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  1. While I won't say no, that might heavily depend on the 3D folks, which is outside my purview. I do have a plan to continue a natural progression of the Warriors under Odysseus with a bit of a reckoning for his hubris, and one or two new groups forming as a result. No promises!
  2. In another post I wrote about the dangers of making promises. This is one of them. I was reminded shortly after this post (and, to wit, didn't exactly **learn** afterwards and repeated similar mistakes) not to bite off more than you can chew or to make promises that you end up not being to deliver on. A new zone? Not likely at all. (From me) I was responsible for the Atlas Pumpkin, and could do something similar in a pinch for winter, but again I really can't make any guarantees. My life got really, really busy this summer, and it's not slowing down.
  3. Amended statement: Claws is the big offender in endurance loss to people learning the game still and not understanding slot mechanics fully.
  4. I'm responding to this post without reading any subsequent replies. I'll give you as much transparency as I feel is safe and appropriate. You get whimsical answers because sometimes it is a costly mistake to commit to something that ends up completely not working and has to be tabled. When I posted my first well thought out pitch for improving this game, I settled on trying to find a way to ameliorate the effects of Incarnates and their abilities WITHOUT nerfing destiny, lore, etc. My suggestion settled on a system that would identify player progress and ada
  5. Everyone will know the score before joining. This TF is simply not built to solo easily at top difficulty.
  6. Think of it this way. That guy is pretty stronk and will self destruct, killing literally everyone. You don't need a player with confuse, but by Gord its hilarious when you do. Otherwise, situational awareness suggests RUN! You don't need sleeps, but when you accidentally aggro the whole room because you thought stealthing ahead was clever, you might have wanted it. If you want to enjoy the content and the character isn't beefy? Run it at 35-51. Feeling spicy? 52. Wreckless? 53. Straight up Pete Davidson's Blackguard? 54.
  7. Dominators are my all time favorite AT, and I will fight/cry at anyone who disagrees!
  8. Your dom... good as she might be... will want friends to support her at 52 and beyond. 🙂
  9. It's like you read @Cobalt Arachne's diary. Get on Brainstorm when the beta launches, and you'll be chuffed to bits and such with how your precognition found itself in the ballpark!
  10. There's plenty of brainpower in the dev room on Sentinels, stay tuned!
  11. If I made the character, it would basically be the Posh haircut on a person yelling at a manager. A sub-Karen named Terri, I imagine.
  12. Greetings once again, specimens! I was politely reminded by @Arbegla (Take your backwards math and get out!) that it's been quite a while since I checked in to let you know what's happening with the Warriors. I've fielded a lot of feedback and it's steered my design decisions towards reverence of the original designs while still expanding the overall feel of the group. Page3's development put a serious hiatus on this work. @Jimmy warned me about making promises so I never explicitly set a timeline on the completion of the work. Much to the frustration of man
  13. Claws is the big offender on endurance loss. Don't slot so much for recharge and slot endredux instead. It evens out a bit later on, but honestly, with the inherently low recharge times, you'll rarely need to worry about not having another attack ready. Keep the end cost low!
  14. I just wouldn't be me if I didn't give you feelings of joy and terror simultaneously. I call it Terrilation.
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