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  1. Thought about rolling a brute, but I'm intrigued with another fire AOE and the better def numbers tanks get. Still not sure. Can anyone offer advice or a build to help me out. Why tank over brute? Does the better def make up for the lower dmg? My goal is to be survivable and put out as much damage as possible. Playing only Squishies so far, I really want a melee monster. Can you sell me on tanks?
  2. So I rolled a new alt. Playing as a blaster who has the different FF powers as backup/situational use. I have read the defender forum force field Bible post. And Am wonderinh am I gimping myself playing Corr? I figured what I lose in def buffs won't be that significant as the higher lvl I get the less teammates will need bubbled. But all the other powers would help me solo and teams on a situational basis. Plus I'd do more damage and have scourge which I find awesome. Just looking for feedback. Thanks.
  3. Alt-itis is always a hard drug to resist. And since the game has been back I've wanted to roll an illusion controller. But...I don't know where to begin. I always have a theme for a toon whether it comes from the powers or the costume. But with Illusion I'm stumped. And I'm stumped as to what secondary to pair with. A few look good and I can't decide. So I'm looking for some guidance on general thoughts and tips on the different secondaries that pair well. And what pros/cons may come from each. What is your personal choice on secondary? How does each secondary play different? Thanks in advance for helping to feed my alt addiction.
  4. I've never played Kinetics before. Think thematically this will be a cool techy toon. Looking for advice for Kin as what powers to take, how to slot, and general playstyle tips solo vs group. Any build ideas would be welcome as well if anyone has one to help give me ideas and get started.
  5. Thank you. I was thinking as much. My question should have been, what is the reason or point to taking both stealth and invis from concealment pool?
  6. Frostweaver, I just rolled a DP/time, question about stealth. You took stealth, invis, and have celerity in Sprint. How do you run those together, or in what combo?
  7. So I have an early 20s dark/energy blaster. What would be the pros/cons for a dark sent over my blaster. And why is the to hit debuff a big deal for sent? As compared to blaster? I was thinking of re rolling but am not sure. Possibly dark/ninjutsu/dark.
  8. Looking for any help, suggestions, build ideas, etc. From my initial thoughts it's going to be a tight build on power picks. Not sure I can fit all 9 from dark, though they all are calling out to me. And unsure about epic pool, I'm torn between flame for bonfire and mace for scorp shield. TIA
  9. Omega, care to share a build? I have an Elec/Elec/Elec sent at 40. But you have me curious as to what a stalker could do.
  10. Looking for input as I'm not sure what I want to take. Depending on what powers from secondary I take I would have room for up to all 5 powers. Not sure if that is necessary, as I already have taken tough/weave. And I'm not sure how well these perform. Any pros able to edumacate me on these powers?
  11. graeberguinn

    MA/Ice help

    Does anyone have any builds they can share? Or suggestions on skipable powers? And any basic IO lvling slotting tips. Looking for Max survivability, to be able to team/solo well.
  12. I'm stuck between WP and SR. What are pros/cons? And builds or slotting advice?
  13. Anyone have an ice/ice Dom build they can share?
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