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  1. Tried a Ninja/Elec last night and didn't really care for it. I think the disconnect between the idea in my head and her costume didn't add up =/
  2. My Invuln/Staff Tanker has been using Form of the Mind almost exclusively once she was able to slot Miracle and Numina (really need to swap out that Regenerative Tissue for Panacea). Could probably swap to Body since I put the FF procs in Eye of the Storm and Sky Splitter
  3. Best to get them at the appropriate levels (6 and 32). They will add significant damage and survivability depending on which pets you are using (for example, Zombies will get decent ranged attacks from the L6 power and Life drain from the L32; Grave Knights get 4 new attacks split amongst both upgrades and a life drain; the Lich gets all of it's CC abilities; for Thugs, your Enforcers will get their Leadership abilities from the upgrades) Unless you're going petless, not taking them is a loss
  4. This build was the first one I made upon returning in 2019 and was an awesome experience to level/main. I primarily use it as my Crafter, but I would like to get it in a better place than it is currently (basic IOs) Currently running everything from Necro minus the attacks, Everything from Kin minus Repel, Leadership (Man, Assault, Tactics, Venge), Stealth, TP Target, and Everything from Soul Mastery minus Night Fall. All slots are basic IOs except for 6-slot Zombies/Knights with the two full ATOs in them. I am not object to changing things up fully to play a more involved characte
  5. @InvaderStych and @DreadShinobi Thank you both for your (no pun intended) Insight ❤️ Slowly slogging along doing doors and radio/newspaper missions to learn the combo with no distractions, but it's not been bad so far. Concerning the Insight-mechanic, is that one that I should focus on, or is it just a happy byproduct of Psi Melee? I've had the same issues with Rad Melee's Containment system and it just feels so random, but welcome when it does proc. Also, concerning the Taunt-aura of secondaries, should I just 2-slot with the Taunt procs, or would a single End Redux h
  6. Happy Tuesday, Paragon! Let me start by saying that I've yet to fully play and keep any type of Scrapper for very long. I'm a big fan of the Energy Aura set and this was the final AT that I needed to test them all (Kin/EnA Stalker, NRG/EnA Sentinel, Savage/EnA Brute so far), so I'm fairly decent and comfortable slotting/using it. I usually take the entire set except for Overload, but I do appreciate it for being another LotG mule and a hefty "Oh Crap!" button. I'm mostly looking for ideas with Psi Melee. I've searched through the forums and the general consensus is to t
  7. If I am remembering right, Kin Melee has some of the faster animation times (Yes, I know they appear to be slow, but go check Arcana), and they apply that sweet -Dam effect to your enemies. Combine that with a +Def armor set and it's a pretty decent combo. My Kin/EnA is a beast, just don't pay attention to her complete lack of AOE.
  8. Might I suggest a Water/Martial Blapper? Ran it through the entirety of L1-20 Praetoria (Every contact, something over 400+ Merits earned) and it was almost too easy.
  9. Much appreciated, Oldskool ❤️ Loading those up to give them proper reads now.
  10. Sorry to bother you all, but I'm in a bit of a spot. Just had an idea for a concept Beam/SR (with Hover/Fly/Afterburner), but I was wondering if I'm looking at it right. Seems that both BR and SR needs the majority of their kits. I'm currently leveling it, so not that far along (sitting at L9 while I figure out costumes for her). Planning on going Master over Practiced for the passive buffs to the Melee/Ranged toggles, pushing Aim to L30, and pushing Elude to the final pick, or not at all. I have currently skipped over Focused Senses so I could have Single Shot>Cutting Beam&
  11. I'll throw in my fave: Kin/Energy, my Zoom-Stalker. All of the attacks in Kin/* have -Damage which works very well when/if any get through */Energy's +Defense. */Energy also has Energize (Heal and End discount), Entropy Shield (+Recharge status protection toggle), and Energy Drain (PBAoE End siphon) to make sure you never want to leave combat. Kin Melee has a bad reputation of being a "slow" set, but the attacks feel very quick to me (Concentrated Strike being an outlier). CS, however, does benefit from resetting Build-Up on crit, so I can't advise skipping it. The
  12. Kin/EnA was my first Stalker 50, just a very fun ride. Sure, no Power Siphon, but it was just a great combo (this kick-started my love of all things Energy Aura, so there's that).
  13. Knocking someone on their butt, if I wanted to do that, I'd take Ice/* or Earth/*. What's the point if you're not throwing someone clear across the room? Not trolling you, or the thread, but optimization and fun have their places. Ill/Storm, this is fun for me, sorry.
  14. I, for one, welcome new Ill/Storms and am a fan of not slotting the KB>KD IOs. Let that chaos-flag fly high ❤️
  15. A couple weeks late, but definitely let me know if you still need a body. Always need a reason to roll another alt 😃
  16. http://www.brockjones.com/dieroller/dice.htm Rolls 1 and 2 (AT): 66 and 6, so 66.06 - Sentinel Rolls 3 and 4 (Primary): 64 and 19, so 64.19 - Ice Blast Rolls 5 and 6 (Secondary): 19 and 73, so 19.73 - Electric Armor Have never played an Ice Blast character, so this should be fun! May I present Chamonix!
  17. I have a Savage/Energy Brute for this reason. End Discount from high stacks plus the Recharge bonus of Entropic Aura
  18. I've been running an Invuln/Staff Tank and, without IO sets (using standard non-set IOs), she's been the quickest one that I could up the difficulty on. Only thing that feels off with her is that there is no NoRedraw option for the attacks. Also adding that Guarding Strike (the first cone they get) has an enormous area-of-affect and boosts your Def. As far as your Kinetic Melee thoughts, I'd pair it with a Def-heavy set where the -Dam from the attacks will be more visible (my experience is based on a KM/EnA Stalker). The math is odd when you're combining -Dam attacks with +Res a
  19. My main back on Live was a FF/Rad Offender and I re-rolled her here as Rad/FF. PFF, Defelction/Insulation, Dispersion, and Bomb from */FF leaves a LOT of spots open for blasts and aux powers (Aid Self, looking at you!). I also feel that Rad Blast is one of those sets that works very well for Scourge (and for slotting the ATO with the +Chance for Heal in Irradiate). Neutrino Bolt is a machinegun of a power, very low damage, but fast firing. Proton Volley will always be one of my favorite snipes because of the PewPewPew. FF with the +Def and Rad Blast with the -Def (lot
  20. Just finished running a Water/MC Blaster through Praetoria using this guide (Tutorial>Loyalist>Swap Every Morality>Primal/Hero). As a note, and this is probably bugged somehow, when you get to Neutropolis as a Resistance member, you can talk to and acquire Calvin Scott's missions *before* starting Crow>Helix.
  21. Here is my build as it is being played after just finishing all of the 1-20 Praetoria content (only 2 deaths with it, too!). Pay no attention to empty slots as those are being filled with just bare-bones L20 non-set IOs (Acc, Rech, Dam) and the such. Again, if anyone has a build, or builds, for this lying around, I would love to be able to see what to aim for when that times comes. And thank you to both @Coyote and @Frostweaver for your inputs so far. I have macro'd Burst of Speed to make it more manageable, but I failed to grab Dragon's Tail as I have almost found a
  22. Members of the Blaster community, I come to you for a request. As someone who has not rolled a Blaster since i2ish, I am at a loss for direction. I recently rolled this character as a concept, but then started having fun with her while leveling through Praetoria. I am currently only L13, so not too far along. I would like to keep Reach for the Limit and Speed of Sound if at all possible. Whirlpool and Burst of Speed, while nice, have not been seeing much use as things tend to melt with just a steady rotation of Bolt>Burst/Dehydrate ,the P2W attacks, and Ki Push wh
  23. Mained a FF/* Offender and Bots/FF MM back during Live. Currently running an NRG/* Sent, Grav/* Dom, and Ill/Storm Controller. Yeah, those Kinetic Crash sets are a Godsend! Much love for you to embrace the KnockBack! People in-game are a lot better about it than people in-forums I've found. I do want to throw out that I love seeing people take Repulsion Bomb. Just an old power (from a Def Primary!) that I see many overlook in favor of less-KB options. Good on you!
  24. That's how I got hooked with Energy Aura, just toying around with it on a Stalker back on Live and re-rolled her here (KM/EnA). Just one of the more safe sets out of the box for both Stalkers and Sentinels *if* you can go without Energize for that long. Brutes, on the other hand... I really want to like */EnA, but I think I picked a bad combo going Rad/EnA because this is just draining on the End bar, but it fits the concept, so I'm sticking with it!
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