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  1. I’m looking to get a feel of minimum specifications so from the sound of things... Would 4th gen i5 3GHz 8GB and 1050 be right around the minimum? Is that too little?
  2. Most of it maximum or with relatively inconsequential compromises like less of FSAA and so on, 60 FPS Is CPU going to be important?
  3. "Fetishization of" Maybe "consumerism"
  4. Scale every NPC to 50 Thousands of missions, minimal cost Universal newspaper regardless zone
  5. Is there a way to search the dialogue in piggs? I saw an amazing one in Talos once that is apparently either incredibly rare or removed Freaks stealing a car get philosophical about it
  6. You know, I expected to hate issue 27. Travel is actually easier now even compared to the code in a popmenu. And that code works in a multitude of scenarios... base teleporter, base portals, etc.
  7. Please let us remove the locked zones from the zone list of LRT Since you already have the list of zones in that popmenu, the locked zones are totally redundant and annoying. On most characters I would not unlock some of those less useful zones anyway
  8. This is redundant with the menu listing and adds clutter and annoyance if one would prefer to have limited size of popup by simply not obtaining badges in some zones. Many of the zones are only of interest for extreme completionists, and even then on only a minority of characters. I certainly don't want, for example, Boomtown listed on most characters. The popmenu accomplishes everything while out of the way.
  9. 6% or 10% are actually gigantic. Assault adds maybe 5% on masterminds, assuming 100% enhancement in powers. Gaining a 10% or 6% boost in effectiveness at endgame is usually incredibly expensive investment. Making it equal to a sleet is a good suggestion - would be a buff on defenders and neutral on everybody else.
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