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  1. Hello. Played a ton of PvP/AV content w ninja trap on live. Do not underslot provoke:) That looks like a totally solid build. Tips: give your insps to your pets. Email yourself insps. Especially for TF/SFs. Spam provoke. Spam smoke flash on Oni. Critting Oni is (very)nice. Caltrops stack with your pets caltrops, webnade nicely. Mace Mastery has some great trap symmetry's as well. Once you get to your defense/resist levels, proc out. Spam temp power attacks all day. Grenade, Plasmatic taser will add DPS to your game, keep aggro on you along with provoke. Get your accolades, they make a huge difference with MMs. Consider ageless to get those traps out. Ordee your Tier 2 pets to attack bosses and tough foes. The confuse attack is silly fun. With the others in BG, tough, FFG Mez protection, you should shred thru AVs and content. πŸ™‚pan widget
  2. Please.. Don't leave out Super Strength.. Against all odds stacks very nicely with Rage.. Tons of soft control with clap and stomp... It's lovely..
  3. Hi guys. Love this thread, and the other proc monster threads:) Possible to ask for a Rad/Stone proc'd out Tanker build please? Thank you so much, I suck at builds:/
  4. Hello: I've a storm water lvl 50(+1) on Reunion. Chose to with Cryonic Ray(all damage), for Judgement. Clarion for mezz protection. Diamagnetic for the -to hit. The storm pets are very fun and thematic as well. Hurricane and o2 included as well with those pets, so it's a nice stack! Went with Musculature as well, and Assault for more damage. Still have end issues. Between victory rush, the end+ temp power, power boost and conserve power, it works:) Edit: Maybe not the "best" incarnates for a storm defender, but very thematic with the cryo Ray and lightning storm pets:)
  5. Hello. Maybe use enhancement boosters on your taunt IO's or sets? Also slot the chance for Psi damage in Provoke. Doing damage is aggro.
  6. Don't give up on Ninja Trap Mace. The mezz protection, base defense, -regen, caltrop stacking damage proc potential goodness. You can make a Ninja trap very tanky with leadership, fighting pool, and Provoke..
  7. One of my favorite memories on Live: Reunion Server. In RV with 8ngaHroSndwch, my main Ninja Trap MM. I was AFK.. Came back to a purple drop and a PVP kill. Sold it for 1.4 Billion.. πŸ™‚
  8. Hello gang! Dante here. Building a dedicated late game debuffer. Looking for a build that has capped S/L defense, capped range defense, at least. N0 poison buffs unless needed for set bonus's(Snek with Tiny Hat does not buff)... Stimulant is acceptable, aid other is not. Will be using Darks 3 cones, life drain, Dark pit. Nuke not really wanted, although open to it. Whatever it takes, the inf will be there. Incarnate suggestions also greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading, your awesome feedback. -Dante
  9. I..slotted a +5 lvl 50 taunt IO in Against all Odds. Mobs come to me now, esp w taunt. The psi damage proc is nice as well. Shield Charge you can totally.pp out with a Superior "winter" set, the chance for KB proc is redundant tho. Since damage is capped at 300 for charge, a damage proc seems best. I personally am going to go with damage procs in Mu fences, ball. The Positrons Blast in both help fill the Psi/toxic holes shield has, while giving decent recharge and other set bonus's. Alt slotting would be to three purple slot Mu Ball and fences for the HP/Regen bonus's, and the Superior winter set for the slow resist/damage bonus. Doing that would allow for flexible slotting, Max damage on both. While giving some nice health/Regen buffs as well. Putting a chance for KD in ball lightning feels a little redundant w foot stomp and charge, I'd rather have a damage proc or -res proc(if on a large team). Will likely keep some engagement unslotters, and -Res procs on me, try to run hero stats, farm for the average:)
  10. Why the -res proc, and not two damage procs in the Mu fence/ball? Would two -res procs be worth it? Went Ageless Core, have Banished Pantheon Pet(s). Love the rain(does -damage) and the fortitude buff it gives. Thanks again!!
  11. Hello again!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Big shout out to @NiyceOne!! I specced into your build, took it to level 100 vet. Loved it. Thank Moo so mooch:) I swapped out SJ for Mu Lighting, put a taunt IO (+5) in Against all Odds. It's beautiful. Just wanted to give you some credit/propers Matey.
  12. Now slap a FF proc in there and go-to town!
  13. Please do not change rage. It has worked fine for all these years. Thanks!!
  14. I think you may have "executed" your SS/Shield poorly then. Shield Charge is a pseudo pet, with a damage cap of %300. I'm easily over %300 in most mobs.. Proper slotted HandClap adds a lot of mitigation with Footstomp and Shield Charge. I personally enjoy Rage stacking with Fury, AaO. Between popping a purple, HandClap, the other KD, rage crash is very manageable. Totally understand that rage crash/my playstyle isn't for everyone. I have also played with other Shield tankers, scrappers, stalkers.. This build is quite survivable with decent DPS( will run hero stats for DPS). I find myself doing as much damage as the shield scrapper/stalkers, outlasting the Shield/SS tanks I've played with...
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