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  1. Thank's for the info folks, I'm not really into soloing the Pylons, though I do understand they are a pretty good yard stick to measure against. I loved Elec on my Elec/Sd scrapper, just wasn't satisfied with the ST. Unfortunately, I stripped him and scrapped him. (See what I did there?) Though I just remembered that we have a test server, so I can get on there to check this out for myself, then decide if I actually want to build another Scrapper, or try my hand at a Stalker.
  2. So, I'm looking at making a new Scrapper alt, and was curious as to whether or not it would be possible to make the st damage improve? I had one back when HC first became public, but while the AoE was great, the st was just to weak for me. I like soloing AV's and other such things. I've never used any of the snipes in the patron pools before, so I was curious if boosting damage via Incarnates, and replacing a regular attack with Zapp might make Elec melee more than a one trick pony. Thoughts and advice appreciated, calling me crazy is ok as well. I have the
  3. John Wayne Bobbitt would have words with you
  4. Hellstryker here. This was honestly the most fun I've had playing in a long ass time. The steampunk automaton had me legit laughing out loud. My wife was annoyed, but I placated her. (Chocolate)
  5. This. This is perfectly acceptable.
  6. As I tell my teenager, what you say matters. Especially in a format where we can't pick up any cues fromy body movemont, inflection of your voice, or facial expression. Take this case for example, you're not saying, let's test it and see how it effects things. You're flat out saying no, this is why, there's no need to test because powergamers would abuse this, and make a game that is already easy because of power creep, IO's, Incarnate abilities possibly easier for a percentage of the playerbase, while blocking creativity for the rest of the playerbase. Like the roleplaye
  7. I don't. Thanks for assuming, though. You know how the saying goes about that, makes an a-, well, you get it. Especially when you do that about the ENTIRE player base.
  8. Disagree More choices, same power slots, same enhancement slots, more challenging
  9. Well, like I said, it was sarcasm, so that should indicate that that wasn't what I truly meant. The sarcastic remark was in regards to you bringing up another Shard (Thunderspy), where people could go where the "break the game for creativity sake". I was simply pointing out that this isn't a game breaking request, and that some of us, me included, have never even heard of Thunderspy. I thought it was in poor taste to direct any of our community to a different shard, that's all. As far as our RP server here on HC, I wasn't advocating for a single server to get exclusive co
  10. I prefer the raw federations myself. If you're using a bench shirt or a squat suit to break a world record, it's like saying your build can solo a GM, but you have to use full trays of the giant reds.
  11. Great idea! Let's send our community to a different server, instead of comprimising!! /e endsarcasm No one's asking for game breaking alterations. Why not let ppl have Fighting/Medicine/Leadership/Flight/Origin Power Pool. You can take 5 pools now, one just happens to be the epics, which some of us don't take, specifically because of character concept and creativity. Some of us don't take them because we just don't like them. There's a whole server here that is an unofficial RP server.
  12. I'm fine with that, I prefer kill most TF's. You form it though.
  13. I'll be there tonight, with some kind of Melee toon. No matter what AT I happen to be playing, I am not a tank, I have Scrapperlock.
  14. I've actually been thinking about doing Sister Psyche for the last week or so. That one TF used to get me between 3-6 lvls almost everytime.
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