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  1. Um, HC has already stated the game will forever remain free, no DLC's or hooks like that, no reason to when it's the community that's helping run it. The whole thing is volunteer ran, what donations are given pay for hosting the wiki, the game virtual servers and that's it. No perks, no special trumpets or flares. This is an old game, a relic of it's time, and honestly? Until you've played, you won't see how immersive the game really is until you watch the activity of the npc's, and see how they respond to heroes and villain's both.
  2. Settles in after a very long silence and sighs softly. Therapy day, not sure if I'll be logging in this weekend with how drained my sessions usually leave me feeling. If I do, count it a win over the past. Tilts their head, furrowing their brow. I don't mean to drop the mood bomb, but does everyone have to pep themselves up just to move out of bed in the mornings, or is that just me?
  3. Admittedly I have only one I keep regularly updated at this time, but I am working on getting several carrd sites up for the two and a half dozen characters I play regularly and linking them to the character descriptions in-game. I *love* using blog pages for character journals, summaries of the day, and such, sometimes for story writing when I'm not in the mood to put up with random people in general. It's handy honestly. (Considered using Tumblr, but after seeing how the wow community went to town with it, I avoid the hell out of that space these days even for my personal journaling.)
  4. I kind of like organic meetings and introductions, even with my SG recruitment. I find that the most interesting characters tend to be very well immersed in the game, or avoiding being publicly advertising about it their interest in finding groups and roleplaying. I've been avoiding using FBSA because I prefer using my own carrd pages and brief bio descriptions. I do encourage players to use it though that come to the Welcome Wagon classes, just cause it is a community feature that was given to us to use. I suppose it's very much up to the player. There's forums here, super group recruitment
  5. New zones with missions and task forces and introductions to new hero/villain NPC's. New costumes! Absolutely this, there's a lot that can be taken apart from NPC appearances. More base parts and elevated base part number limits for certain. Elevated limited for global chat channels and zones. Perhaps, and this a wild shot in the dark sort of cloud 13 sort of wish, more refined tools for UI adjusting, and additional window options for macro building to save account wide.
  6. I'm of this variety myself. I love finding a group that I can befriend and develop story lines with, it makes for a lot of fun. However I try not to blend stories either for the same reason. I've had a few try and end up blocked for making the attempt without talking about it with me privately, or even making an attempt to ask.
  7. Very much this. Especially from a roleplayers nondramatics aspect outlook. Many of the groups I'm working with tend to be very much so careful whom they bring in to the circle for play simply because we don't want to deal with other peoples drama but don't mind sharing and listening to each others views and offering advise and help to each other with missions/tf's and what not. I work heavily with Chaos United, and a couple other groups that I'm not sure if I have permission to invite to, but the more you listen/read the conversations and ongoing matters with roleplaying groups that g
  8. Oof, yeah sounds like you ran into a really poor group to play with. But yeah, the splicing genes matter there with hybrid that big of a number would be near impossible, even within this world we're playing in. I tend to do a lot of randomized rolls for some of my characters pros and cons, just so I play fairly and leave it to chance. I get ya though, that can be absolutely annoying to put up with. Most of the good roleplayers tend to avoid Pocket D except for rare instances they WANT to get utterly plastered. (counting myself there since I do sometimes take a stroll through to see what's up a
  9. This sets me to question quite a few things actually. I have at least a couple dozen multidimensional characters but none of them are immune to the effects of this reality. Questionable "bloodlines" um, hybridization happens. Portal Corp has been opening portals all over the place for how long now? Counting sunset, and there's no telling exactly what kind of worlds they all were, or what dimensions they opened to. The open loopholes are quite broad in spectrum in that sense but everyone has their own ideas of what might be a cool character and I just kind of flow with it until it crosses
  10. OH very much the same in regards to seeing the potential. It can be a daunting task to do when no one else seems to take interest or are unaware of it.
  11. I got too much on my plate to handle right now to contribute to that, but I do hope that it pans out well @GraspingVileTerror
  12. /e warbles some song that's been stuck in her head for the last few days. Therapy day. Might as well kick back and chill with some calm tracks.
  13. Next class semester will be held at 5pm Sept. 10th, 11th, 12th, and workshop on the 13th for new and old players interested in learning more about roleplaying, or refreshing their personal knowledge base. We moved up the time schedule to allow for a little more wiggle room between raids being held on Everlasting. All classes at this time, are being held on Everlasting as it is the unofficial roleplaying shard of the server.
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