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  1. Why is there a refrigerator in the middle of a cave? There's nowhere to plug it in!
  2. Tony, thank you and Jimmy and Cipher and the rest of the Homecoming team for taking the time and resources to do this. You guys have gone above and beyond for our community. There will always be naysayers and skeptics, but the sky is always darkest right before the Arch-Villain gets their butt handed to them. Keep up the good fight!
  3. I mean, if it's already an animation, we should be able to do it ourselves on command, right? 🙂
  4. Hooray! Were you a member or did you happen to meet us?
  5. From a roleplaying standpoint, what if some type of in-game activity makes your character queasy? Problem solved!
  6. Tony Amore


    I'm half Italian, does that count?
  7. I post every piece of salvage I sell on the market at 1 influence because I'm just too lazy to figure out an actual fair market price. 🙂💰
  8. Hey, if the Contaminated can do it, and the random guy in Pocket D on the red side next to the ramp can do it, why can't we? 😄
  9. I was on Protector! I played Dr. Arthur Gray, (Empathy/Dark Blast) and Tony Amore (Katana Regen Scrapper). Various other alts and was in an SG called The House Of Crowe. 😀
  10. I gave the 64-bit beta a try and the graphics looked great! 😀
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