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  1. Maybe use shadow hunter (wodan add), it looks quite like a doggo.
  2. How about enabling some of aforementioned Geometries for players & make it not bugs, but features instead? Even if declare "blobby" thing in COSTUME.BIN it shouldn't cause crashes, they might happen only if COSTUME.BIN refers to non-existing Geometries.
  3. l believe it looks exactly like G_MALE_BLOBBY.GEO/GEO_LLeg* or G_MALE_BLOBBY.GEO/GEO_LLegR or be precise. It looks like flat, but not exactly like. It's closer to MALE_BOOT.GEO/GEO_LLegR_Bare, which is used in Male Roman Sandals is unlike Flat doesn't have upper part texture mismatch. However, G_MALE_BLOBBY.GEO/GEO_LLegR differs from Bare in that it scales from general character Physique (at low physique it becomes alot shorter). G_MALE_BLOBBY.GEO/GEO_LLeg* is used when game cannot find model by name described in COSTUME.BIN file, so it uses default model, which is "G_MALE_BLOBBY.GEO/GEO_LLeg*". This is generally pretty harmless, but when l tested my specific tools (for private server), there was something causing Client Crash, although l'm not completely sure it was exactly it what caused them. When the hack in only one clientside it won't affect ayone except specific player, but as there in Homecoming everyone can see default model, it may (purely hypothetically) push them closer to the crash.
  4. Nah, it's too few for a Tank. 90% or at least 85% l think would work better.
  5. Try to press and immediately release following keys: Left ALT, Left CONTROL, Left SHIFT. Usually on my character this happens when the game for some strange reason still thinks one of these complimentary keys is still pressed and not released. So when u press say "4" it might think u pressed ALT+4 or CTRL+4 and don't do aything. This might be a bit annoyin' if u assigned some toggle on that key because it may detoggle it & u may not notice that immediately.
  6. Because just how debuffs usually work. Imagine there is special prescripted enemy that has 100% resistance. Usually it is immune to resistance debuffs and therefore cannot be damaged. But if there is TSOO boss that enemy may get its resistance lowered to 90% and become already damageable. Which in its order may break certain mechanic. Of course l'm not aware of these enemies, only thing l can think of is Keyes iTRIAL consoles.
  7. Because Debuff resistance must NOT resist any buff, and it doesn't do that with any buffs except BP Lore Support Pet's Empowering Burst powah!!! That's why!
  8. But why? U can score Immobilize protection from Combat Jumping power, knockback protection from Zephyr Blessing/other IO's those grant KB prot (usually 3're nuff to protect from most KB from what We know), other mez protection from Fire and Plasma shield? What do you need from Acrobatics at all?
  9. How about the solid lack of enjoyment for normal 50+1 T3/T4 incarnates, if they make level not +4 and receive much less XP+INF, while also have constant feeling that they clobber weak enemies?! The game is balanced poorly, and endgame characters steamroll most endgame content, while underleveled ones may struggle to defeat even a minion. But otoh the same issue present in practically any game. Luckily here in City of Heroes, having a firefarmer, you can powerrun all the path from 1 to 50+1 within several hours (for me it usually takes 3 hours, but more damage firefarmers may lower that time), so l usually never have problems with it.
  10. And that's quite true. + also AFAIR when someone in team defeats +5 add, they get more experience than for +4 add. So to speak, they actually level faster being exemplared to lvl 49, than lvl 50, so it's beneficial to them, if We recall correctly how it works.
  11. Could the team leaders just start being considerate & pay 200 Million to every non-50 character they see in vicinity?
  12. Also plz make its SUPPORT pet (Empowering Burst power) +REGEN +REC and +END UNRESISTIBLE!!! Or maybe UNRESISTABLE that would work too! Tsoo BOSS PBAoE's -RES power is unresistible, and lMO it needs to have that flag taken off as well.
  13. Lvl 50 characters also usually have +1 incarnate shift, so it's not quite true what u stated above. It's not 30% effectiveness vs. 48%, it's actually 30% effectiveness vs. 66%. Thus agree that it's not the same!
  14. You have to make custom villain group, and add only Zombies from Banished pantheon on this for instance. Then use that Custom Group in your mission. This way only certain types of adds from the group will spawn.
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