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  1. Dropwing

    Top 3?

    There are so many awesome power sets and combinations for Blasters but I thought it would be fun to start a discussion. What are your favorite or top 3 primaries and secondaries for Blasters? For example, mine: Primaries 1. Fire - awesome damage. Period 2. Ice - great ST damage and the holds are cool too 3. Archery - that low cool down nuke is awesome for farming Secondaries 1. Energy - nice boosts and melee attacks 2. Mental - the OG OP secondary - the reason others have a sustain power - that -regen is great for AVs 3. Fire - More damage Feel free to explain what’s good about them. Bonus question: How would you pair them up? example. Probably would pair up - Fire / Mental, Ice / Fire, Archery / Energy
  2. Was just thinking how cool it would be to have Beam Rifle animations without the rifle, maybe reusing attack animations so it comes from your character’s hands. I know I know, the set is called beam rifle but a no weapon option would open up the set to other origins besides technology and other character concepts.
  3. What would your ideal supergroup situation look like? Or what kind of features or perks would it include? I guess what I’m asking is in the game’s current cilimate what would entice you away from just having a personal base?
  4. In before "It depends..." haha. All jokes aside make that thread. I would love to read serious answers to that questions with reasons and discussion back and forth.
  5. Would it be possible to add columns that lists archetype, primary power-set and secondary? Would be very interested to know what archetypes and combos people have stuck with for the long haul and who is the highest badge-count *insert archetype* on the server.
  6. Calls for nerfs or “slaps on the wrists” for powers or other parts of the game seem so unnecessary. Who is it really affecting and who’s game play experience are you really improving by suggesting such changes? Discussion is cool but these suggestions often come with a tone that the original poster knows best.
  7. Could go for Destiny Barrier to make your pets tougher. That’s one of the few things that’s gonna help them survive in AE.
  8. Do you have to be a certain alignment to hold Hero Merits or can anyone?
  9. I think they are asking if they can place portals in a horizontal orientation instead of vertical or on the floor instead of wall. I believe the “Vanguard Portal” is already orientated like this.
  10. This a good guide if a little out of date: https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Gaining_the_Field_Crafter_Badge My recommendation is to craft the most useful enhancements from each category that way they’re more likely to sell on the AH and help you towards those badges as well.
  11. Are you in an Super Group? Are one of your SG’s colors black? If so go to the Super Group tab and change change your costume colors from there.
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