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  1. Founders Falls. It has a kind of classic, idyllic beauty; I would love to live there
  2. She looks great! I especially like the mask, really nicely done :]
  3. that's really well done, nice! 😄(though for a moment there, i seriously thought it was Ponda Baba)
  4. Recently received this commission as part of _Kai_ and drock03's "Art for Covid Fundraising" cause; I couldn't be happier ❤️
  5. Just received my final product from drock03; I am in love, she came out beautiful ❤️ Lunar Lancer Thank you so much for the wonderful art and the wonderful cause!
  6. Perfect anime vibes 😄 I love it, nicely done! I was exploring the Wards last night and got some shots that I thought were pretty neat... Mercy Hospital is seriously impressive, and I love the circling birds (I got some close-ups of the spire, I might share those another time) Lightning and additional eeriness in the evening First Ward sky The body of the beast (Night Ward) The end of the "A Hero's Epic". After encountering a convincing Posi-bot, possible resolution is met with hesitation... ...but in the end,
  7. Glad you dig it 😄 yes; as far as Paragon is concerned, those definitely count
  8. Not sure exactly what inspired me to do this, but for some reason I've been winding down these quarantine nights by watching tons of Kung Fu/martial arts flicks. Definitely a good creative spark :]
  9. Contacted drock03 for a commission just recently; really great cause and really great art, thanks very much for putting this together 😄
  10. If you have the original file, you might be able to right-click and check the Properties to see its "Created" date
  11. Unfortunately no experience with Stalkers, but I can confirm that Scrappers get fast-snipe with Moonbeam.
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