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  1. After you got to Rogue 10/10 you should have gotten a morality mission tip next - that switches you to Rogue. To become a hero you need to head to Paragon City and start doing tip missions there - 10 of those and the morality mission get you to hero. Pocket D lets a rogue enter Paragon City. The hero contacts won't talk to you, but you can do police scanner missions and pick up tips there. Or you can Null. The above is how I've done it - the rogue-to-hero tips have their own, somewhat comical, set of missions.
  2. You get the bonus. There's no reason to attune the proc's, and I have several characters with that one IO not attuned - I get the bonus.
  3. The mission difficulty in First Ward and Night Ward is inconsistent - in general it's harder, and occasionally you find yourself in a very deep hole. There's a First Ward mission where you escort NPCs to various spots in a graveyard. Ambushes spawn while an NPC is active. There are also static spawns on the map that the NPCs stop and fight, letting more ambushes spawn. I'd upped difficulty, and this was slow moving. I accidentally got 3 NPCs active at once in a spot close to several static clumps - the NPCs got captured and I got wiped out. Come back and there are lots and lots of villains, with the ambushes auto-agro on me. A couple trips to the hospital and my computer crashed. Came back knowing what was in store, pre-cleared the static spawns, and it was easy. Point being - the mission wasn't inherently too difficult, but its components allowed it to spiral out of control. It felt poorly tested. I now dial down the difficulty in the Wards just in case. But this means mostly too-simple missions.
  4. I'd say an Empathy Defender made a poor choice if they never plan to team 😁. But I assume that Empathy Defender can solo door missions all the way to 50 if they want (maybe at -1 level). Other content like task forces is meant for teams - some can solo those too, but I don't think every AT should be made to. Making ATs more fun in teams and more fun to solo is a great thing. The blaster's sustain powers, defender's getting a damage boost in small teams - these seem like the right approach.
  5. The Defender's vigilance started as a team-base endurance discount and later gained a damage boost for small teams and solo. I don't think it's out of the question to do the same for Kheldians. Also don't think that's their biggest issue - I'd rather see suppressed toggles when switching forms and/or human mez protection (at least switch human from resists to defenses). Probably tone down the void hunters too. Soldiers and Widows are made from lots of recycled bits, but their play is so much smoother. And their inherent helps no matter the team size.
  6. Is this a recent change? I've had it in Kinetic Melee's Repulsing Torrent and never seen a knockback. But I haven't played that character for about 2 weeks. Guess I should log her in...
  7. To be fair, limited-self-control is the situation many folks find themselves in. If someone was trying to get money out of us I bet we'd see a heavy clamp down on AE experience - cause lots of folks would fly to 50, get bored and quit.
  8. I enjoy IOs, but also don't have the inclination/time to plot out full builds. So I just craft them when I find the recipe and salvage. I've got a dozen Alts, and usually someone can use whatever I find - the rest I sell. I'm probably more exited than most when I see an orange salvage/recipe drop 😁 I do craft and pass them through AH to get attuned versions. I figure, if someone hits 50 I can sell and work out a real build. Until then, I get the enjoyment of finding stuff.
  9. If you run the old stuff there's an awful lot of: Clear this big office building of the same clump of 3 family members. On the flip side, the way they made new content more interesting also makes it unpredictably more difficult. Endless spawns of bad guys, here's 3 bosses all at once, etc. I start bumping up mission difficulty at level 25, but I've stopped doing that in First Ward and Night Ward. Cause ever so often this leads to a blow out.
  10. I don't AE. There's enough newer content that you can skip old content without running dry - at least through 30 (where my highest is at). In fact, once you get off the old-contact tract it seems hard to get back on it - you rarely get introduced. It does mean all your Alts run through the same stuff. As such, I've got an Alt running through the old to experience something new 😁
  11. I'd say the problem with Blood Frenzy is its impact is so vague many of us were confused as to what it is doing for us 😀. Compare this to something like Water Blast, where the full-stack rewards are more obvious. Even simple stuff, like graphically showing Rending Flurry's expanded circle, would help.
  12. I thought Savage's Exhausted just meant no building blood frenzy for around 10 seconds. You lose out on the damage bonus and endurance discount that comes with blood frenzy, but I didn't think it crashed your endurance. I have a low-level Savage/Bio brute. Bio masks a bunch of issues, but I think I'd notice an endurance crash.
  13. Conductive Aura has been a great help against EBs. Been going through Faultline solo, got to the first Widow EB with just one purple, assume I was doomed. Nope - she ran out of gas first. The Lost Lts were a bigger hassle 🙂
  14. Years back I had a fire/fire dom that struggled to solo in his teens. The single target immob is what got me past it -- string them out while retreating. Now I'm struggling with an electric/martial, experimenting with all that knockdown. Bosses tend to fall down on one application, but AVs not so much. I wish martial got the blaster's Chi Push.
  15. I was definitely getting procs on a Widow last night. I have it in Lunge, in case that matters.
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