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  1. Oh I’ve also been thinking of rolling a dedicated villain. I’ll probably make a Dom to take advantage of that sweet alignment power.
  2. I have a STJ/Nin natural stalker myself and because Nin as a secondary is so efficient with so few power picks I also fit Cross Punch into the build + both Kick and Boxing to get the max damage bonus on it. So for AoE I have: Spinning Strike, Sweeping Cross and Cross Punch which is essentially another Sweeping Cross you can slot the Force Feedback proc into - once that gets going between the 3 and Judgement when its up you're well covered for AoE.
  3. Thinking of rolling a Dom and can't choose between Plant/Psi or Mind/Fire. I have strong theme/costumes/names for both but only the time/inclination to play one and only want to buy Very Rare/AT/Winter IOs and enhancement boosters for one build. So I thought I'd ask here and get some opinions. For people who've played either and have experience, what's more fun and also at the top-end if one was inclined to solo end-game content which performs better if even marginally and can handle more overall content (difficulty, AVs, GMs)?
  4. Released: Arbiter Black Biform Kill Glow Guard Dog One Eye Warpster
  5. Hi Flip, thanks for joining the discussion. It is worth noting when Hybrid Assault is toggled on as the standard Pylon rules don’t account for Hybrid toggled as it doesn’t have a 100% uptime. However since Croax seems to be sole person dedicated to testing the chains and consistently toggles it on, it is accounted for there. Further, your thoughts on the opener are interesting. Most people open with CU as it is faster than AS but also the most damaging with build up and the guaranteed Crit. It feels right. But you’re digging deeper. Since Homecoming people have begun to realize Stalkers are potent and their ATOs have made them even more so. However the stalker ATO procs while powerful behave in interesting ways. Some people have observed limitations such as Assassin’s Mark not firing if the power it is slotted in isn’t used on the map and others observing that the Hide proc seems to be on a cool down. On another note, this new opener could be useful in conjunction with the top attack chain in beating an extra Pylon Regen tick.
  6. I think for Build Up, most Stj attack chains prioritize it right before AS, which is then followed by CU or SC then SB or MB. So, essentially, three big attacks can benefit from it and hopefully a Gaussian’s proc too. However because of the length of the buff, I suspect any extra activations wouldn’t hurt.
  7. Thanks StrikerFox, I’ve edit the post above you with the attack chain you listed. If you do any further testing please let us know and I’ll update it again. I’d be excited to see as the other top chains are with Bio secondaries. Also I read in another topic that Assassin’s Mark is bugged and the power it’s slotted in has to be activated at least once when you load a new zone or map for it to fire.
  8. Some really great discussion going on in the thread. To organize this a bit more, I put together the Street Justice attack chains put forth in this topic and looked through some others as well. So far, Chains 1 – 3 have been tested by at least one player and a stated Pylon time given. Croax maybe correct that they do have the top DPS chain. Chains 4 – 7 have some potential but their DPS has not been Pylon tested. Ideally, they would all be tested using the same Secondary powerset and slotting at least for the attacks. Format is also below. #. Player – Stj / Secondary – Pylon time 1. Croax – Stj / Bio – 1:22 Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin’s Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin’s Strike -> Repeat source: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/21040-street-justice-attack-chain/ 2. StrikerFox – Stj / SR – 1:30 [Build Up] -> Assassin’s Strike -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> [Build Up] -> Assassin’s Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Repeat source: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16801-highest-single-target-damage-set-for-stalkers/ 3. Microcosm – Stj / Bio – 1:30 Assassin’s Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Spinning Strike -> Shin Breaker -> Assassin’s Strike -> Crushing Uppercut -> Moonbeam -> Shin Breaker -> Repeat source: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/871-pylon-damage-thread/page/28/?tab=comments#comment-203926 Untested and unconfirmed attach chains 4. Auroxis – Stj / X - ??? Assassin’s Strike -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Assassin’s Strike -> Sweeping Cross -> Shin Breaker -> Repeat source: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/6498-stjsr-combos/ Note: Quoted from StrikerFox “During live, awesome player named Auroxis came up with StJ's highest dps attack chain, AS-CU-SB-AS-SC-SB-repeat. DPS tester, Kezeal, used that chain when calculating StJ's dps potential. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19VuZ9zJ_8eKN11JytgaK9mt9Fy-8pjANopb-FGh68Uw/htmlview# When I tried the chain, the Stalker's Guile proc wasn't consistently activating at the point it was supposed to (Before CU). Was able to get it to work as intended by adding IS into the chain. “ If the bug for this attack chain was fixed it could be a contender. 5. Short Chain (Hide Proc in Shin Breaker) – Stj / X - ??? Shin Breaker -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Moonbeam -> Assassin’s Strike -> Repeat 6. Shred Monkey – Stj / X - ??? Shin Breaker -> Spinning Strike -> Assassin’s Strike -> Crushing Uppercut -> Repeat 7. aethereal (super recharge heavy) – Stj / X - ?? Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Assassin’s Strike -> Crushing Uppercut -> Moonbeam -> Repeat
  9. Update: I did respec but I picked up both Sweeping Cross and Cross Punch. The Forcefeed proc in CP means between SC, CP and SS I have a near continuous AoE chain which is neat because a lack of AoE is one of Street Justices biggest weaknesses. I agree with Jackson also, SC is a good alternative to CU, while it’s on cool down, in an attack chain. That said SC would be sweet as a builder and finisher.
  10. I'm considering respecing my STJ / NIN stalker and one of the tweaks I was looking at was replacing Sweeping Cross with Cross Punch from the Fighting pool as the build has plenty of room for power picks. Don't know though haven't looked at the numbers closely yet.
  11. Thanks Croax and Crater, really detailed write ups there. I use the same attack chain as Crater myself (Initial Strike included) and see sub 2 mins on Pylons. However, I did see an alternative attack chain with some interesting slotting that got me thinking. See below: Shin Breaker -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Moonbeam -> Assassin's Strike. For this attack chain the player said they slotted the Chance to Hide ATO in Shin Breaker instead of Assassin's Strike and "abused" the PPM mechanic to get more regular crits from hide. I also assume they open with Build Up and AS. Of course, the player didn't list numbers just that they saw better DPS results. Does anyone have experience with this alternative slotting or tested this?
  12. Could anyone help me figure out the optimal ST attack chain for Street Justice? I know you definitely need a lot of recharge. But what about moonbeam and cross punch? They often get brought up when talking about ST chains for other ATs but would either help Stalker’s. I could see the extra Aoe and possible recharge from Cross punch being beneficial but really not sure. I also know Street justice is a unique beast with trying to build combo and assassin focus stacks. It’s seems like a puzzle I can’t figure out and that’s not even talking slotting and procs. Anyone have any ideas or knowledgeable that can offer some help?
  13. I think the suggestions to change the story arcs, writing and character motivations show veterans’ frustrations with Redside but even with changes aren’t necessarily going to do anything to increase redside population or draw new players to it. I think a “scheme” system (unique daily missions) with good rewards and further rewards for maintaining a villain or rogue alignment would do more. Possibly even with a leaderboard or “Most Wanted list” tied-in to see who’s the baddest villain. Then throw in some sort of multiplier for the rewards and leaderboard points for teaming.
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