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  1. I built this guy with control as a backup so I slotted it for holds. With Atomics hold and Char I can keep bosses held indefinitely and can even get EBs held at times. I like Atomic because it has abilities that allow you to change your playstyle with a respec. You can go ranged damage with ranged control, can be a blapper, or can do pbaoe with abilities like beta decay, radioactive cloud, and inferno. At one point my build had both ranged and the pbaoe abilities but I decided to go with an all ranged build on him. My Rad/Rad Sentinel has the pbaoe abilities though and does very well with
  2. If you want a range centered build for your fire/atomic blaster feel free to try this one out. I took a heal from the Medicine pool, so if you dont want that if frees up to powers and 3 enhancement slots to play around with. One good option would be to pick up Melt Armor as it is a very nice debuff for AV fights. ]https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1474&c=683&a=1366&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594594F13611486BF69A7425B0AA5A550A00B6569E94AAB264663A20285186942E00734133A8189B56DBA44BDF45EA3DE2AB48A9A8017DEB8FD1197C4DD1FE0F207C87898F7B4123A49FB74DEEFBCE79C6F6BEEC662D
  3. I would disagree I have a Fire/Atomic blaster that is all range and it performs great. Atomic has some nice holds on it so those would be the things to go after if building for range., combine it with Fire epic powers and you have a good amount of control and debuffs at your disposal.
  4. In the past on the old live servers it was, but not sure if it got changed or not. I know when I played the game back in the day that i was able to use Aim on them, but that was well before the game shut down and I dont know if Cryptic ever changed that. I do know that now you can lay a very large stack of Trip Mines on top of each other and one shot EBs. It takes time, but if you go around a corner, keep dropping Trip Mines on top of each other till they start detonating (timer running out), then pull the EB and stand by the mine field around the corner, the EB comes aroun
  5. Can we get sleeveless robes and jackets to work with robotic arms. I get why you wouldnt have normal jackets or robes work with it, but the sleeveless ones would be a great fit option.
  6. I would really like to see some more options for Arachnos Soldiers and Widows. I understand the need for the backpack on the AS to remain limited but there doesnt need to be any reason to keep them from gaining access to all the other costume options available to normal characters. Yes the alien ATs on the hero side have locked forms also, though you can fully customize their normal form and actually play in that form all through the game. Its not a min/max character, but it is viable. So please allow the AS and Widows equal access to customization options.
  7. There wouldnt be any copywrite issues for any eye beam set. There are a number of heroes that project eye beams of different types, and none of them have ever had a copywrite issue. You can copywrite names, but you cant copywrite powers. Both DC and Marvel have heroes and villains with sonic powers. Hyperion is a complete ripoff of Superman and the whole Squadron Supreme is nothing more than a Marvel Justice League. I would also say that since they did give us claws and three claws to boot, that they werent too concerned about losing a lawsuit. Wolverine was a much bigger property than C
  8. I wouldnt be opposed to that, but I was thinking there might have been some issues implementing it when Cryptic didnt back when they added animation options. I remember there was an expectation that adding the animation options would include the ability to project beams from eyes and chest. They never said why they didnt add that to the options, so I didnt know if it was just due to laziness or if there were some technical issues. It was also why I setup the powers the way I did so that you could use existing animations as much as possible.
  9. While there was much within DCUO I couldnt get into there was one thing that it did better than COH as far as player options go. I liked how powers and weapons werent locked together. So you could have a fire based character and still have that toon equip a bow or sword. The idea was that you were shooting fire arrows or using a fire sword. Now in COH, barring Beam Rifle, all the weapon sets do smashing or lethal damage. The most resisted damage types in the game. It also restricts some concept themes, such as a hero who is able to fire a freeze ray/bullets or shoots fire arr
  10. I had long hoped that COH would have added animation options to the different power sets to allow us to project the different ranged powers from different body locations such as eyes, chest, head,... So since that never came about I was thinking, why not just create an optic blast set that allows you to choose different power options. So the unique thing about this set is when you choose your first power (tier 1 or 2) you also get an option to select what damage type your eye beams will have. Each one would have the same proc effect as the existing power sets. Current
  11. I wouldnt have an issue with rebalancing damage numbers if needed. It is the mechanics of the power that are the issue not its damage numbers. If its felt by the devs that the numbers are too high if mobs are standing in the Ignite patch and need to be tweaked I dont see an issue with that. In groups the whole fear factor just makes mobs run away from the tank and spread out making the teams ability to aoe much more limited. Solo you are running the risk of the mob running into another group and aggroing them. There is a reason that after Jack left they got rid of the run away fear effect
  12. Yeah the pre ED days were interesting. I had made my fire/energy blaster the ultimate sniper in pvp. I used HOs and stacked up accuracy and range to my snipe. It had so much range it could reach across most of the arena maps. I would use a tanker or scrapper as a spotter, target off of him, hit Aim and BU, then one shot controllers, defenders and scrappers from beyond visual range. The only thing they would see is a red beam then dead.
  13. Burn had a fear effect on it for one reason and that reason had nothing to do with it making sense thematically. Jack (forget his last name) hated that so many people were making fire tanks and using them to power level other players like people do now in AE. They tried putting timers on missions that were heavily farmed (notably the werewolf map) and when that didnt work he nerfed Burn so it put a fear effect on the power rendering it useless. He just wanted to end Fire tank farming, and was going to do it any way he could. Eventually he left the company and they reset the power back to it
  14. Well maybe if someone would actually answer the questions posed instead of just saying people dont know what they are talking about people might stop arguing about a specific point. So I will ask again why should Hasten have this cost when none of the other things like IOs or even Incarnate abilities do? I can literally reach tier 4 on every incarnate ability on any toon and never even step foot in an incarnate trial. Where is the cost for having incarnate powers?
  15. Why because I dont list every power in the game affected by Hasten. I like how you just take a piece of my post out of context to try and manipulate things. Why didnt you include the part about me saying that most defensive powers are toggles and as such dont benefit from Hasten like click powers do. So yes there are other powers like the cc abilities that also benefit. You have never been polite in any of the responses I have seen you make. You insult people and are condescending in all the replies I have read by you. I have yet to see an explanation for any of the questions
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