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  1. oooo, daaammn. i'd forgotten about those nerfs, that's a really good point. that's a really good observation. wish i was that smert. still a little leary about nerfing ae because i hate to try to put a cat back in the bag. but i think reversing or at least revisiting those nerfs would be a really good idea. jesus, i wish i was smarter. hot damn.
  2. i think this would probably be wildly unpopular with a lot of people, but i do not know. i have two questions though: will this ultimately have a negative impact on the game overall? won't people still farm ae for the other rewards, especially if they're increased? maybe you meant something else, not sure. thanks 🙂
  3. sorry you're struggling my dude. there's always gonna be an optimal way to play for whatever you want to do. if it wasn't ae, it'd be something else. but hey, some people enjoy ae, no skin off my back or yours either, really. try to chillax, maybe take a break. if you're not having fun, don't force it. but im not your boss, you do you 🙂 what does this mean, im so curious? my brain said i been peepin long time for money, but i don't think that's right probably.
  4. this makes me sad 😞 i don't want to invalidate how you feel, so i'll just say that that's gotta be a crummy feeling, im sorry. guess im curious though, i usually associate guilt with disappointing someone else. is that what you mean? if so, who are you letting down? i've never felt this way about another person's character. i mean unless they took force bubble, screw those guys. (joking) did someone tell you that you should feel bad? cause they were being a jerk. like even if it was just you telling yourself that. want me to fite em? i'll fite 'em. i got super efficient defender brawl, im not joking around here.
  5. im not 100% sure on what you're asking so im sorry if this is off base or unhelpful: its really kind of fine as it is. this game's never been particularly hard, and so my impulse is to say just don't worry about it. i can tell you that man do i love io's. all the things you mentioned, the time, the planning, the effort, the payoff? my favorite part of the game. but i think there's something else to consider i guess. yeah, there's certainly ways to make the baddest, beefiest, craziest dumbass character you can make, so over the top you're de facto immortal and blow every archvillain away in one hit* because why the hell not (*i do not believe you can actually do this). do you know what else though? i built a character once for capped run speed once. with sprint. cause i could. cause that's hilarious to me. here comes sprint woman, get the hell out of my way, im the sprint woman. maybe tomorrow i'll make a defender with one attack who only uses brawl with capped resistances. why? because i want that sweet, sweet infinity +1 damage per endurance brawl from vigilance when my team is half dead. and that's all okay. not every character has to be io'd to the gills, you don't need to feel compelled to do that if you don't want. play how you want, friend, its the beauty of this totally, hilariously fucked up game all i got 🙂
  6. hmmm is a guy i've known since shortly before live went down. he likes to farm. man does he love to farm. when coh came back, he went right back to it. i've seen him literally farm 24+ hours straight. like, i went to bed, woke up, did my whole morning routine. this guy? still at it. he's got like three accounts. everyday he's leveling a new alt, trying a new farmer. sometimes he even actively plays 2+ characters at once, he loves that shit. says it meditative, relaxing, fun. enjoys making his millions and kitting out his peeps. even lets other people join, cause hey, why not? someone to chat with while he goes. me? i don't like farmin that much. i mean its okay, but i get bored. it makes me anxious. i don't like that. but that guy, he loves it. and when i think about taking that away from him? man, im so sad. i don't want to be party to ruining what he has. when this game came back, dude, i cried. i love running dumb paper missions, making totally useless characters. making totally awesome characters. doing occasional tfs, playing with friends, that's my jam. i'd be sad if someone took that away again, too. game means different things to different people, appreciate and respect that. try not to think of the game as something to be fixed, just something we're all lucky to enjoy again. that's all i got on this topic. 😞
  7. more variables, i'd assume. i mean, yeah you have no way of predicting if i'll six slot brawl with damage so's. but there's only so many enhancement slots, and so many enhancements to put in them. its a lot easier to quantify. more enhancement types, set bonuses = more moving parts, etc. also i guess i am kinda dumb (sorry) so i don't know who determines what a 'general sense of what io sets are going to do' is or how they go about doing that. then on top of that, are we sort of agreeing that so's are irrelevant? the new standard is io's, and going forward, your so build isn't considered/important for purposes of new content or AT/power comparisons? not saying it can't be done. i mean after all i'm the asshat that six slotted brawl for damage, and nobody balances around me. and we don't really balance level 50 content around training enhancements either. really the only thing that concerns me with these tanker changes (i like them fwiw) is what happens when people start claiming there's "too much power creep." idk, again, dumb person here.
  8. i, uh, don't know you at all. and i'm not sure if i'm reading the tone on this post correctly. but this behavior, like this whole post is incredibly abusive dude. fwiw, i'm really skeptical of a lot of a lot of changes being proposed by people (especially vague calls for "more challenge" whatever that even means) - coh was a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and homecoming is pretty much run on donations. i feel like there's a kind of responsibility to crystallize the game as it was, not necessarily how any one of us maybe wanted it to be. but what you're doing is really not okay. i hope you'll re-evaluate, but im not your boss
  9. a few of us are on indomitable, per the discord.
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