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  1. Wait, are people making builds in MR with the proposed changes?
  2. I think I figured it out. The character I copied over was only Lvl 28.
  3. I may be the only one experiencing this, most likely operator error. I have gone into the mission selection in Oroborous, but can not find the mission listed. When I look under Champion, there are only three story lines listed. Clamor and Destruction, Ring of Peebles, and Hear and Now. I would post a screenie, but for some reason, can't seem to locate the right file folder.
  4. Thanks for this. Coming back after a 4 month layoff and this looks to be very useful, as I have forgotten about attuned IO's and some of the other things you mentioned in here.
  5. That's because he's The Hulk! Lou Ferrigno, that is.
  6. Would I get toggle IH back on my Regen Scrapper? If so, I'll be right there with you.
  7. Everytime I see you post I get confuse. "I don't remember saying that. Am I getting Alzheimers already?"
  8. Please make this a new Join TF with possible PvP elements? Yoe died from Dissin Terry now has new meaning.
  9. I'm about to do something similar in Praetoria. If I can ever decide on a new toon to roll, that is. Wasn't sure how much time had past between the post in the Proc Monster thread and my asking here, my bad.
  10. Toggle on T9 that has a heavy end cost? Yes, make Instant Healing a toggle again, please. Although I don't think six slotting stamina would be very helpful like it was back then.
  11. Is this the one you mentioned in thr Proc Monster thread? I was actually wondering how your progress was going, as I want to do a similar build to the one you posted, as opposed to the one Sir Myshkin used. His numbers were pretty impressive though.
  12. Exactly why OP should base his character, or at least a costume slot, on Toxie, lol.
  13. Toxic Avenger Look him up.
  14. Finally got the chance to look at the build. Definitely interesting. Might switch to Dark/Dark/Soul. I was going to base this toon loosely off of the Darkness (Jackie Estecado) from Image comics anyway. Just look at the Bio Organic costume and tell me it wasn't meant to be used for that? And you're right Doc. I've been thinking of the ATO procs like damage procs, maybe to much so. Seigmorag, I'm just gonna, um, borrow your build, but I'll be swapping out Pyre Mastery for Soul Mastery. That gives me Darkest Night for -Dmg and -to hit, Soul Tentacles for another cone and a -res proc, and Dark Oblit, which I know is weaker than Fireball, but it stays in line with the character concept.
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