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  1. This is what I just rolled for another blaster alt. Dual tenticles, umbral torrent, and night fall. Ranged cone domination. I went temporal as secondary with mine. Now just need to lvl him up.
  2. Dammit now I'm thinking of another alt (Electric/TA). Anyone have a build to share?
  3. Planning out an Illusion alt and after reading many posts have some questions. I'm looking for anyone to share what secondary you chose, if you even bother to and how you set up containment(is it necessary or possible), what is your personal playstyle solo vs team (power set up/rotation for ST vs groups), what is your invis preference and why. Looking for a quick Illusion 101 for dummies and not looking for builds as there are plenty out there.
  4. Can you explain how you play I'll/time? With PA, spectral, distortion field, etc what is your playstyle? And how does times juncture work with SI? Are you still hidden?
  5. Need some info on how to actually build a character. Pretty much could use build 101 and IOs for dummies. After reading many posts in the forums I feel I have a good understanding of power selection and IO slotting for specific goals for each character but...when it comes to actually doing it in game I'm a bit lost. Looking for anyone who can help me make sense of where to buy enhancements/recipes, what is the difference between AH vs merit vendor, crafted vs attuned vs purple vs pvp vs AT enhancements. At what lvl can you start building a character? Around 22-25 I usu
  6. Have tried to get into melee ATs and haven't fully got there yet. I have read alot about different primaries and see alot of talk about Fury and what primary works best. Can anyone learn me about how best to play brutes. How to maximize fury and what primaries synergize best. Im still lost a bit on what roll a brute plays. As tanks are well...tanks holding aggro and can be built for dps. Scrappers do high dmg and crits. Stalkers have hide and good mechanics for great ST, crits and less aoe. I know these are generalizations of each AT, but brutes seem to elude my brain as to how to play to thei
  7. Have LVL 50 Icex3 mostly range blaster that I love. But now is time for blapper mc blapface. So:: I Need help deciding between Sonic, Time, Electric or Mental. Can you share pro/con and what is your preference and why? Have theme in mind that would fit all of them concept wise. And I can't decide ATM. They all seem to have good synergy. I want as non squishy blapper I can get. Want to be in melee, right up in their grills, crushing their hopes and dreams with my shear awesomeness of blastering. Any input and advice and builds is greatly appreciated my fellow blaster
  8. I have wondered this exact same thing myself. If you take a look on COH Thunderspy server they allow buff sets (ie FF, Thermal, Cold, Sonic) which have buff shields to apply the main % buff to other players. And it applies half the % amount upon the caster. So you can actually use them and not IMO, waste power picks. Its a great Idea to me. I dont see that it would OP these characters at all. I actually find it a great mechanic and great for RP purposes. IMO for those sets it allows for another very unique mechanic and playstyle. Why cant a FF bubbler put bubbles on themselves as OP stated oth
  9. Illusion noob planning my build. Still debating in my head what secondary I want to go with (reading forums presents to many good options). But I'm mostly set on taking superior invisibility for personal reasons. Question is :: what other stealth powers can you run with it? IE: group invis, shadow fall, fade, steamy mist, artic fog. What can run in tandem with superior invis? Are any of these options better than superior invis for def/res they provide? And will powers like Super speed or sprint with celerity add additional benefit? Or are they overkill redundant and not necessary
  10. I would like to see a couple powers in Mind Control get an update. But as for mass hypnosis, why not make it a pulsing sleep, like static field in electric. Or make it an aoe disorient. Something to give it more value and help mind players out with aoe control.
  11. Anyone able to link the old post regarding energy assault?
  12. Oh man. Didn't mean to cause trouble with my noob questions.. I actually thought you went Invis so you would also have the better stealth option along with Def. Sounded cool to me. I like how your thought works on slotting them though. Im a noob who sucks at builds and has severe alt itis. So you've given me some ideas to float around my head about builds.
  13. Nice build my dude. Can you elaborate on the Stealth/Invis thought. You use Stealth only as Mule and Run Invis for the DEF. So i'm guessing Invis only loses the standard/un slotted DEF in combat? Why is it not better to use Stealth then if it keeps half its DEF value in combat? Is that a personal choice or made due to slotting restraints?
  14. I would like to thank Camel for once again feeding my alt-itis. I was casually reading through the forums while I was #2 ing and then BOOM... now I realize I need some CRUNCH in my life. I feel a void in me that needs to be filled. How much Inf will I be a spending on this one?
  15. So after many alts I finally got my first level 50 and I've been having a BLAST. Now on to learning how to craft a build. I have a lot of questions and i'm not sure if i'm on the right track. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed. Not only at what sets to picks and how to slot, but also how to afford them. I'm sitting at around 50 million influence at the moment. And around 324 merits. Any tips on the fastest way to afford a build without a farmer? For sets sold at merit vendor is it better to farm merits to get them or build up influence and buy recipes/enhancements? I'd appreciate any feedbac
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