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  1. Well, for the moment those who participated laugh at the reward, just because they had fun. It's 45 minutes of fun in a group, with an activity you probably never did on your favorite game. If you just want money or xp, yes go farm in AE.
  2. Hey there, If you didn't see the original post, please look at it ! I can't put a lot of screenshots because they are some secrets to discover ... Even if you don't want to play the escape room, you can PM me (here or ingame) for a visit I'm quite sure there are some buildings that might interest you, as a base lovers !
  3. Hey guys, the Escape Room is still open ! The manor and its secrets are waiting for you (Yes, you, and 2 others !)
  4. Hey all, it is a very serious bug... I just discovered that someone pretends to be the P2W seller of Atlas Park ... The attached photo is irrefutable proof. That's not the same person. Take care if you buy double XP or something else. PS : I don't need the badge tracker badge 😉
  5. Ardzog

    PvP Bugs

    Today I saw a lot a players exploiting it... 1 minute under phase, and Ethereal Shift is reloaded in about 1 min.... So, Yes we truly need a patch for this... Disable all temp powers in pvp zones could be a radical solution, but necessary to prevent the pvp from becoming completely insane
  6. Thank you for the support justicebeliever.... I think he only read the word PVP and stopped reading there, or just didn't understand anything. Have a look here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/9495-flavour-of-the-month-level-50/ We can see that in pve too, some ATs are completely ignored by the players. That's the subject of the topic.
  7. This is a topic about Archetyps never played because they are bad. That also works in pve. Some players don't care about being performant in pve. That's why that's more important in pvp. So now, can we talk about the topic maybe ? . . .
  8. Thank you for your valuable contribution
  9. I am a sad AT. No one wants me! This post mainly concerns the PVP. Because, in PVP, the performance of the Archetype is more sought after than the exotic and fun side. However, the subject, in general, also concerns the PVE. First of all, I would like to say that I am very grateful to people who take time to make these updates, and I respect those choices. What I particularly like about this game is the variety of powers and archetypes. But I have often the feeling that changes always go in the same direction : Improve things that are already working well (from the point of view of combat effectiveness) Here is some of the latest changes I have in mind, that were quite unnecessary in my opinion : - Be able to attack under Invisibility ? Why ? Now, 90% players will use this... is the next step is to make this power inherent ? - Add more heal for sentinel regen : Seriously ? wasn't the AT already strong enough compared to the others? In PVP, we see 80% of regen sentinels, 20% with bio armor. Even if the figures were wrong before, it was more consistent with other ATs. - I heard about a possible future boost for the Gun Drone on device blasters. Ok, devices have been less trendy lately, with the arrival of Tactical Arrow (and the Ubber Nature blasters) Also, the interest of having some "to hit" on targetting drone was annihilated by the snipe changes. But devices is still a great choice in comparison to : Fire manipulation, Ice, Electricity... So, what I'd like ? Focus next changes on those who are left out. Make more attractive what no one ever plays, except for a few fringe nutters who have money to spend ! Here is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions I have in mind while i'm writing this. Perhaps some of them have already been posted and debated, I don't know. I will not give any numbers, just various ideas to make these ATs more attractive. - Dark Armor : I suggest something radical, like : Dark Embrace immunize the player against -fly/-jump ! Death shroud can't be detoggle by mezz - Assault Rifle : increase M30 grenade KB to 18 increase duration of Stun on Beanbag - Dual pistols : increase base damage on single target attacks - Sonic Resonance : Increase duration of Sonic Cage Disruption Field can't be detoggle by mezz - Traps : I don't have many ideas for this... more damage on seeker drones ? - Ice melee : Add range (40?) on Freezing touch - Fiery Melee : Increase range (40) on Incinerate - Dual blades : No idea here... I never dared to test that ! - Peacebringer : Thank you for giving us the opportunity to color the attacks, but, could you also open epic powers please ? same choice the sentinels have. - Dominators : Domination also increases the mezz duration in PVP Also, increase duration of all mezz in pvp (except the broken and hated dark grasp of course !) - Super Reflexes, Invulnerability... Maybe the hardest thing to do... : Change/decrease the DR effect ? Defense on a sentinel is a joke for example ! Well, I hope that this topic will open the debate, and that the next changes will go in that direction !
  10. Hi, here is a tool that makes life easier : known bug : single io command doesn't work with ATOs. Post if you find some other bugs. https://www.transfernow.net/ddl/COHslashboost Have fun !
  11. Hi, here is a tool that makes life easier : known bug : single io command doesn't work with ATOs. Post if you find some other bugs. https://www.transfernow.net/ddl/COHslashboost Have fun !
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