that conversation that could be taken care of on the way back, and while it yielded no results, it pointed you to Jacob Sloan, a psychological casualty of the second Rikti War when they took over his studio and he made a break for it to save his life, like George Costanza at a kid's birthday party when a fire breaks out. Suddenly the human toll on the war becomes a little more obvious. I'll admit that the end-goal of the exercise was a personal pet peeve of mine - why do those worthless callboxes even *exist* in this city? Who are they calling? What good can they really do? So the callboxes were given an extra layer of practical use and thus a better justification for their existence. I wanted to answer that question of "what the heck is their point?" and wrote into the story that these callboxes are also emergency radar nodes to track anonymous movement data after major crimes are reported. If you read through the clues, Pierce mentions the callboxes twice and you also get repetition on going south in the dialog, so choosing the callboxes ends up being the shortest route. As far as the distance traveled patrolling, well, I do apologize if it feels kind of long - the radar data needed to be triangulated, and those first three callboxes were actually in a triangle. I added the fourth one personally to learn how to do so, and placed it mostly in the nexus of the other three. In the future, this mechanic will be refined into smaller ventures. But as I've said before and will happily say again, this was a 12-month learning experience and I was enthralled by the fact that pretty much everything I ever thought about adding was doable. (It got addicting) Truly, this is the most versatile engine in terms of making things happen, sometimes. Don't ask about the arena code. JUST DON'T.
  12. It should only require the Doc Delilah souvenir, as I wrote the code and am looking at it now. But I won't complain if people run all those arcs, you get Yin Enhancements at the end of it and can use the upgrade button to keep them forever.
  13. And yes, the illusions were oops'ed on rewards. Added in.
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