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  1. Love what I am seeing :] Happened across this amazing building in Port Oakes tonight, I can't believe I've never seen it before! Been in a bit of a cyberpunk mood lately (even had a playlist going), so it was totally perfect ❤️
  2. Totally love this kind of hero; yours is extremely well-executed, and the art is awesome too!
  3. Hello, friends I was looking around and noticed that there is no dedicated thread for posting sweet Homecoming screenshots. The Screenshots of Yore thread is really awesome, however it pertains specifically to moments captured during the game's past life, and I thought it would be cool to have a place to share images of our new experiences I'll start it off: I was greeted by this striking scene immediately upon exiting a PI mission two nights ago; I swap cel shading on and off every once in a while, but I was very glad that it happened to be on on this occasion :] Looking forward to seeing all the amazing stuff that you're seeing!
  4. This is a SUPER QoL improvement for me, thank you!
  5. Really wanted to create a mech suit pilot character who was also a skilled combatant on the ground; Beam/Ninja Blaster has been super fun :] Stealth Bomber
  6. I don't mean to get sappy, but... I never imagined that we'd be able to celebrate a New Years in Paragon again I'm so happy that that was not the case ❤️
  7. @Jawbreaker That shot is super awesome! Nicely done on both the costume and the camera @graff Damn, those are really innovative and beautiful; I feel like you have a unique approach to costume design (it is especially apparent with Acid Wash), and it shines
  8. That's very crafty :] sweet character, nicely done
  9. Ice Spike, an elemental spawned by the natural phenomenon of the same name :]
  10. I'm guessing that the unicorn population has dwindled since Cipher's awesome data was collected, but in any case there is now at least one level 50 Time Manipulation/Assault Rifle Defender (and getting him there was a blast; he's super fun! 😄)
  11. It's been a little while since the data was drawn, so I'm guessing that many unicorns have been born by now, but regardless I had a lot of fun taking a Time/AR Defender to 50 ❤️
  12. @Hyperstrike Thanks for the stab 😄 I am actually really glad you included Laser Beam Eyes; I was on the fence about it (between that and trying out Weaken Resolve), but I am happy to try it out. I appreciate you putting in the time, lots of great advice in this build @Haijinx Damn, is it really that bad? I originally had Superior Conditioning in the first iteration but it seemed sorta superfluous in the end-game @Frosticus Noted, and I saw your other post in the SM thread as well; thanks for the tip, it looks both effective and super fun!
  13. Thanks for the info! I'm new to total optimization, so I really appreciate this input (and thank you as well for the clarification, @Frosticus :] )
  14. @Frosticus Oh wow; if that's the case, it sounds like I've overshot it a bit 😅 Thank you for the observation! When I check in Mids, I see a 21.8% ToHit Bonus in the "Totals" window, but is there perhaps something I'm not accounting for? Or is this maybe not accounting for all Powers being active?
  15. Some changes/observations: - in Focused Accuracy: swapped Gaussian's x5 for Adjusted Targeting x5 - Weaken Resolve is a little difficult to assess; I like it in concept, and it _seems_ like it's doing something, though the major downside is that the animation is slightly long and you have to interrupt your attack chain in order to fire it off. I'm not totally put off, but I'm not totally sold either; more testing is required. - Savage Strike feels somewhat unnecessary at the end-game; it is great for slotting/bonuses, but I find myself rarely clicking that power, even when heavily exemplared. This might be a natural occurrence though...
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