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  1. I..slotted a +5 lvl 50 taunt IO in Against all Odds. Mobs come to me now, esp w taunt. The psi damage proc is nice as well. Shield Charge you can totally.pp out with a Superior "winter" set, the chance for KB proc is redundant tho. Since damage is capped at 300 for charge, a damage proc seems best. I personally am going to go with damage procs in Mu fences, ball. The Positrons Blast in both help fill the Psi/toxic holes shield has, while giving decent recharge and other set bonus's. Alt slotting would be to three purple slot Mu Ball and fences for the HP/Regen bonus's, and the Superior winter set for the slow resist/damage bonus. Doing that would allow for flexible slotting, Max damage on both. While giving some nice health/Regen buffs as well. Putting a chance for KD in ball lightning feels a little redundant w foot stomp and charge, I'd rather have a damage proc or -res proc(if on a large team). Will likely keep some engagement unslotters, and -Res procs on me, try to run hero stats, farm for the average:)
  2. Why the -res proc, and not two damage procs in the Mu fence/ball? Would two -res procs be worth it? Went Ageless Core, have Banished Pantheon Pet(s). Love the rain(does -damage) and the fortitude buff it gives. Thanks again!!
  3. Hello again!! 🙂 🙂 Big shout out to @NiyceOne!! I specced into your build, took it to level 100 vet. Loved it. Thank Moo so mooch:) I swapped out SJ for Mu Lighting, put a taunt IO (+5) in Against all Odds. It's beautiful. Just wanted to give you some credit/propers Matey.
  4. Now slap a FF proc in there and go-to town!
  5. Please do not change rage. It has worked fine for all these years. Thanks!!
  6. I think you may have "executed" your SS/Shield poorly then. Shield Charge is a pseudo pet, with a damage cap of %300. I'm easily over %300 in most mobs.. Proper slotted HandClap adds a lot of mitigation with Footstomp and Shield Charge. I personally enjoy Rage stacking with Fury, AaO. Between popping a purple, HandClap, the other KD, rage crash is very manageable. Totally understand that rage crash/my playstyle isn't for everyone. I have also played with other Shield tankers, scrappers, stalkers.. This build is quite survivable with decent DPS( will run hero stats for DPS). I find myself doing as much damage as the shield scrapper/stalkers, outlasting the Shield/SS tanks I've played with...
  7. DanteTheStoic


    Id be happy to level you on Reunion if it's easy. @8ngaherosandwich
  8. Stunning/immobilizing/pet rain lets me go past aggro cap, actually be more efficient. With the FF proc going off quite often, it also makes the sustained attack chain mooooOOOooch smoother.
  9. Assault may not be worth it as a brute. Clap slotted proper stuns/kd's all but bosses, then will stack to stun as the Mu attacks drain them dry. The cone seemed too end heavy for me, and with no other comes, no synergy. Let me get this build up here. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1592&c=754&a=1508&f=HEX&dc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
  10. Hello. Will post build when I get home. Fences and Mu Ball currently have 6 slotted Positrons Blast, with upgrades in progress. HandClap has 4 slots Absolute Amazement, one Force Feedback, One Sudden Acceleration KB to KD. The FF procs a lot. Makes the attack chain very smooth. KD solves the KB issue. Footstomp is slotted similar as well(FF proc).: I run Ageless for incarnate power. And Agility for the end mod. Between those two, hasten, I rarely need to pop blues even with constant mobs. The Mu ST attack is very nice, the striker is very useless in higher level/aggro environments.
  11. P.Fury stacks with Rage + Against all Odds. I'm at 380+ damage bonus in +8 mobs. Without reds or outside buffs/incarnates. SS powers HandClap and Footstomp slotted with Force Feedback, Sudden Acceleration KD proc are some central powers to this build. 5 damaging AoE attacks: Ion, Mu Ball, Mu Cages, F stomp, S Charge. Then there is HandClap. HandClap stuns all but bosses, let's me throw Mu Ball, aggro more mobs into my Lore Pet's (Banished Pantheon) damaging rain. Excellent AoE chain, good ST chain, tons of crowd control. This build does is all for moo. If any one is interested, I'll post my build. You can build a very effective SS/shield for fairly cheap.
  12. DanteTheStoic


    Hi all!! Returning (Re) Union player. My main was a ninja trap,"8ngaHroSandwich". I PVP'd a bit with "Techno-Watt", aka Warfadelic. Other toons: Hard Gamma, Fire Rad General Disarray FullMeltClearStone And a few others that sadly, I have forgotten. Really happy to be back. When I was learning PVP, I had an arch enemy/nemesis who would ..take me to school for a long time.. Fire energy blaster, possibly named Kolton or Colton. Sigh . Thanks for coming back every one. Rocking a bot/time now..:) Any ways it's great to be here!!!
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