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  1. It's in order if you group the bladed weapon sets together, followed by the punchy punchy sets.
  2. Which is what? I haven't actually found the official name of it anywhere.
  3. For those that can't seem to catch a donation window and would still want to contribute, is it possible for you to Paypal (or your money transfer method of choice) your donation to a friend who CAN make that window, and then they could do it for you? At the moment, there really isn't a better solution that will satisfy everyone since they're trying to stay away from gathering too much money and garnering the wrong attention, so it's time to find other ways to satisfy your desire to help. Maybe donate that money to a charity in CoH's name. It seems we're complaining about there being too much money donated (which triggers the cutoff), when that should be at the bottom of things to worry about.
  4. Nice to see some familiar names again.
  5. I'm still not seeing where the problem is, if you don't actually use the threads and merits you're earning post-50. Yeah, you're getting them, but they will just sit there in a pile until you're ready to use them. You might even hit the limits on having them and then not earn them at all until you spend some. No one is saying you have to cash them all in at once. You can still be miserly with them and spend them like you would have before the adjustments, and progress the way you want to, without anyone having to spend even 5 minutes coding something that you seem to be the only one that wants to make use of. Does it really bother you that much to see a couple of hundred threads, or a pile of Emp Merits sitting there in your inventory?
  6. Veteran levels are what you earn after level 50, when the normal XP leveling process stops. If you notice your XP bubbles once at lvl 50, they are still filling as you do content that earns XP. You still ding-rez and get the usual inspiration bonus, and every set number of times you totally fill all ten bubbles, you'll earn Emp Merits. I believe it's every three or so veteran levels for a bit, and then it happens less often. It's a way for you to earn your Incarnate stuff faster and not have to run Trials all the time, as some folks have a hard time getting to do them. If I have any info wrong, feel free to correct me.
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