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  1. I have a level 18 alt I just never want to play ๐Ÿ˜† - it's a clunky version of warshade, which is already plenty clunky. For me its the lengthy activation times - 3+ seconds to apply a hold? ๐Ÿคจ Trying her as human only, and human + dwarf if I can make it to 20...
  2. I'd like to see options for powers that use effects that don't make sense for all origins. Like Medicine and the new Experimentation. Wands instead of guns? Is it possible for procs to inherit power colors? My electric dom's ATO procs a fire ball - be less jarring if it was at least in electricity colors.
  3. I tried it with a group of friends and still didn't get the appeal. Nova seems to be the quicker source of area damage. But I haven't built out other sources of human damage - that'd make sticking in human more appealing. I could totally see using it dual form.
  4. The Essence Transfer proc is all but useless - it doesn't go off nearly as often as it implies, and it doesn't heal much when it does. I have it and forget I have it.
  5. Interesting - maybe I will hold onto it a bit longer. I don't tend to have someone holding agro, but that could change. I got some friends playing since we cannot boardgame anymore. I've been inclined to play a blaster cause they fell into tank, dark corruptor, stalker - and blaster just filled a simple do-area-damage hole. Maybe I should try WS with them... Thanks for the input!
  6. Yeah, I've given up on all but the stealth toggle cause it's a hassle to turn stuff back on. And I just don't spend that much time in human. I think I'd be better off just taking power pool picks to mule some more +resist, etc.
  7. I have it, but I rarely turn it on. I can get 1 or 2 ticks during the initial mire, but 2 ticks is not much damage. After mire I switch to Nova and start in with the area attacks. I do pop in and out of human during fights, but I can't see turning it on then. For me, human is control and buffing, not damage. Am I missing something? Will I want it at higher levels (I just hit 31)?
  8. It's the same idea - I just like having these on the power bar, so I create them with /macro instead of /bind
  9. I believe conventional wisdom is to put Achilles' Heel into something with a longer recharge, so it fires off more consistent. How important is that? I took Mercurial early when I needed another single target attack, and I slotted Achilles' Heel when the recipe happened to drop. Now (37) I have one too many attacks, and normally I'd drop the littlest. But I'm wondering if I should drop Precise instead, and keep mercurial/achilles in rotation? Ancillary is Body cause I find endurance runs out first in a protracted encounter. Don't think Laser Beam is much better of a host, and don't want anyhow.
  10. I've macro'ed up my elec/elec defender to cut down on selecting an ally, and will add one more to pick myself as the location for the sentinel.
  11. I don't quite agree. In my experience with longer fights, you drop them to empty often enough that you delay their attacks - they need to wait for endurance. Sometimes you can hit them again and delay them some more. It's like a back-loaded recharge debuff. I was teaming in the Hollows again. The tank remarked how often trolls were just standing around, out of gas and doing nothing.
  12. I've just got low level elec/elec experience (mostly Hollows teams) but I'm finding the drain aspect to be a bunch like what I found with an elec dominator - it does nothing in short/easy fights, but in long/difficult encounters you get to where enemies hover around empty and attack much less often. I also did a little Kings Row soloing against those Skrull EBs, and always ended up with an empty EB mostly standing around.
  13. I don't normally bother, but i just wanted to send a big thank you to the Devs for all these efforts. I've dragged some friends into playing due to difficult times - it's great to have something casual players can just hop into. When I came back, I made a deal with myself: No getting caught up in must-have-all-the-stuffs. I remember live, and our market is so much friendlier than that. I can have more of the stuffs with just my casual play. So again - much thanks!
  14. Isn't it more that folks feel compelled to take certain powers (hasten, etc) cause that's where the power-player meta is? And then they see fun origin powersets coming online and feel sad?
  15. Diversity doesn't seem to be what folks are after ๐Ÿ˜- this is about min/maxing and getting all the powers that allow it. Not saying min/maxing is bad. I just don't see diversification as the goal here. Even you are talking about building all your brutes on the exact same framework. This is like fitness - either you agree everyone needs these powers and you make it built-in, or you decide it isn't.
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