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  1. Nice to see another Galactica Senshi member! kinda sad I can't quite recall the name 😞 it seems vaguely familiar though... was a scrapper?
  2. Hopefully this can be fixed, just changed my game to borderless and noticed it right away, personally this would bug me so much I'd rather stick to windowed for now.
  3. @Gun-Nut here, with my silly Elec/Elec Blaster named the same >.> ahhh younger me did not think that through and just for old times sake I remade and kept the mistake going, Elec/Elec Blaster FTW! Though by the time CoV came out I was mainly a Brute Player and well my Stalker Energen, was part of the Galactica Senshi SG blue side, I believe that was the spelling? and for the life of me can't recall the name of the VG. Global is @DarkSynopsis these days, playing on Everlasting atm. Now that's a name I remember! recall some Elec v Elec Blaster fights in the Arena! can't recall if I ever did any good though :P
  4. Same, CoH is quite forgiving when it comes to latency, according to the game I sit at around 500 or at least last night and played fine, dunno why 500 though... normally like 350 is my max to like UK, in theory Canada should at least be better ping for NZ :)
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