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  1. I finally picked up Smoke Flash on my Ninja/Cold. First thing I noticed: Sure costs a bunch of endurance 😀. Smoke Flash seems to do two things, but not 100% reliably: Increase damage via a string of criticals. Most noticeable on the Genin, who doesn't normally critical. Rescue a wounded ninja. Enemies do seem to switch targets away from the hidden ninja, at least momentarily. I already use Frost Works when a ninja takes a small hit - thinking I might use Smoke Flash the same way. Am I missing something? Smoke Flash seems kind of hit-and-miss for 1/3 of your endura
  2. I did the vigilante-to-villain tips cause I realized I'd never done that before. Some of the mission were... disturbing, and I had to stop a couple times. It is similar to the hero-to-vigilante missions, but now you've just given up worrying if innocent folks get hurt. If you start red side, you start evil without cause. If you go hero-to-vigilante-to-villain, you take the character down the slippery slope. I stopped liking the character by the end. It's similar to some Pretoria arcs, where your decisions become more and more questionable. Characters that started here, made i
  3. Probably not exactly what you are after - The tip missions you do as a vigilante red-side, on your way to switching to a villain, made me feel dirtier than any other set of missions.
  4. Completed the mission - other lieutenants were the right level, it was just the wolves. And, even in the +1 level groups, the wolves stayed at 35. I think they just have a minimum level of 35 and, if you are below that, you get level 35 wolves.
  5. This has got to be a bug - Doing the new "Loot the Unsuspecting Council" mission at level 31, has level 31 minions, but all the Eclipse Nightwolf Champions" are level 35. Doing this solo, with difficulty +0 levels, x3 players. Luckily this sonic/regen sentinel is tough as nails, but it takes quite awhile to defeat a +4 wolf lt. Especially since they high-speed flee. Having one in every group makes for slow going... And, as general feedback - really not into these newer style missions with the waves of ambushes coming one on top of the other. They are exciting. But
  6. It didn't occur to me until playing with the new patch - with SOs available early, and lower-level inventions still at TO and DO levels, slotting these before level 25 means less bonus. Other than avoiding the cost of upgrading your SOs, any reason to use inventions until later?
  7. It's the very slow activation bits - a pet peeve for me. Before I give up on the character, am I missing something? You have to spend half of your time swinging really slow, right?
  8. We had to skip a week cause outside stuff. But we got back to it with all these hints and steam-rolled right through. So thanks for the ideas folks!
  9. I've been selling them for 1.2 million for months - last week they dropped to 900K and seem to be staying there. This was how I turned merits into influence - do I need a new scheme?
  10. We only get together on the weekend, so nothing yet - we'll be back to the final mission, with daggers, lower notoriety, and firm instructions to keep tar patches going.
  11. If it was just me, that would be my approach 😀 - yell at it, give up on it, drop it. But they are stubborn. Thanks everyone for the tip about pocket d!
  12. Me and 3 casual friends (including a kid) are working our way through the Admiral Sutter Task Force. The second half it's AVs in pairs - we got past the first 2 pairs but cannot put a dent in the Durays. I'm guessing high resist, and not enough damage characters - Tank, Dark Corruptor, MM (kid) and my Sentinel. We don't die, but we're in a stand-off. I know about daggers, but we're mid TF and it's too late. I think we should just pitch it and swap in a better mix (like my traps corruptor) but figured I'd ask the experts. Is there anything else we can try?
  13. Just teaming up did nothing - he didn't see a door either. Running through the same mission with someone else worked fine - and once we started I could see and talk to the contact again. But I was still told she wasn't responding. Happy to be done. Be nice if the "she is not responding" window gave the abandon/complete options. Safer if the standard self-fixing options were available.
  14. Mission Transporter says it has an invalid door_id. I'll try teaming up, but I think I'd need someone else on the same mission.
  15. This is the final UNSF mission, but not the old cannot-find-body issue. The mission doesn't list a zone and the door where it always takes place does not work. I also cannot talk to the contact at this point in the story, so I cannot abandon or auto-complete. Is there any trick to get around this, or do I need to file an in-game ticket?
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