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About Me

Hey hey, how's it going? Looks like I've finally decided to put something here! (Go me) 


Who I am:


I am a nerd, I am not perfect.

I draw/sketch/illustrate for various reasons and for my own original designs. (Yeah it's graphic novel/ comic related)

I've played City of Heroes since it's humble beginnings up until Shutdown. (Guardian Server Guardianite!)


I'm @The Game Changer (Formerly @Ashockalypse)


My playing schedule is really... Well, it varies. But I do maintain a server over on Discord. I also romp around on Xbox Live and Steam.


I am now trying to re-establish myself on Homecoming within the Excelsior server. (@The Game Changer)


So look me up, add me on Discord (If you want to voicechat), message me here or even find me on Facebook! (O.o)


I'd like to help out with gameplay and make some new friends once more into the ether!



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