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  1. Ten days later, anything? I wouldn't make this up just to beg for a few million inf I didn't earn.
  2. Well I worked up the nerve to try to change the power colors manually, since I thought that'd be fine. No saving or loading, which seemed to be what caused the problem before. Yeah, it didn't work out that way. Last time, I changed costumes 1 and 2, with saves and loads, before I noticed. This time I changed 3 through 6, carefully picking out the right bright/dark customizations and the right colors, just to look down as I finished the last costume to see my inf bleeding out again. I recorded the whole thing and frankly may never make any costume changes on any character ever again without recording it, though yes, it does only seem to be happening on this character right now. I don't know if that's because I haven't changed any other character's costumes lately or what. After losing what turned out to be 6,040,000 inf (which you can verify in the video), I'm kinda just giving up on customization for now. Sorry to complicate the issue. I was just enthusiastic about finishing up my character's various transformations. Proof:
  3. To just quote myself from the Discord's #in-game-help channel: I submitted a ticket like GM Sijin said to, and to quote myself again: The video I took: You can see the moment where I pause and go, "I had 1.5mil more than that just a second ago..." and stop the video to come report it. I still have four costumes to update the power colors of but I'm not making any more changes until this is given some attention. I really don't want another "well, we can't prove it" response, and please forgive me if I seem a little sour about that. This may not be a lot of inf to worry about in the grand scheme of things, but I'm new and broke. Coloring the powers the FIRST TIME didn't seem to cost me anything, or at least not anything unusual. Maybe loading the power colorations in is what causes the problem? So maybe if I went and changed the new powers manually it'd work? I'm too nervous to try anything else without GM supervision, so I'm not testing it right now. Thank you for the help.
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