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  1. Well, these Taunt improvements looks nice, AoE improvements are amazing, but please, leave Bruise as it is. -20% resistance may be something shared between Sentinels & Tankers to represent that they help team doing DPS, along with dealing some DPS themselves n.n. Unlike Brutes, which are all about self-DPS. And also - please copypaste Energy Aura & perhaps some sort of Regeneration set (with improved resistance) for Tankers. Brute's Energy Aura lMO may just be copypasted to tankers (with +30% standard buff or so). It's now durable enough for Tanking (mah Elec sentinel approves).
  2. Reactive deals slightly bigger raw damage (about 32 pts instead of 28 from Degenerative), but Degenerative is toxic-typed, and less likely to be resisted, and also Degenerative has ALOT better extra effect (-1000 max HP for Archvillains, stack 30 of them and AV will vanish). Better to take Degenerative Core is your character has high rate of fire (including Pet/Pseudopet fire), but deals not that big damage, like Robotics/Traps mastermind n.n. On a thug mastermind it may perform even better because of posses. With burnout & 2 gang wars you may make equally-leveled AV vanish (maybe).
  3. Well it could receive same treatment, as Sentinels' Super Reflexes set (two anti-mez powers - Practiced Brawler and Master Brawler), one is click, another is toggle, but you can take only one of these powers, although stuff like that may be pretty complicated to do...
  4. Not longer than "Captain Ghostile Pirateburgerballman" - it's actual Villain from 13097 AE ARC. You can bypass restrictions of namelength for AV characters by manually editing their files ("Custom_Critter") directory, but l'm afraid way too long names may cause AE map crashes or some other unhandled stuff, so it's probably better not to exploit it too much.
  5. What is MM mercs/mind? If We recall correctly masterminds have SUPPORT (technically BUFF) secondary powerset, and there's no mind, mental, psychic or psionic-based powersets available as Support powersets (not count Empathy & Pain Domination).
  6. Also, btw, Liquefy (Sonic Resonance power) ignores color tinting entirely, expect for initial earthshaker beam. The pseudopet it creates is always yellowish-golden no matter how you color Liquefy power.
  7. Speaking about Tank Powersets, l wonder if homecoming devs could make Energy Aura available for Tankers. It is available for Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers, Sentinels, why not make it same for Tankers? Would be pretty good pseudo-dodge tank with Solid Resistance, self-heal & some HP buff, and extra recharge, energy drain option (as for aura Entropy Aura tends to taunt adds for Brutes, at least tooltip says so). l just've on Everlasting electric sentinel toon that uses Energy Aura, with capped defense on all types except Negative & Psionic, very solid Negative defense, normal resistance to all damage, option to perform massive de-energize type crowd control with varierty end-draining powers, capable to solo most 8M+4 content. Should be called "Dark Horse", as it's essentially Dark Horse from Champignonz Online. With spacebar couldn't name it - any suggestion how to spell his proper name?
  8. Try to tank him standing next to the wall, so his KB would send you to the wall. With right positioning you will bounce off wall and end up into exact same place you were knocked from. It's something players tend to do in SWTOR, where tanks have no innate mez resistance.
  9. Banished Pantheon Radial also may score even bigger number than 0:55 because its support HAS OFFENSIVE POWER (Enervating Storm), despite tooltip suggests that Support pets shouldn't have any offensive powers in them, and another supports don't have these (except for perma-KB hurricane, but it deals no damage). So Defiler is probably one of few things that is both untouchable and does DPS. Banished Pantheon is, and Clockwork strange damage scaling is because Anti-Matter Ray creates a pet called "Anti-Matter Particles" under its target, so it's tooltipped as single target, but it may be Targeted Sphere AoE on practice (with DoT).
  10. l've bind for Ninja Run/Sprint, that also activates Combat Jumping when both of them are off: File "speed4.txt": ALT+1 "powexec_toggleoff combat_jumping$$powexec_toggleon sprint$$bind_load_file speed5.txt" File "speed5.txt": ALT+1 "powexec_toggleon ninja run$$bind_load_file speed6.txt" File "speed6.txt": ALT+1 "powexec_toggleoff sprint$$powexec_toggleoff ninja run$$powexec_toggleon combat_jumping$$bind_load_file speed4.txt" Place it in "DATA" directory. To activate it type in game "/bindloadfile speed4.txt".
  11. Well now it is (radial, took away Support, left only Boss, it's untargetable & always hit). Pylon was spawned right on top of Poison Trap, kept its regen = 0%. Pylon's HP was lowered to 10K (exactly) before fight started. Because supports were taken out this chart doesn't include potential damage increase from supports that have +DMG buff (Polar Lights, Knives of Vengenance). Banished pantheon - 0:55 Tsoo - 0:58 Nemesis - 0:59 Carnies - 1:06 Arachnos - 1:06 Longbow - 1:08 IDF - 1:08 Cimeroran - 1:09 Warworks - 1:11 Knives of Vengenance - 1:11 Clockwork - 1:14 Rikti - 1:16 Phantom - 1:18 Talons of Vengenance - 1:19 Rularuu - 1:22 Vanguard - 1:23 Storm Elemental - 1:24 Polar Lights - 1:25 Robotic Drones - 1:33 Demons - 1:49 Seers - 1:55 And again competition list looks very similar to first one, with Banished Pantheon on top of everything else and Seers - at very bottom. But l suppose Seers have been made weak for a reason - because it's MEZ pet, not a DPS pet. Demons, however, have very little MEZ capability (only confuse with long CD, that lasts 5 seconds & can't affect Boss or higher), Robotic Drones don't have any mezzes at all. But Storm Elemental and Tsoo Radial Supports have Hurricane around them, that is literally perma-KnockBack for everything around them, which renders them less-than-usable in team content for trash clear phases. Polar Lights in real battle may score higher because their Northern Light's Bolt is autohit (btw, why?). Lemme put an idea how some of pets may be made a bit more useful. On mah DPS toons l noticed that some of Core pets may just wander into stacks of adds (in aggressive mode, because defensive often causes them to stand and don't attack anything), aggro them and die there, causing them to deal less damage than intended. So maybe some of underperforming lore pets may receive survivability-buffing powers like: Robotic Drones - Compact (autopower) - little targets are harder to hit, +15% Melee Defense, +15% Ranged Defense. Demons - Demonic Hide (autopower) - 15% Resistance to all damage except Psionic. Seers - Indomitable Will - 4 pts of all mez Protection except Knockback & Immobilize, +15% Psionic Defense, +15% Psionic Resistance.
  12. Just made some testing on Private Server (spawned Rikti Pylon, flatlined its regen with Poison Trap, made pets untargetable & always hit to protect them from damage & exclude any randomness). And results are pretty sad... Some of pets are outdated and horrifically underperforming, while some "newer" pets (released in second batch - it's Knives/Talons, Tsoo, Banished Pantheon & Clockwork) are not less horrifically overperforming. This is list of time that Core pets required to destroy a pylon (the less - the better): Banished Pantheon - 2:35 (!!!) Carnies - 2:50 (!!!) Tsoo - 2:58 Cimeroran - 3:02 Nemesis - 3:02 Rikti - 3:10 Talons of vengeance - 3:10 Kinves of vengeance - 3:10 Rularuu - 3:10 Storm Elemental - 3:10 Arachnos - 3:10 IDF - 3:10 Clockwork - 3:10 Longbow - 3:15 Warworks - 3:20 Vanguard - 3:25 Phantom - 3:28 Polar Lights - 3:40* Demons - 3:45 Robotic Drones - 3:45 Seers - 3:56 Banished Pantheon is absolute champion right now. Not only it deals hugest DPS, but also inflicts various debuffs, mezzes, has only single target Knockback (but awesome AoE overall), and imposes permanent -30% resistance to boss enemy. This resistance debuff is even bigger for players, those deal Cold/Negative damage. Highly recommend taking Banished Pantheon for anyone if they don't run specific theme build. Cimerorans, however, are not like +50% performing compared to others anymore (but they are still relatively strong). Carnies surpassed them, so Tsoo did (which is not bad overall too, and have some -RES). Also it's worth to note that some of Banished Pantheon & Tsoo powers can be COLORED in costume editor, even if you select "no FX" style. Demons, Robotic Drones & Seers are seriously outdated and perform very bad. Seers are weak, but at least they can mez enemies (including AV). Demons perform too bad for melee-based non flying pets. Robotic Drones seems to be forgotten since the day they were made - their shots missing Sound FX (l think SFX from lDF plasma blasts could be copypasted there at least), but l have them on my main because their theme, and these drones look good overall (especially Plasma Cannon Spray) visual, but they could get some treatment (maybe increase their -REGEN from -50% to, say -250%, so people could take them as -REGEN, or increase their attack rates, since they have very few amount of attacks). Polar Lights have autohit on their Northern Light's Bolt power (is that intended or it's a bug?), and on practice perform +5% better because of that. Also there are somewhat gimpness about pets those are armed with annoying AoE knockbacks. Polar Lights (boss), Storm Elemental (support, radial), Longbow (boss) are examples of these pets. Unlike regular powers, incarnate abilities can't be slotted with any enhancements, so there's (currently) no way to turn these into knockdowns, players are either forced to not use them in regular fights & save up for AV only, or they will virtually lower DPS because players will have to chase adds, previously spread around by Lore Pets. "Newer" pets seems to not have AoE KB's, only outdated ones do.
  13. Speaking of - for Scrappers another Martial Arts power - Crippling Axe Kick doesn't take any Defense Debuff (Defense Debuff IO, Defense Debuff Sets, Accurate Defense Debuff Sets). Otherwise it might have been pretty good power to put Achilles' Heel at... l think it's improper tagging, since melee powers that debuff defense usually take these sets as well.
  14. Also maybe buff a bit Lore Robotic Drones - e.g. increase their cone coverage, so they hit more targets with their AoE more reliably? Generally Lore pets are poorly balanced - some perform way better than other, same with MM powersets. Targeting Drone from epic sets seems to be reskin of another power - Focused Accuracy (right now it is). Sent version of FA gives its buff to players in AoE area around user. So maybe make them AoE's? Or Focused Accuracy AoE, while Targeting Drone will affect only user, but for more Damage buff...
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