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  1. Btw: after this update gmotd seems to got reverted to last week version, so it shows that WST is Legend of Ruladak, while actually WST is Saga of Faathim.
  2. Contaminated enemies have red shine around them, which cannot be tinted to other color.
  3. There is even 2 levels of NPC parts - one of them can be enabled by just setting a specific flag (it's also shown in Titan Icon with NPC parts), while another requires manual editing of "villaincostume.bin" file with sophisticated work involved. Unfortunately Malta backpack is a style from 2nd category (because villaincostume.bin file doesn't include sentence "Army_Backpack_01_C").
  4. What's the point of limiting Arcs to 3 per account, when you can easily make new account and put missing AE content there, although this's clearly uncomfortable? AE tickets aren't hell of a valuable either, to justify such a limitation. Likely restriction to 3 Arcs is some artifact from times when City of Heroes was a paid game, back then in order to keep account functioning you had to pay real money... But right now this restrikshun just doesn't make any sense at all. This could be some very easy solution for this. In "\COH\missionserver\db_users.txt" (serverside) there are variables "Publish Slots", they may be edited with premature removing two strings with CRC at start of the file. But also default number of these slots for newly created account might be upped somewhat (to 1000 for instance) as well. Edit: for the latter thing this worked: in "\COH\bin\missionserver.exe" (32-bit version, serverside) filding following bytes: 05 00 00 00 18 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 and replacing them to 05 00 00 00 18 00 00 00 E8 03 00 00 May work as needed. But l can't be sure about consequences (hopefully they're absent). This changed default value of AE slots for newly signed up to AE accounts (from 3 to 1000).
  5. Is there any solid reason why Defense Debuff enhancements can go into Shin Breaker (Street Justice power), but cannot go into Crippling Axe Kick (Martial Arts power). Both of them have primary role of dealing damage, but they both have -DEF component in them. Yet one's -DEF can be enhanced, while other can't. Also Shin Breaker, unlike Crippling Axe Kick, can accept Achilles' Heel unique (-RES). Another strangeness is Street Justice power - Spinning Strike, it accepts Targeted AoE Damage Sets. But it suggests that it should be melee power, while Targeted AoE Damage is made for ranged powers, and melee AoE's usually accept PBAoE Damage Sets. Electrical Melee - Thunder Strike power accepts PBAoE (aka Melee AoE) Sets. Lastly 3rd example is Radiation Armor power "Ground Zero", which can accept Heal Enhancements and Accuracy Enhancements, but not Accurate Healing Sets. Another Rad Armor power "Radiation Therapy" can accept Accurate Healing though (despite it has x3 default accuracy modifier, probably the highest in game). Also for some reason Trap's Web Grenade may slow movement speed, but doesn't accept SLOW sets. Force Fields and Scorpion Shield don't improve resistance with +RES sets (some of these powers have RES components but also tagged as Ignores Buffs and Enhancements), but l believe latter is intended. If power slot tagging for accessible enhancements is being done manually, there should be plenty of examples for improper power tagging, but they ought to be getting fixed eventually. If you find some of these inconsistences - please - let everyone know. It reminds me as one day (read that in one of guides) an Acid Mortar (Traps) power was accepting Ranged AoE Sets (those are made for Single Target attacks, but now these can't be put into Acid Mortar; Targeted AoE ones can).
  6. This info is outdated, and it's done before i24 revamp. CIMERORANS AINT OP ANYMOA. BANISHED PANTHEON IS...
  7. Is there any reason why Costume parts, currently present in Icon editor when Enable NPC Parts function is switched on, can't be just plainly allowed for player characters? Just here in CoH it's all about costumes, and now it's halloween... l wanna mah long dress, is there any obstacles why NPC Parts just can't be enabled?
  8. Well, right now found one more bug, that maybe key and content breaking bug. Some autopowers those got copypasted from playable Toggle powers (Choking Cloud, Oppressive Gloom, some Defense powerset damaging auras), still have their activation time greather than zero retained. AND ENEMIES SOMETIMES CAST THESE POWERS in fight. Which literally does nothing and just wastes their uptime. So they produce less damage than intended (first noticed that on Geiger Blip) who constantly began to cycle Choking Cloud animation in mid-fight, doing nothing besides that. Autopowers are not supposed to be cast any time except first enemy's appearance, so it's definitely something looking deep into the code key. But as a workaround l believe that bug might be solved with making Autopower activation time equal to zero (Dispersion Bubble/Sonic Dispersion AE Villain autopowers have zero animation time).
  9. Just "/invite", not "/sginvite". Does that work as well?
  10. This is my personal SG. Btw.: that other player who joined my SG claims that he didn't show SG invitation window, but somehow ended up in mah SG. How could that be?
  11. Question: how can someone do it? How can one join another's SG without being manually invited to it? They do that at lowest rank, but it already happened 2 times, with my own SG, there must be something like option in SG settings "open for everyone", and for some reason it's switched on. Or they use some hack to do it? However, if you got this strangeness when another players were put in your SG please explain what's the reason of that? Also: is there such thing as "SG journal"?
  12. Also female version of Leather Boots (without chain) has a transparent piece: Only on left boot. l believe it could be mirrored, just it seems editing game 3D models would require specific tool.
  13. Took Us to replace following files: data\bin\fxinfo.bin (hexadecimal editing, records "Volumes/RedWater/*" - 4 of them total and 5-th - "world/Nature/Red_Waterfall_Splash.fx") data\texture_library\WORLD\City_Zones\Shadow_Shard\nature: ss_water_01.texture ss_water_01b.texture ss_water_base_01.texture ss_waterfall_transA.texture ss_waterfall_transB.texture ss_waterfallA.texture ss_waterfallB.texture SS_riverrock_trans.texture We just tried to do that & liked rezult and tried to write a storyline under that. Because why not? We didn't like color of redwater, so let it change to some color We're more fond of. As for story arc in mah sig - try it out and find out! When We don't like something, that "something" must go away foreva ASAP or preferable sooner! It should always be this way, this is the side of mah personal ldentity ^.^. Also We remembered - aeons ago We played a PC game called "Croc: Legends of the Gobbos", and there sat a lil' boy nearby (there was such thing as "other people" on mah planet back then) - so We played level 1:1, and a boy said: l don't want to go there, there's blood (he thought that orangeish-red lava on floor that blocked certain passages and forced Crock to jump, was a blood XD). We answered that it's not blood, it's lava - a molten rock that erupts from volcanoes, it hurts because it's hot. And earlier of these times We were somewhat afraid, but of a worm-like pinkish snake that jumped out of wells, not of a lava. But today We don't run away from difficulties and boogies. We make them Disappear!!! Either by the power of the Science... Or by ker-splat, yazoo, woo-hey, hack-poof!!!
  14. For some extremely weird reason We never liked redwater that can be found in Shadow Shard (Chantry and especially Cascade Arch) too much. We are very, extremely, incredibly delicate girl after all, and this pouring from everywhere creepy liquid too much reminded Us... blood (it We recall correctly how it looked, We haven't seen blood for millenias already. Seriously, Our weapon's energy blaster it doesn't pour enemy blood, it cauterizes them accurately to not spill it onto Our snow-white nanodress). Then We turned to extradimensional chemistry and discovered a pinkwater - an extradimensional fluid, similar to redwater, but having alot stronger ability to contain information within it. If it comes in contact with redwater - it saps into itself all its all its ability to draw information from objects. But what is a redwater without its ability to contain information? Answer is - it will turn to normal water once it loses aforementioned property. And also with this shiny azure tint... It now doesn't make your memory leak - instead it improves your memory and helps memorize things betta n.n. After several experiments, We perfectionated pinkwater's formula so now even a small vial of it can neutralize redwater of entire universe, if it gets mixed near a transdimensional rift, from which redwater is pouring out. Then We went to one of potential versions of Shadow Shard and poured it right to Crimson Falls source, and this is what happened: Waterfalls splashes look similar to some waterfall splashes found in Praetoria: Even ripples and splashes are not red anymore: Honestly nothing is red, even river rocks at shores: Overseer: Rularuu! We: "Re: Rularuu!" We could make your Rularuu pink in a fingersnap if We desire! Well this landscape is no way kreepy anymoa, it's now surprisingly calming. Several Chantry islands with water on them look the same. As a side effect it also replaced redwater (and effects attached to it) found in Dark Astoria sewers, which proved similarity of those two substances, that may become key for studying both of them! Or even one in Dark Astoria is exact this thing, originated from Cascade Arch that spilt to DA from the Shadow Shard. Also We aren't sure but it might be that Rularuu utilized redwater for something of their evil needs, and this change will make them unable to do that anymore, and as a result, this's going to weaken Rularuu's army u.u. Well you may now bathe in this azurewater and, heh, if someday We'll manage to wipe all the blasted Rularuu spooks out of Shadow Shard, why not to build a premium class, luxury hotel right here, on Cascade Archipelago? A fortiori in Shadow Shard you can't die or traumatize yourself by falling, so it will be safer than any Hotels on Primal Earth, Praetoria or whatever else... And with this Our girlish conquest of Shadow Shard has begun! ^.^ by Our Imperial Majesty Empress Elaina Inversonia von Heidi de Nibeashe la Lerella Linda Celia Dimensina the First
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