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  1. The Ember Demon from Demon MMs has the power Ember Shield Owner that gives a higher resistance to the MM player than the Ember Shield it put on others, and this power has been around for a while. So I don't see why something similar couldn't work for Voltaic Sentinel.
  2. I always hate these kind of arguments. Sure, I don't have to fight him. But I don't have to do the trial. I don't have to play the game. I really don't have to do anything. The point is that I wanted to fight it, I wanted the badge. And I was frustrated to find that not only was it not a boss (had not seen Cobalt's post until after I first went to fight it), but it was basically a wall of hit points and regen that I was unable to do anything with unless I abused Envenomed Daggers. I would far rather have something that is easier to kill (AV level) but much more threatening. Black W
  3. Is Black Whip really supposed to be a full on Giant Monster now!? Make him just an AV at the most when we're already limited to 4 players and exemplared to 29.
  4. I don't think wall vs door matters, but if everyone has done it. Of course I could probably count the number of times that has happened on one hand.
  5. It's worth noting that this is specifically only ones at the beginning of trials, so only BAF and Keyes have that behavior.
  6. Alright, testing done, and I'm happy to report that non-Epics can get the souvenir by participating in an Epic's ouro arc. Ran my warshade with an empathy defender through Shadowstar's "The Final Darkness" and the defender also got the "A shattered Shadow Seed" souvenir. Doesn't answer the question of whether ouro's required for that, but I don't think you get story arc rewards at all unless you're the mission holder unless you're part of a task force type group.
  7. Even non-Praetorians can run the Praetorian story arcs through ouro. I don't know how the Epic AT arcs work with it. Maybe an Epic AT can run the arc through ouro with a non-Epic and both would get the souvenir? That just begs for testing, and I'll probably try it out later. Also, I don't think there's a souvenir for Efficiency Expert Pither's timed missions for the Efficiency Expert badge. He has an arc that does give a souvenir, but that arc is available through ouro.
  8. If you're badge hunting, you're going to have to do all the patron arcs for a badge anyway. This means you need to ouro all four arcs on the three patrons you didn't choose.
  9. I am not aware of any attack in the game that has both the AoE Defense tag and another positional tag. Just because something is a ranged AoE doesn't mean it has the Ranged Defense tag.
  10. From my understanding, they didn't do that because they didn't want outside (defender/etc) buffs like speed boost to be seen as a detriment. The problem is that IO recharge and buff recharge is treated the same by the game. So unless they could flag the IO buffs as being different, I don't see this happening.
  11. I have been noticing this myself. With the changes to masterminds where I don't have to wonder about the recharge of the henchmen, I decided to change to macros to summon my Thugs at myself. There have been multiple times where they spawned under the ground, and even in some places where there wasn't even a slope. Just to list a couple I specifically remember off the top of my head: I had to resummon some during the Security Team robot fight in Lambda and I summoned them prior to a Kal SF right next to the contact. Both times the pets were underground. I tried to fix it by changing the keyword
  12. Only thing I can think of is to go in to Options->Windows->Status Window Buff Display and try toggling "Hide Auto Powers", "Hide Buff Numbers", and "Stop Sending All Buffs" on and off.
  13. Right, the DoT is the main thing, but you since you need to put the AoE on auto, you want the lowest recharge you can without killing the AVs. I'm just not entirely certain how low of a recharge you can get, but apparently 26s is fine.
  14. It is definitely not as simple as getting a single hit in. Your team has to do a minimum percentage of the damage to the GM (I believe its 10%, but I'm not certain). I have been on raids where my team was stuck with a bunch of sidekicked lowbies who were only there to get xp and couldn't do enough compared to the other teams, frustratingly losing me badge credit even though I was attacking him.
  15. Judgement does work, mostly because it is immune to the capped recharge boost you get in the mission, but it does recharge pretty slow. Best to find another AoE that normally has a long recharge that is brought down under a minute. For some ATs, the epic sets can be a good place to look. On my Defender and Controllers I used Soul Drain from Soul Mastery. My stalker on the other hand didn't have any good options and had to fall back on judgement.
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