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  1. Ok, maybe this isn't a bug in all meanings of this word, but the following this surely is: Its style available to Females - "Senator" Texture1 - either that Texture1 or its mask (Texture2) - elements of it those do not suppose to inherit SKIN color do it (red circle on pictures above). Elements of that are colored in skin color, but since it had always been NPC-only part on Live it seem to never got attention to. SCORE developers enabled the style, but this Texturing untidiness, well, l don't think this Senator Texture1 would have passed the Quality bar for Homecoming, because of this. That style available for Female characters is a leftover Homecoming inherited from the SCORE. It has always meant to be NPC-only piece, no matter, Male, Female, or Huge (or maybe even BasicMale, BasicFemale, Villain, Villain2 or Villain3) Body Type you are. SCORE software, however, seems to be software mostly for Private Servers, there's other meaning of term "Quality Bar" for those (when you play alone or with one or slightly more friends on those), while Homecoming looks more like full-scale MMOs with massive amount of players. Definitely what is within Quality Bars on Private Servers and is tolerable, stops being that on Homecoming. l hope, as right now Homecoming project started to receive regular updates, some glitches and untidinesses like described in this thread may get fixed or corrected at some point.
  2. Yeah, scrapper version of the power too n.n This is not a bug. It's not just a some mere bug. This is the MOST, TERRIBLIEST, TERRIFYINGIEST and Horrid, Horrible & Horrific, Horrendous, Horrifying GLITCH l've encountered since... forever X%_
  3. Tanker and Brute Epic sets suppose to MIRROR each other, in a manner Defender and Corruptor do. Failed MIRRORING - tankers get Conserve Power, while brutes get Superior Conditioning in Energy Mastery. l believe most of players would prefer if both powers were replaced to Superior Conditioning, because Conserve Power is a total trash (u waste time to cast it, and when to cast. It becomes either too late, or it's waste, or better to activate end insp/Recovery Serum/Primary Pool efficient power like Particle Shielding or Energize in any way Conserve Power is a poultice for dead ), while Superior Conditioning, provides its benefit all the time +also Performance Shifter +END PROC can be slotted there. That's how it should look when it's Fixed!!! Also l found that in game Definitions both power INTERNAL names are Conserve Power. l believe both Tanker & Brute version were initially exact that Click-Type End Reduction conserve power. After a while Brute version was replaced to Superior Conditioning, while Tanker Version for some reason didn't have attention and left untouched. But no matter how long something was erratically persisting there, it's never too late to fix Aything, thus letz do it!
  4. Energy Mastery's Focused Accuracy + Physical Perfection seem to be pretty neutral. +it also'll give more Endurance due to Performance Shifter proc's and 86.5% resist to ToHit debuffs, which is definitely not the worst option lOO. Also there's something in Mace Mastery, but mace powers don't have NoRedraw options and thus are very laggy. Generally Extra Epic pools for all powersets would be great. We can see Tanks receive something like Ninja Tool Mastery available for Sentinels.
  5. Some may prefer having ability to soar up without spending extra Power point onto it. Like you can do with Jet Pack. Jetpacks aint theme-neutral, it works for Technology or Natural themes, but another characters, u know, like most of superpowered heroes (resembling Superman, Firestorm, Captain Marvel (both of them Marvel one & DC one aka Shazam) etc) may pretend they have innate ability to flight. You can call it "Anti-Gravity Device" temp power, like Flight but can't be enhanced and doesn't require power Point to Spend (and able to take powers from 4 other Power Pools, while Flight not being one of them). So theme neutral "Jet Pack" Temporary Power (or Prestige Power) - same as Jetpack, but w/out Jet Pack model on the back of the character. Call it "Anti-Gravity Device". Another option l suggest is thing that looks like Mystic Flight, but non-enhanceable, w/out built-in Translocation, and not requiring to spend Power Point onto it AND stick onto Sorcery Power Pool. Call it like "Wings of Aethyr" Temporary/Prestige Power or stuff like that.
  6. Well if get rid of ToHit cap ENTIRELY We would imagine it becomes in the following way. Each attack hits more than once (you can call it CRITICAL): 90% ToHit - 90% chance to hit enemy. If accuracy mod is 1.5x then it's 135% chance. But as there's no cap that means attack hits once in 65% cases and hits TWICE in 35% cases, resulting an attack deals 135% of its damage in average. 100% ToHit - 100% chance to hit enemy. If accuracy mod is 1.5x then it's 150% chance. But as there's no cap that means attack hits once in 50% cases and hits TWICE in 50% cases, resulting an attack deals 150% of its damage in average. 160% ToHit - 160% chance to hit enemy. If accuracy mod is 1.5x then it's 240% chance. But as there's no cap that means attack hits TWICE in 60% cases and hits THREE TIMES in 40% cases, resulting an attack deals 240% of its damage in average. More thoughts...
  7. Now that Homecoming got theme-neutral Athletic run, maybe it's time to make Jump Pack (a prestige power you know - with lil' jetpack that activates on pressing spacebar), without... Without jetpack itself on back of your character and any VFX. Like Athletic run is naruto run w/out narutoing. And/or as well Jet Pack w/out that huge & bulky device on back of your character. Pretending if character has magical themes and these Jet/Jump/Steam devices backpacks fit it right in the eye. And you don't want to spend an extra power point as well (like you didn't want by buying Superspeed AND super/combat jumping for theme-neutral running). Also about jetpacks - they shudn't be temp power anymore, since with several versions of it you can buy like 30 hours of constant flying, but rather a Prestige Power, that just allows your character to fly. In both with Jet and without Jet varierties, and perhaps something like Mystic Flight varierty wouldn't be excessive too (but without translocation, unlike Sorcery pool power).
  8. It it's the only pets w/out any travel power - this must be a bug, no less.
  9. Yeah, it's but it's Overconfident perk, not the Rooted. Rooted perk is more for making turret-like enemies. A way to solve your problem is here, as We managed to do that on Private Server (e.g. Dali adds do not run away no matter what they fight). Also on Homecoming a player with Taunt Aura/Powers locks adds from Headless Chikenning away. That's how Fire/Spines brutes work, they have Taunts in all their powers +2 taunt auras. But taunt (mez effect) is the only way to prevent that on Homecoming right now.
  10. Meanwhile, while you sit where you are... Somewhere across the multiverse extremely Nice, Cute and Adorable people are fighting Dali Creatures. Take a look: Not exactly Tertiary Power pool but having an option to do that would be amazing XD. We just neutered a part that validates costumes on my Private Server, and rejects it from serverside. So it stopped doing this, allowing Us to do that ^^^
  11. l don't know exactly, but after l unnarutoed most of my character via Athletic Run the targeting problem seems to be stopped appearing. l also took naruto off Ninja Run on Private Server, and haven't encountered that issue yet. l may have feeling that it might be somehow connected with character flipping animation during Ninja Run (maybe beast run as affected too).
  12. You'll be surprized even more when We'll tell u that you can download CoH Private server software & make your own Private CoH server yourself! If you work in IT sphere it shud be a cakewalk. https://wiki.ourodev.com/view/I25_Community_Virtual_Machines - i26 is the latest We recommend exactly it!
  13. Why not buff these powers to make them MAG 5.1 teleport instead of MAG 4, We don't think it'll have that much of the drawbacks, unless there're turrets or immovable pylon with MAG 4.1 TP protection? Edit: tested on Private Server and it reilly worx
  14. Dark Ion Judgement - fixed so its chaining gets visible (its chains have no VFX/SFX atm). Also two new judgements for respective themes - Gatling Gun Judgement Lethal Damage Core: significantly decreases Lethal Resistance when it deals damage (resist debuff is unresistible). Radial: inflicts Terrorize. Orbital Cannon Judgement Energy Damage Core: creates area that deals DoT Radial: debuffs enemy's perception
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