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  1. The history needs to be saved (again)! A temporal anomaly has been detected - it seems some evil forces are going to rewrite history, and have sent their agents back to the past. While eliminating their key targets one-by-one might have produced a resulting butterfly effect, affecting violators themselves - up to making them unable to approach their next targets, they chose another option - they captured and moved their key targets into single spation-temporal coordinate, and then nuke all of them simultaneously - dramatically changing all the history. You hafta prevent that and travel to that coordinate, but be careful - it seems all of the key targets are brainwashed and confused, and are going to resist your attempt to save them! Use non-lethal force if necessary, as most of them are very dangerous! We present you a new piece endgame content - Archvillain Beatdown - Past Edition. In this journey you will encounter following characters: Anubis Aurora Chronos Cleopatra Dracula Hercules Hsssrwwr Mother Nature Nefertiti Prometheus Solomon Thor Zeus And also one very tiny lil' Easter Egg, that's, however, is pretty hard to activate, unless you know how to do it exactly. But be the first Us who discovered that! C'mon! Try it out!!! Arc id is #21066! It's open for enjoyment & lNF farm - use +4 notorierty and Double lnfluence while Exemplared setting!
  2. Re: Btw: Maybe make it resistive not to Cold, but to Energy damage, because thick scales conduct electricity pretty badly. While Cold damage may become weakness for every single of them (maybe make all dinos have innate -20% resistance to cold damage, similar to how Force Field Generator is vulnerable to Energy damage).
  3. It's interesting to note that l once found a way to increase # of character slots on mah Private Server. For this it's needed to do following steps: "\bin\missionserver.exe" - in server software directory - open with HEX editor, find following bytes: "05 00 00 00 18 00 00 00 03 00 00 00", and replace that to e.g. "05 00 00 00 18 00 00 00 E8 03 00 00" to make default # of PublishSlots 1000 (may go for more). That's not all though - and "\missionserver\db_users.txt" - in server software directory needs to be modified as well - to change existing accounts too - all strings with "PublishSlots" in them - to put new publish slot value, and also remove 2 strings with "ParseCRC" and "DataCRC" at start of the file, so missionserver.exe will assume that .txt file valid. l hope devs will read & examine this information.
  4. Hey, hey, hey. Only PFF and repulsion field? You really shud consider taking Force Bubble and Detention Field as well, as these powers are prolly the best and the most universal in the game, make sure you run Force Bubble all the time and 6-slot Detention Field for recharge, so you can spam it as often, as possible! Generally Knockback effects are extremely useful, especially if it's Targeted Sphere AoE knockback, you better should 6-slot it for Knockback with Knockback distance IO's. Btw: one of the best powers in game - is Speed's Whirlwind - definitely take it (it's like second Repulsion Field) - it's target for 6-slotting Knockback as well n.n!
  5. l'm not sure if it's in game or is not, but l would like to have an option, available for everyone, that would not hide pet window, but make it shown all the time, in order to track more easily non-MM pets, like Controller pets or Patron Pool pets. And this way monitor their health & discover when they need healing or some buffs. Also how about tracking intangible pets, like Voltaic Sentinel?
  6. Also speaking about bots - Protector Bots need to prioritize their Force Field cast on owner, and only after that - on other pets. It's a blah on mah Main when protector bots all the time apply 2 Force Shields on Seeker Drones before Mah Main.
  7. l think it's a PvP healer build n.n
  8. When l thought about making a power that pulls nearby enemies in - l always thought it might have been made PBAoE effect that applies TELEPORT (with mag more than 4.1, so it may work on 54 lvl adds) to all affected targets (target spot is a power caster character, not selectable). Because its range would be pretty short (up to 25 ft), visually that "teleport" (given that it won't have translucency) would be almost indistinguishable from knock to.
  9. Well, yesterday l ran on mah character almost whole day, striking 2 health accolades for one of mah toons, changing instances like once every few minutes and crash occured zero times. But l did it solo, so maybe it has something to do with teammates.
  10. On mah characters l slot usual Sprint with Run IO+5 (and Swift with exactly same), and some other sprint, perhaps Prestige version of it or slide - with Celerity Stealth. This way l've more travel velocity or translucency/stealth depending on what my character needs ATM, but it may require some sophisticated binds n.n
  11. l'm afraid it's not possible yet at all. Also l think all non-player enemies and/or AV's have default power colors (haven't seen yet things like blue radiation, green fire or purple ice for ayone or aything that is not playable). The only thing resembling Mu Guardian's lightnings are red, but it's MU powerset, not the electricity, MU are red for players by default as well).
  12. What's about Weapon mastery? But We would support it, more options = always great!
  13. It's actually called "WST" (Weekly Strike Target), not what you pronounced above. 👹
  14. Ion Judgment - dark-colored version shows initial shot, however, after it both VFX and SFX from its chaining is absent. The only thing that is shown is hold cages, spawning randomly on adds if you use Radial version of it. l looked into "powers.bin" file and found that it invokes next VFX: INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION_PET.FX However, in file "fxinfo.bin" there are following effects mentioned in header: INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION_CONTINUING.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION_HIT.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/JUDGMENT_ION.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/JUDGMENT_ION_CONTINUING.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/JUDGMENT_ION_HIT.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/JUDGMENT_ION_HIT_SMALL.FX INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/JUDGMENT_ION_PET.FX It seems 2 effects needed for dark version of lon Judgment are absent - and it must be "INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION_PET.FX" and "INCARNATEPOWERS/JUDGMENT/SUBTRACTIVE/JUDGMENT_ION_HIT_SMALL.FX". Would be nice to get it fixed someday.
  15. Were you fighting him on the platform? Because powers you described do following thing - they create extra entity that produces PBAoE, and that PBAoE heals teammates or provides endurance to them. In that case you fight him on the platform it might have worked this way - when you cast powers, they produced that extra entity UNDER THE PLATFORM (this sometimes happens with command "/powexeclocation me ??????" - if it's bound to summonable - it gets summoned below the surface - it usually happens for various tilts or platforms). Then PBAoE that entity produces was LoS'ed from players and thus they weren't healing/buffing them. To fix that issue you had to jump every time you cast a power and activate it above the ground.
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