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  1. Been soloing in DA and some other interesting arcs, took some photos
  2. Unbelievable o_o Thank you so so much! And thank you for this contest, and for your generosity and kindness towards the community at large. I plan to pay it forward... once I recover from the shock!
  3. I'm a big fan of VDSC: https://www.videosoftdev.com/
  4. Decided to solo both Ghost Widow arcs on my way to redside-only level 50 (it was really fun and challenging!). Got some cool shots along the way :]
  5. Mother Nature's right-hand (plant) man - The Spring Cleaner
  6. Street Justice/Regeneration Magic Stalker that I have been enjoying lately - Knucklebonez
  7. Founders Falls. It has a kind of classic, idyllic beauty; I would love to live there
  8. She looks great! I especially like the mask, really nicely done :]
  9. that's really well done, nice! 😄(though for a moment there, i seriously thought it was Ponda Baba)
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