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  1. I just wanted to say a very big thank you for this binds and macros list. It's a huge help in getting my old binds back after creating a new character. (I hadn't done a default list yet and probably should given that I roleplay on all of my toons.)
  2. +1, I'd give 100 if it were possible. Please make this a thing!
  3. Visitors are welcome and we are looking for coalition members to join mine and my husbands two supergroup unit. :3 Scions of Everlasting : Scions-3706
  4. No, but it sounds interesting enough to stream.
  5. I'll be honest, I like this idea but having a centralized backup would open up a few threats that could potentially cause issues for all the communities, not just Homecoming itself. I think it's a good idea but having stronger security would be an absolute if such a thing were to be made proactively for all the COH servers in existence were this implemented.
  6. Hello fellow role players of Everlasting. I'm bringing forward an idea that has been discussed, debated, and broken down fairly frequently between my husband and I and we wanted to get some input from the rest of the active roleplaying community of Everlasting. I'm working on forming up a Super Group coalition with my husbands super group and my own to enable open roleplaying in the game world of Everlasting, and I wanted to see how many super groups would be interested in joining this coalition. My own super group is formed with the idea of helping fight against the misuse of magic and mutant powered criminals, but with all roleplaying, we need to know if there's others that wish to be part of something like this. My husbands group is tailored with the idea of vigilant heroes fighting together as a street gang against crime, though can often bend the rules of civic authority. We both are highly experienced role players, and came from quite a few mmorpg's that host roleplaying communities. (A total of 15 years + of experience on both sides of the board here.) He is hoping to find villain groups that wish to pit against us as a coalition once things start really rolling but right now we are just testing the waters for interest. We both are mature players and enjoy this game a great deal but wish to keep an immersive feel for both of our super groups. Anyone else think this might be worth while?
  7. I can confirm that back peices, and wings, do exist for female characters. :)
  8. Thank you so much for bringing back this wonderful game. I'm a retail player from back in the beginning and seeing it back and LIVE has made my entire century. Thank you guys for so much of your hard work bringing this game back to life.
  9. Look, just because you don't team with someone, doesn't mean that you won't be getting XP from the kills they DO help you kill. The percentage isn't enough to hurt you overall, and honestly if you want to play by yourself there are Architect missions you can do that are solo-able. This complaint is a null point, you are playing an MMO, with millions of other players. Get. Over. It.
  10. Honestly I found roleplay so easily in this game originally. It's good to see it's bringing back the folks from back then. :D
  11. Hello hello, from the little dragon girl on almost every server of CoH. I went by a variety of names, to which I'm keeping to myself until I get a chance to roll them on the servers here. But my globaltag is easy to remember. o/ Glad to see a lot of old friends and enemies on here! Hopefully this DL doesn't take too long cause I'm seriously looking forward to hopping in to say Hey! :-*
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