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  1. Good points DSorry, good points! I'm not 100% for sure, but I don't think AE farming grants merits. It can gain incarnate xp, though. Thank you for replying!
  2. Hello and good morning! Like most of you I was online when we powered down CoH. What a great game and what a GREAT GAME to have back! That leads me to ask - why change things "against" farming for xp/inf? Now, don't get me wrong here, i'm not fishing for a fight or argument but would like to hear your thoughts on pro/against farming in CoH. My two cents: Pro: [*]Help. I get to help people gain influence and XP. TBH, this is the main reason I farm. [*]Fun. I have always been a guild farmer in every RPG. It gives me a way to give back to those I enjoy gaming with. [*]Heroic. In CoH specifically I find it incredibly enjoyable to just smash the crap out of large groups of mobs. [*]End game. I have always preferred to play in the end game aspect of any MMO I play. It tends to be the area where my type of content is and I get to surround myself with great content. [*]Funds. In CoH it can assist in purchasing things for me, friends, the SG, or whatever. Did you enjoy the 200M costume contest? Or what about someone who helps out a noobie or friend? Con: [*]Influence advantage. It can create a powerhouse of influence. [*]Market offset. It can upset the market, driving prices up/down. [*]It's not following the story of the game, as intended, with level flow of the game. So talk to me folks, I really am curious. In the world of AE farming some just don't like the fact that a farmer can do what they do - but heck, it's how I like to play the game. Maybe I don't want to run through caves of CoT or whatever. Maybe I want to run in, smash 700 mobs and do the thing. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you ahead of time for responding! :) -E
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